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Here, we will talk about Tips for Investors in Share Market and suggestions for better investments.

Investing in stocks and other financial instruments is one of the best ways for generating and accumulating wealth.

Investment is done with the right mindset and investment goals, applying proper investment strategies can help in accumulating a good amount of wealth for the future.

However, it is not about making quick money or becoming rich instantly. For earning from your investments and building wealth, you need to plan your investments properly.

In this article, we will talk about the different avenues by which you can avail investment and generating wealth out of it.

The article will also cover the basics of investments to help everyone invest in a better way and earn from the same.

What is Share Market Investment?

You can define investment as a process of generating income for the future with the money you invest today. Investment is generally meant for the long-term accumulation of wealth.

When someone invests money in some asset, it means he buys the asset in the hope that the value of the asset will be increasing in the future.

The intention of buying an asset is different in investment. It is not about the consumption of the asset rather utilizing it for the future.

For instance, people purchase land/ stocks/ gold and other assets. They anticipate the price of these assets to rise with time.

Once the price reached the desired level or a target set by the investor, they can sell the asset and utilize the proceeds for their financial aspirations.

Investment is done for achieving different financial aspirations.

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    Benefits of Investments

    There are multiple benefits of investing in financial instruments like stocks and others present in the stock market. Let us discuss the important ones here –

    Long Term Returns

    Investment has the potential for long-term returns. It is done to generate or accumulate wealth. In the stock market, the price of the stocks and other instruments increases or decreases with time.

    If one can invest in such instruments which have the potential to grow, the investment will also grow. Though there is a risk, the rewards are justifiable.

    Regular Income

    Investment can be a source of regular income as well. There are debt instruments in which if someone invests provide regular interest income to the investor.

    Even stockholders get dividends which can be regular as well.

    Achieve Financial Goals

    Investment can help you achieve your financial goals. It can help you fulfill those distant dreams as well.

    If you can properly invest in instruments with the high potential it can help you generate wealth with time.

    Beat Inflation

    It can beat inflation as well. As inflation is on the rise in our country, the need for money is growing as well.

    The price level is increasing and to beat this, you need your money to grow as well.

    The normal savings or fixed deposit returns do not provide such returns that can exceed the inflation rate.

    However, investment in the stock market can do it, if you can choose the right stocks.

    Tips for Share Market Investors – Short Term & Long Term

    Check out short term & long term investment tips for Investors here.

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    Tips for Investors of Stock Market

    If you are investing in the stock market, you can follow the below-mentioned tips and suggestions for better returns. Here are various Tips for Investors which will improve ROI many folds.

    Make your Base Strong – Tips for Investors

    Before you start investing, you need to plan your finances well. Suppose, you earn Rs.30000 in a month. You need to first keep aside the money for essentials like food, rent, utility bills, and others.

    You can try to keep your expenses low for saving more for investment. Once, the necessities are fulfilled, you must take out the amount you want to invest.

    However, if you have any debt, try to pay it off as soon as possible. For continuous investment, you need to have a good supply of money as well.

    Another thing to keep in the contingency fund. You need to keep some amount for emergency purposes.

    It is highly advisable for having financial support in the time of crisis. You also do not have to use the investment you have made.

    Analyze your Goals for Investment

    Everyone must have a goal for their investment. The basic goal is always the accumulation of money but for what? Determine and understand your goals, financial aspirations.

    For instance, you want to buy a car in the coming 2-3 years. For this, you can invest in financial instruments in the stock market that can give you such returns in the next 2-3 years.

    You must align your investments with the goals you have. You need to keep three things in mind –

    1. The amount you are investing
    2. The timeline of your investment
    3. Annual returns your investment generate

    Using these three factors you can analyze how much wealth you can accumulate over the given timeline.

    Analyze Risk Appetite – Tips for Small Investors

    After you analyze and determine your financial aspiration, the next thing you need to do is to analyze the risk appetite of yours. Risk appetite is a very crucial factor in investment.

    If you can take a higher risk, the potential of having higher rewards is there. However, taking a risk doesn’t increase your potential for higher return, taking a planned risk does.

    So, plan how much loss you can bear if the stock price goes down south or opposite to your anticipation.

    If you are a risk-averse investor, then you must invest in fixed income instruments, debt funds where the risk is minimum and the return is stable as well.

    Research is the Key – Tips for Large Investors

    Whether you do long-term investment, near-term or ultra-short-term investment, research is a must. You need to analyze the financials of the company.

    You can use the company website for downloading their annual reports. Also, you must do a fundamental analysis of the company in which you want to invest.

    Some of the fundamental ratios you must check are –

    • Price-earnings ratio
    • Earnings per share
    • Return on Equity
    • Return on Assets
    • Others

    You can also make use of technical analysis to determine the right entry or exit point from the investment.

    Diversify your Portfolio – Tips for Investors

    Diversifying is a necessity for investors. The more you diversify your investment portfolio, the lower risk it would have. Diversification helps in risk mitigation of the investments.

    For instance, if you are buying a very risky stock, you can reduce the risk by buying risk-free assets like a government bond or debentures.

    Always try to keep less co-related or instruments having negative co-relation in your portfolio. Another example can be gold and stocks.

    When the stock market rises, the gold price falls and vice versa. So, you can keep some risky stocks and gold ETF or gold commodity stocks.

    Do not Invest with Borrowed Money

    Investment with borrowed money is not at all worth it. It is because, you have to pay interest on the borrowed money, which will evade a good percentage of your profit from the investment.

    So, until you are having such huge returns from your investments that can beat the interest you are paying for the borrowed money, there is no meaning of doing so.

    Brokerage House Selection – Tips for Stock Market Investors

    The selection of a brokerage house is another important factor when it comes to investment.

    The brokerage house must have different services and facilities for the investors. The brokerage amount should be lower as well.

    Don’t be Emotional – Tips for Share Market Investors

    Investment is for the long-term, you can wait until your target price is on the screen but not always.

    If you see the company is about to wind up or having losses for a prolonged period. You must sell your stocks.

    Do not be emotional to hold on and see till the end, you might land in huge losses.

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    Tips for Investors – Conclusion

    To conclude, we can say the investment must be done with proper information, research, and analysis. It is an exciting journey and highly rewarding if you put the effort in the right place.

    Make sure you do the due diligence before investing every penny and also analyze before selling the investment.

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    Tips for Stock Market Investors – FAQs

    Here are the various FAQs on Tips for Investors –

    Who is an investor?

    An investor is a person who purchases assets to retain them so that their price increases. They invest in assets with an anticipation that the price of the asset will increase over time.

    What is diversification?

    Diversification means buying or investing in different financial assets or instruments to reduce the risk factor.

    What is inflation?

    Inflation means the rise in the general price level.

    What is risk mitigation?

    Risk mitigation means a reduction of risk by different means. Investors need to reduce risk to maximize profits.

    What is a risk-free asset?

    Risk-free asset is the financial instruments issued by a government or government-aided organizations like bonds, debentures, fixed deposits, savings account, PPF account, and others.

    Here the government is responsible for the safety of your investment so the risk is lower and some instruments are completely risk-free.

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