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Here are details on Tips for Swing Trading. If you are one of those traders who doesn’t fear the volatility of the stock market, then swing trading is just for you.

Swing traders are the risk-takers of the market and thus churns out great profit as well.

With different benefits, swing trading is one of the most popular trading practices in the country amongst stock traders.

In this article, we will be discussing the different strategies for swing trading along with its benefits and basics.

The article will also help you do this trading practice easily with tips from the experts.

What is Swing Trading?

Swing trading is an advanced trading technique.

Tips for Swing TradingIt makes a profit from the changing trends in the stocks/ financial instruments’ price action.

It captures the price action for a shorter duration.

The swing traders capture the up and downswings in the stock prices.

The range of holding the position is one to a maximum of six days.

However, if the trade remains profitable, then the position can be held for around a week but not more than that.

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    Tips for Swing Trading for Today & Tomorrow

    Here are various Tips available for Swing Trading for Today & Tomorrow. Make sure to take your decisions properly.

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    Tips for Swing Trading

    Here are some important tips for the swing traders –

    Trade with Market Direction – Tips for Swing Trading

    You need to align your trades with the market direction. In swing trading, you have to follow the market.

    It is not feasible to go against the market in swing trading. If the market is bullish, buy stocks, if it becomes bearish, sell-off.

    Price Action – Calls for Swing Trading

    As swing trading is all about capturing the price action in a short span, keep your eye on the short-term and intermediate trends.

    You must use the moving averages for keeping track of these trends in the market.

    Enter the Trend – Tips for Swing Traders

    Try to enter the trend when it is in its initial days. It means when a trend is starting, enter it.

    It is because the earlier you recognize and enter a trend, the more profit you can make. So, keep an eye on the moving averages.

    Use Technical Indicators – Calls for Swing Traders

    Use different technical indicators for predicting the trend reversal and price action. It is also beneficial as you can be sure of what you are doing.

    If all the technical indicators you are using signals the same, it can be done with more confidence.

    Proper Planning

    Having a proper plan is important when swing trading. Make sure that you can stick to the plan and do not overbuy or oversell emotionally. It can hamper your trades and profit margin.

    Fundamental Analysis – Stock Tips for Swing Trading

    Though swing trading is technical if you take some inputs from the fundamentals of the company, it would be beneficial.

    This is because the swing traders hold positions often for a week or longer. In such a case, using the fundamentals of the company can secure the traders from making immense losses.

    Long & Short Trades – Share Tips for Swing Trading

    When the market is bullish, try to make long trades and when it is bearish, go for shorter ones.

    Price relative indicator can be used for this purpose as it would tell about the stocks’ performance concerning the market trend.

    Check Long Term Trend

    For a more profitable Swing trading experience, you must check the long-term trend and historical information as well. It will give you a clear picture of the stock.

    You can use the long-term moving average to check the two-year chart for the stock.

    After analyzing the two-year chart, you can analyze the short-term chart for six months and then the weekly and hourly charts.

    Tracking Stocks – Tips for Swing Trading

    Tracking a particular group of stocks will help you keep your focus straight and also help you predict the trend and capture the price action well.

    If you jump from one stock to another, it would eventually get you into a mess.

    You can choose certain stocks from different markets/ industries where the volatility is manageable and the stocks having lower or no correlation.

    Then you can track them and take your positions.

    Risk Mitigation

    Make sure you enter the trades where the risk of loss-making is fairly low.

    Use your Trading Psychology

    Though swing trading is technical you need to put your brain and trading psychology in it to make it work for you the way you want.

    Strategies for Swing Trading

    Swing trading is completely technical and thus you need to apply certain technical strategies for making a profit.

    Here are the best four swing trading strategies followed by the swing traders across the globe –

    Fibonacci Retracement

    The first on the list is Fibonacci retracement which you can use for identifying the support and the resistance levels.

    This in turn helps in identifying the reversal trends (potential) on the charts. It is because the stock prices retrace a bit before they reverse.

    If you use the classic Fibonacci ratios of 23.6%, 38.2%, and others, on the stock chart, you can get a horizontal line that can depict the signs of reversal through retracement.

    Channel Trading

    The next strategy is channel trading which is a rare one and used mainly for swing trading.

    This strategy is all about finding out the stock with a strong trend and which is trading in a channel.

    For instance, you found a channel in the bearish market, you can open a sell position. It can be done when the price gets lower from the channel’s top line.

    You must follow the trend until it shows you signs of reversal.


    Another strategy is MACD which makes use of moving averages. The strategy is simple to identify the different opportunities in the stock market for swing trades.

    It uses two lines, one is moving average and the other is the signal line. When these two cross each other’s path, it means a buy or sell signal.

    If the moving average line crosses the signal line from above, then a bullish market is about to come. You can buy the instrument in this scenario.

    When the MA line crosses the signal line from below, then you have to sell as bearish market trends are forming.

    Support and Resistance

    The next and final strategy from the experts is support and resistance triggers. Resistance level you can use for selling the shares using a stop-loss above the resistance level.

    Similarly, you can use the support level to buy the stock placing stop-loss below the support line.

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    Benefits of Swing Trading

    Swing traders chose this method of trading because of multiple reasons and some of the important ones are as follows –

    Focus on few things

    You do not have to focus on multiple things at the same time when swing trading.

    As it involves capturing the price action from a relatively short period and uses multiple technical indicators and analytical tools.

    It helps you focus on the core of the market movement and that is why you can easily depict the momentum in trend.

    You do not have to check the fundamentals as this is a very technical trading method. It is all about price and trend using technical tools.

    Results are quick

    You get to see the results of your swing trades quickly. Within a maximum of 15 days or a month, you can understand whether your strategy is working or not.

    It helps you modify the strategy easily within a short span and this helps in profit maximization.

    Regular income

    With swing trading, you can generate regular income.

    Since swing trades are done for a week for a maximum of few more days, and the results are quick, you can earn income regularly from the same.

    You can do around five trades in a week and realize the profit in a short time.


    As you need to only focus on the trend and price action, you can save a lot of time in swing trading.

    You do not have to check the fundamentals neither you have to do a complete technical analysis. You just need to focus on the price action and captures the same when it fits in.

    Risk Mitigation

    With swing trading, you can minimize risk because you do a maximum of four to five trades in a week. Another reason is the large positions you take in the market when swing trading.

    Tips for Swing Trading – Conclusion

    Swing trading is popular amongst traders because it helps them earn quick profits and saves a lot of time.

    It has limited risk as well. It is very technical and can be done with the use of few key things like price actions and trend analysis.

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    FAQs on Tips for Swing Trading

    Here are various FAQs on Tips for Swing Trading –

    What is the trend?

    The trend means the overall direction in which a share price or the whole market is moving.

    What is price action?

    It is the price movement of a stock/ financial instrument plotted for a certain time.

    What is support and resistance level?

    Support level suggests the buying pressure is too high and overcome the selling pressure. Similarly, at the resistance level, the selling pressure is high enough to take over the buying pressure.

    What is a channel in the stock market?

    The channel is the stock market is created by joining parallel lines (trend-lines) connecting the support and resistance levels of the security and the price trades within this at present.

    What is Fibonacci retracement?

    These are horizontal lines that indicate when the support and resistance levels can probably occur.

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