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Find out Best BTST Tips for Today & Tomorrow here, Check out Best BTST Stocks to Buy or Sell.

Search for ways to ace the stock market returns is never ending, while stock market deems to leave investors in a fix.

This article precisely focuses on BTST position and how to find the Top 10 BTST Stocks.

BTST refers to Buy Today Sell Tomorrow, and this form of trading can be highly rewarding if traders perform it in the right manner.

What is BTST Trading?

BTST stands for Buy today sell tomorrow. As the name suggests, here the trader buys the stock today and sells it in the next trading session only.

This is mainly done to capture the rise in price over consecutive trading sessions. The traders mostly do BTST trade with futures and options.

However, you can do BTST trade with equities as well. In BTST trading, you can go long on the stock in today’s trading session.

Then in the next trading session, before it closes, you need to square off the position.

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    Best BTST Tips – List of Top 10 BTST Stocks

    Find out Todays & Tomorrows Best BTST Tips here. Check these Best BTST Stocks to Buy or Sell here & make your Trading decision.

    You can check out multiple indicators & find out Top 10 BTST Tips for Today. Use tools like Filter & Sorting for better analysis.

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    Best BTST Tips or Best BTST Stocks Today

    If you aren’t familiar with the BTST concept, its full form makes it perfectly clear, i.e. Buy Today Sell Tomorrow. Traders take an active buy position today, and exit it tomorrow who adopt BTST position.

    Best BTST Tips Today - Best BTST Stocks to Buy or SellThis probably spares the hassle of constantly monitoring the stock price, as required in intraday trading.

    On the contrary, plan is to enjoy the overnight appreciation in the price of the stocks.

    Such trade orders can be places at the last minutes before market closes as well as in the early hours post market opening.

    If you are familiar with the process of BTST trading, you can further adopt certain strategies to study the price movement of stocks and invest.

    You can discover the list of stocks you can likely choose for BTST Trading with us. They are both from the segments of cash, i.e. equity as well as F&O segment.

    Profitable sector for BTST Trading

    You can choose from both cash and F&O Segments and likely take a BTST position. However, there is a likely fundamental you can rely on, while choose stocks.

    You can invest in stocks from nifty, but the catch is to choose stocks from the index Nifty Small Cap.

    There is a strategy aligned with this suggestion, even though small cap stocks are unattractive for lot of traders.

    BTST is a small interval trading strategy adopted to make short terms overnight gains.

    Small cap stocks may not be a perfect hub for long terms investment as blue chips stocks, for instance are, but they have strong capability of giving short term gains.

    Firstly, there is a reason such stock are grouped in the particular index, and their performance must be credited.

    With such good performance, such stocks possess the quality to fetch traders overnight returns as much as 5%.

    Such companies are not competitors and long terms plan, but a great hub for overnight returns.

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    More on Top 10 BTST Tips or Top BTST Stocks

    Here are various things to know about Top 10 BTST Tips or Top 10 BTST Stocks in the coming topics –

    Likely profit made with BTST trading

    However, you are free to choose stocks from any category, F&O included. But, you must select the stock which are expected to make big over night moves.

    A likely profit of 5% or more can be projected from taking short position, i.e. BTST position. You need to ensure to have your strategies in line while selecting the stocks in order to make the profit.

    Perks of trading in BTST position

    Buy trade order can be taken at any point of trading hours, without the need to exist the order same day.

    The catch is to exit the position the next day of order placement, i.e. buy today and sell tomorrow.

    Probably, there is an option in which you can wait till the target is achieved or exit as per the stop loss. Also, there is an option to exit in the initial hours of trading.

    New Margin Rule by SEBI for BTST trading

    Misconceptions are round the corner regarding new margin rule launched in BTST Trading. But, the rule when understood doesn’t bother traders much.

    The rules says that, 80% of the order amount shall be released at the time of trade, instantly.

    However, the remaining 20% shall be released post the duration of T+2 days. The entire capital can be used the day after, as usual.

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    Best BTST Tips or Top 10 BTST Tips – Conclusion

    We have given you all the necessary insights into BTST Trading. While we lay out all the essentials. It is up to you to select the final stock of investment.

    Make sure your decision is based with proper research and understanding, since BTST and STBT positions are highly risky. In order to ensure you face no heavy losses, it is best to make the greatest of efforts to safeguard your money.

    With perfect measures and strategies, you can make likely returns through BTST positions.

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