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You will find Tips for Support & Resistance Levels of various stocks and Index here.

For a trader, support and resistance level are very crucial. The technical analysis depends on these two levels to a great extent.

If you are a day trader or any kind of stock trader, you must master support and resistance levels.

While most of the traders amongst us have heard of these two levels and also must have used them while trading, but how to use them to make your trades more profitable, is still unknown to many.

So, this article will give you those intricately detailed tips for using support and resistance levels successfully.

What is Support Levels in Stock Market?

Support is a price level below which the price doesn’t drop for a while.

Tips for Support & Resistance LevelsIt is due to the fact that the demand at this level is more than the supply of the stock/ financial asset.

So, when the demand is more than supply, it doesn’t let the price drop.

It either fluctuates around that level or moves up the ladder.

However, this level is not permanent. This keeps on changing as the demand and supply change.

When people start selling at a lower price, the support will be broken and a new support level will form.

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    Tips for using Support & Resistance Levels in Share Market

    Below tables provide Support & Resistance Levels of all the major stocks. You can use these Tips for Support & Resistance Levels & take your trading decisions.

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    Tips for Support and Resistance Levels in Trading

    So, to make support and resistance levels work for your trades, you can follow these tips –

    Not Short Lived – Tips for Support & Resistance Levels

    Firstly, support and resistance level lines are not short-lived. You can use them for quite a long time. Since these levels are broken after a long span of time.

    You can use each support and resistance level for a long. So, there is no need to think that there will be multiple levels of support and resistance back to back.

    With these levels, you can analyze the price action of the future as well.

    Use Fibonacci Retracement – Calls for Support & Resistance Levels

    If you can use Fibonacci retracement along with support and resistance levels, nothing like it. You can get the most accurate predictions by using these two tools together.

    Often people do not use the Fibonacci retracement along with these levels. However, investors who do use, have been observed to make more profits.

    Longer Time Span – Tips for using Support Levels

    While using support and resistance levels, keep in mind that the support or resistance levels that are there for a longer time span, are stronger as well.

    The shorter ones are weaker and can be broken easily. So, if you are comparing two stocks based on support and resistance, check the period of SR levels.

    Price Action – Tips for using Resistance Levels

    Often gaps are found in price action. This creates two different support and resistance levels.

    You need to understand the gap and the reason behind the same. Often when the price gap is created, the price eventually retraces to the original levels.

    Proper Stop Loss – Calls for Support Levels

    Make sure you place the stop loss at the right place using the support and resistance. If you do not do that, then no use in studying the support and resistance levels.

    No Certainty – Tips on Support & Resistance Levels

    You need to keep in mind that nothing certain in the stock market. There are even false breaks in support and resistance levels.

    You need to understand that whether the support and resistance level is broken or it is a false one.

    Range of Support & Resistance Levels

    The exact support and resistance can never be found. It is a range generally as there are no mathematical formulae for this.

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    What is Resistance Levels in Share Market?

    Resistance level on the other hand is the price level where the supply is exceeding the demand for the share. Here the supply is more, so the price cannot move up this level.

    The price either drops or flickers around. The sellers rule the market at this point. The number of sellers is more than the number of buyers.

    Why use Support and Resistance Levels?

    When you are trading in the stock market, you have to use technical charts. Support and resistance levels are integral parts of these technical charts and indicators. These levels help you in –

    • In determining the market trend or price trend. Any reversal in price trends or the market can be understood by looking at these support and resistance levels.
    • These levels can also be used for testing the trends and confirming whether the trend is going to last or not.
    • As demand and supply are at the core of these SR levels, you can understand the levels of buyers and sellers in the market from these levels. Also, the demand-supply levels can be determined.
    • When the price fluctuates between these two levels that depict the price the trend is going to prevail.
    • These levels can help the traders who use price-action in determining the entry and exit points in the market.
    • With support and resistance level trading you can optimize your profits and minimize your risks.
    • You can place your stop-loss orders more accurately with these levels.

    So, as you can see there are multiple benefits of using the support and resistance levels. However, you need to understand how you can make them useful in your trading.

    Tips for using Support & Resistance Level in Trading – Conclusion

    To conclude, we can say that support and resistance levels are crucial for stock traders. However, to put the SR level in use properly, you need to be aware of the above-mentioned factors.

    You cannot just blindly trust them as well. You need to analyze and then check all the aspects before using them.

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    FAQs on Tips for Support & Resistance Levels

    Check out various FAQs on Tip for Support & Resistance Levels on Trading here.

    Are support and resistance trading useful?

    Yes, support and resistance levels are useful in trading. It is crucial in technical analysis.

    How trend reversal is understood with SR levels?

    SR levels when broken signals reverse or change in the current trend.

    Is there are formulae to find out these levels?

    No, there are no mathematical formulae to determine these SR levels.

    What is price action?

    Price action means the movement of the price of the financial asset over a period. It is useful in technical analysis as support and resistance levels are drawn on them.

    What is a gap in the price?

    A gap in stock price means when the price jumps from one level to another. This happens when the price of the stock moves very fast. The difference between the price level is drastic.

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