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In this article, we will provide you a detailed review of Mastertrust Capital products and services. If you really wants to trade with this company and seek for information related to its products and services, you are in the right place. Here, we have shown you details regarding Mastertrust Capital Services & Products. So, let’s take a review.

Mastertrust Capital Products & Services

Mastertrust Capital Services

Find below the detailed table of Mastertrust Capital services for this fin28/1, 3rd floor, 1st Cross 15th Main Road, E Block, Behind Swathi Gardenia Hotel, Sahakar Nagar, Hebbal, Bengaluru, KA-560092ancial year.

Demat Services Y
Trading Services Y
3 in 1 Account N
Intraday Services Y
IPO Services Y
Stock Recommendations N
Robo Advisory N
Trading Institution N
Trading Exposure Upto 6x
Virtual Trading N
NRI Services N
Investment Banking N
Debt Funding N
Issue Management Y
Depository Services Y

Mastertrust Demat services

Investing in shares and hold your securities in a dematrialized form by opening a demat account.

Mastertrust Capital Offers

Mastertrust Trading services

Right from the equity to futures and options trade in all market segments through Mastertrust trading services.

Mastertrust Intraday services

Buy/sell shares within a day, instead of waiting for 2 days by taking advantage of Mastertrust Intraday services.

Mastertrust IPO services

Invest money in the first stock of company when it goes public by availing advantage of Mastertrust IPO services.

Mastertrust PMS services

Manage your portfolio, maximize your returns and trade in a right direction through Mastertrust PMS services.

Mastertrust Issue Management

Resolve all your issues related to trading by utilizing issue management services of Mastertrust, which are round the clock available for you and give you the solutions in a no less time.

Mastertrust Depository services

Settled your securities in an electronic form with the help of Mastertrust depository services.

  • The trading exposure is up to 6x.

Below mentioned services are not offered by Mastertrust:

Mastertrust is not offering 3-in-1 account, debt funding, stock recommendation, trading institution, virtual trading, investment banking types of beneficiary services. Even this stock market firms is not allowing NRIS to trade in Indian stock market.

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    Mastertrust Capital Products

    Get detailed table of Mastertrust Capital products for this financial year.

    Equity Trading Y
    Commodity Trading Y
    Currency Trading Y
    Options Y
    Futures Y
    Mutual Funds Y
    Forex Y
    Banking N
    SIP Y
    Insurance Y
    NPS N
    eLocker N
    Fixed Deposits / Bonds N
    Loans N
    E-Trade Y

    Mastertrust equity trading

    It is providing guidance on stock market along with the trading solution so that you can trade in equity market hassle- free.

    Mastertrust commodity trading

    It is allowing traders to invest money on commodities such as energy, base metals, precious metals, and agriculture.

    Matertrust Currency trading

    It is giving a leverage to its traders to buy,sell and exchange currencies.

    Mastertrust futures & options

    The derivative segments are highly lucrative in a market. So, trade in futures and options with the help of Mastertrust and earn superlative profits.

    Mastertrust Mutual fund and SIP

    It is providing you a gateway to invest money in one of the hassle-free investments modes which are mutual fund and SIP.

    Mastertrust Insurance

    Protect your financial securities and property by availing the benefits of Mastertrust insurance interesting investment tool.

    Mastertrust Forex

    It allows you to trade in an exciting marketplace Forex.

    Mastertrust E-trade

    Trade anywhere, anytime and from any platform through Mastertrust E-Trade tool.

    Below mentioned services are not offered by Mastertrust:

    While trading with Mastertrust you cannot avail the benefits of NPS, e-locker, fixed deposit/bonds, loans,  and banking.

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