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Check out Tips for Position Trading or Positional Trading here.

Position trading is a mix of day trading and investment. You must be wondering, how these can be the same, isn’t it?

So, in this article, we will see how Position trading brings the best out of these two worlds. The article will also enlist multiple tips for Positional traders.

What is Position Trading?

Position Trading is used for Long term Investment & are focused on high value stocks

Tips for Position TradingPosition trading is a trading technique where the trader buys a stock and holds them for a longer duration.

Unlike intraday trading, this trading technique is a long-term trading concept that is close to investment.

It lies between both – intraday trading and investment.

If a stock price is going up, the trader buys the stock, holds it until his target price is achieved or the stock price signals a reversal.

Now, lets have a detailed check of some of the stock to buy or sell under position trading.

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    Tips for Position Trading for Long Term Investment

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    Tips for Position Trading

    For Position trading, you can use the following tips and strategies –

    Picking Stocks for Position Trading

    Firstly, you need to know how to pick stocks for Position trading. There are multiple trading strategies that will be discussed below. You can follow those strategies to pick stocks for Position trading.

    Stocks don’t Fit – Tips for Position Trading

    You need to understand that not every stock is fit for Position trading. As it is a unique trading concept where you go long and hold the share, the stock-picking criteria would be different from intraday.

    Don’t be Greedy – Calls for Position Trading

    When doing Position trading, do not become greedy. You need to understand that there is a line between investment and Position trading.

    You need to square off your position after a span of time.

    Square-Off – Stocks Tips for Position Trading

    If you see a market reversal, immediately square off and book profit. If you wait like an investor, you can lose out on the entire profit you have earned till that time.

    50 Day Moving Average – Strategies for Position Trading

    The 50-day moving average can help you understand the formation of a long-term trend.

    If it cuts the 100 or 200 days moving average then it is a signal of a long-term trend in the market. Make sure you analyze the charts well before taking any decision.

    Trading Breakouts

    One of the most important strategies for Position trading is trading breakouts. It helps to identify the major upcoming movement in the stock market.

    It helps the traders to take a position as early as possible. This in turn helps in optimizing the returns.

    Support & Resistance – Tips for Positional Trading

    Then comes the support and resistance trading where the positional trader needs to understand the future levels by analyzing the previous support and resistance levels.

    Pullback & Retracement – Calls for Positional Trading

    There is another strategy which is known as the pullback and retracement strategy. This one you can use to predict any reversal in the long-term trend.

    It helps you prevent any losses from the sudden reversal in the market.

    Few more Share Tips for Position Trading

    • When doing Position trading, make sure, you choose liquid stocks.
    • Make sure you keep an eye on every reversal in the trend in the market.
    • Do not block your capital for too long when doing Position trading. It happens when you face a loss. If there is a sudden reversal, it is better to square off and exit the position.

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    Tips for Position Trading – Conclusion

    Position trading is a unique trading concept which has the flavor of both investing and trading concepts.

    You need to pick the stocks properly to make a profit out of Position trading. You must keep in mind that you are trading and not investing.

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    Tips for Positional Trading – FAQs

    Here are various FAQs on Tips for Positional Trading –

    What is the position in Position trading?

    Position refers to the holding of assets say for example you bought 50 stocks. This means you have taken a long position in 50 stocks.

    Position trading is different from investing?

    Position trading and investment are different due to the period. The period for Position trading is lesser than investing.

    Is it a safe trading technique?

    Like any other trading technique, there is market risk in this as well. However, if you can pick the right stocks for Position trading, then you can mitigate the risk.

    Do I need to look at the fundamentals of the company to do Position trading?

    It is not necessary to analyze the fundamentals of the company for Position trading. However, since, it is a long-term trading technique, browsing through the crucial ratios, financials can be beneficial.

    What is pullback?

    Pullback is a term that signifies a short-reversal in a long-term trend. It is one of the important strategies used for Position trading. It helps in identifying the reversal and minimize losses.

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