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In this article, we will be discussing the basics of the market function, stock market tips for beginners and things you need to keep in mind while entering the market.

Stocks and the stock market seem like rocket science until you jump into it. However, before you jump, you need to look at the base.

The base needs to be stronger and firm to support you through your trading or investment journey.

For a beginner in the market, it is not possible or even feasible to have in-depth knowledge of the market.

However, he or she needs to acquire the basic knowledge of the market before leaping into it.

What are Stock Market Tips?

The stock market can be defined as the place where you can buy and sell shares. It is generally the stock exchange where traders and investors purchase and sell shares of different companies.

Share Market Tips for BeginnersThough there are official setups like these stock exchanges – NSE or BSE and others, there is also over-the-counter trading of shares. OTC stock market is mainly for unlisted stocks.

The stock market is one of the major pillars in the financial structure of any economy.

Anything unsuitable to the economy gets reflected in the stock market.

It is a place where people make fortunes and can also lose every penny. Everything in this market depends on your analysis and observation skills.

Stock market tips like any other tips are suggestions and advice for the stock market. These tips are given by financial advisors, eminent stockbrokers, traders, investors, and related people.

Importance of Share Market Tips for Beginners

For beginners, stock market tips are necessary. It is because beginners have little knowledge about the market and no experience. They need to learn from the experienced ones.

The stock market tips are provided by experienced traders, investors, or analysts. So, these tips help novice traders/investors to trade easily.

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    Tips for Beginners entering Stock Market

    Here are various Tips for Beginners who are entering in the share market –

    Decide between trading and investing – Tips for Beginner

    The first thing a beginner in the stock market needs to do is to choose whether he wants to invest or trade. The decision you must take after considering your financial goals.

    If you have short-term financial aspirations which you want to fulfill from the stock market, then trade. If you want to accumulate wealth for the long-term then go for investments.

    Tip: You need to choose wisely as with long-term goals, if you start trading, you cannot achieve the goal and the same goes for investing within short-term goals.

    Analyze your risk tolerance level

    After you decide on your financial goals, you need to understand your risk-taking capability. In the stock market, there is a saying, the more risk one takes, the higher return he or she can earn.

    However, taking risk more than your risk appetite or tolerance level can put you into a problem. You can lose your capital as well.

    So, analyzing the level of risk you can take or the loss you can bear if your prediction goes wrong is important.

    Tip: Always analyze the risk tolerance before placing each order.

    Acquire knowledge about Stock market

    Once you decide between trading and investing and risk tolerance level, then you need to learn about the stock market.

    Though the basics of the market are the same for traders and investors both. You have to learn about the stock market from the base.

    For instance, how it works, who are the brokers, depositories, and similar concepts like discussed at the beginning of the article.

    If you want to trade, you need to understand how to trade. The requirements for trading and the same goes for investing. You need to know about the timings of the market, brokerages, and others.

    Tip: The more you learn about the stock market, the better you can earn from it.

    Choose a Stockbroker – Share Market Tips for Beginner

    Without a stockbroker, you cannot trade either invest. You need to choose a stockbroker for starting your investment.

    For a beginner, it would be difficult to choose one. To make it simple, you can focus on certain points or factors like –

    • Experience of the brokerage house
    • The reputation of the broker
    • Services provided by the broker – Discount or Full Service
    • Brokerage charges
    • Presence across the country
    • Account opening process
    • Reviews and ratings
    • Trading platforms and others.

    Tip: Choice of the broker is crucial. It is because the brokerage charges affect your profit. Moreover, better services and trading platforms offer smooth trading and investment experience.

    Know about different orders – Stock Market Tips for Beginners

    In the initial days, start learning about the different types of orders in the stock market. There are multiple order types – Bracket orders, Cover Orders, Stop-loss orders, and others.

    Each of these orders has some criteria which, if met, by your stock then some pre-decided operation takes place.

    Tip: These different order types can help you minimize your losses and also help you trade or invest with little money.

    Make use of Stop-Loss – Investment Tips for Beginners

    When you are a novice, you cannot predict the market movements properly and that is normal. So, to minimize your losses, you can use stop-loss for each order you place.

    For example, you have bought shares of ABCD Company at Rs.200 per share and you expect the price to rise. However, as you are a novice you are not sure of your prediction.

    You can put a stop-loss at Rs.195. So, if the price of the share starts going down, the position will be squared off when it reaches the target price of stop-loss which is Rs.195.

    Tip: When you are putting a stop-loss make sure the target price you are setting is in accordance with your risk tolerance level or loss bearing capacity.

    Keep realistic expectations

    When you are entering the market, there may be people around you who can give you unnecessary information and unrealistic stock predictions.

    You need to at least do a basic stock analysis to have a realistic expectation from the market or the investment.

    Tip: Do not blindly follow others, not even stock market predictions from brokers and analysts in general.

    Do not get diverted by emotions – Trading Tips for Beginners

    Finally, do not ever operate in the stock market with your emotions. It is one of the toughest jobs but you need to keep your emotions aside from the market.

    Market instincts are good, you can follow your gut feeling as well provided you have done your analysis as well.

    Tip: If your investment is making losses, do not emotionally invest or withdraw without thorough analysis.

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    Tips for Beginners – Conclusion

    The stock market for beginners can be really challenging but it has massive opportunities as well. If you can spend time learning the basics and then start investing or trading.

    As a novice in the market, you should neither believe anyone fully nor have unrealistic market expectations nor invest emotionally.

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    Stock Market Tips for Beginners – FAQs

    Here are various Tips for beginners in the Share Market –

    What is a stockbroker?

    The stockbrokers are the organizations or the individuals who act as the intermediary between the investor and the stock market.

    They have platforms that you can use for trading. They offer services and products which you need for trading or investing.

    What are brokerage charges?

    The brokerage charge is the fee you need to pay to the brokerage house/ broker.

    What are depositories?

    Depositories are the organization that is like banks where all the shares are kept in digital format.

    When you purchase shares, the depositories transfer the shares in your Demat account via the share broker.

    When you sell, the shares are credited in the Depositories and from there it is sent to the purchaser via their broker.

    What is Risk tolerance?

    Risk tolerance level is the amount of loss you can bear.

    What is Stop-Loss order?

    Stop-loss order is a type of market order where you set a target price. When and if the target price is breached, then the stocks are sold or purchased as per the order criteria.

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