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If you stumbled upon this page, we would like to assume you wish to gather some insights on the Wealth Discovery. To be precise, this article is drafted to educate the readers of the basics of Wealth Discovery Demat Account. We also covered the Wealth Discovery Trading Account arena, and the charges relating to it.

If you wish to be an active trader and wish to get associated with Wealth Discovery, you would find this article worthy. It has all the information, you as a trader or investor should know about.

Wealth Discovery

Wealth Discovery Demat Account

If you are motivated to make returns from stock market investments just like other investors do, get a Wealth Discovery Demat Account. The first step to investing in the stock market is to have a demat account. Apart from being the medium of investment, here are some other benefits tagged with it.

  • If you own a demat account with this company, you will kick open all the online as well as offline facilities the company provides.
  • The online platforms, which you will gain access to through demat account are smooth and easy to use. Everything, including trading would become few clicks away.
  • All the segment trading this company provides, i.e. equity, currency and commodity can be availed through one demat account.
  • Transparency is policy this company abides to. So, all the charge list and terms will be disclosed before you start the journey of trading. No added charges would be demanded from the company’s end, which would not be mentioned in the contract.
  • Experts are just a click away, and they also provide research facilities to all the clients.

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    How to Open an Wealth Discovery Demat Account?

    To avail for all the benefits and to start the journey of investing in capital market, Open Wealth Discovery Demat Account now. To make the process easy for you, we have simplified it and connected it to this webpage itself. Check each and every step, to successfully own a demat account.

    1. Kick start the process, and locate the “Open a Demat Account” button provided at the bottom of the page. You will now see a pop up when you click on the account.
    2. When you fill the details and submit the pop up, the company executives will immediately call you and share EKYC link.
    3. You have to fulfill all the EKYC requirements in order to prove your identity and own an account. The Aadhaar number, PAN number and date of birth are the information you will need to fill the form.
    4. Moving on, you have to connect your bank account with the demat account. So, it is necessary to provide the Account number and IFSC code in the form.
    5. Further, you will have to upload the scanned images of the Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photo and a Cancelled cheque. This is for the verification process.
    6. End the form filling procedure, by signing in the declaration of your form. You will need your Aadhaar card for it, and in case you have none, choose the alternative option as provided in the form.
    7. You will now receive a call from the executives again, shortly. It would be a verification call or to guide you through the further requirements, if any.
    8. Lastly, if your application in found to be genuine, you will receive an activated account in few hours, or a day.

    Wealth Discovery Demat Account Charges

    Wealth Discovery Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.160
    Demat AMC Rs.160 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.5,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Let us now move on to the Wealth Discovery Demat Account Charges. You also need to know that this company is a depository participant with CDSL & NSDL. The first charge you will encounter with the company is the Wealth Discovery Account Opening Charges and they are Rs.160.

    Such an account opening charge is pretty low when compared to their counterparts. You only need to pay a small amount of Rs.160 and you can have a fully functional demat account. It is a one time payment and so, you do not need to make repeated payments. It is only situated with the time when you open an account.

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    Wealth Discovery AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    If you have duly noted down the account opening charge, you now need to consider the Wealth Discovery AMC. Such a charge is to be paid once every year for smooth maintenance of the accounts. The demat AMC is Rs.160 per annum, again a pretty low amount you need to pay on a yearly basis.

    The Trading AMC however is free of cost. You do not need to pay anything here. As for the Margin requirement, you need to have Rs.5,000 in your account at all times.

    Wealth Discovery Trading Account

    You also need to have a Wealth Discovery Trading Account to successfully trade. We would like to take you on a tour to few of the Trading account benefits, you would like to consider.

    • The online platforms used for trading with this account are spectacular and user friendly. As a client, you will find a lot of options and tools which would come handy for you.
    • You can easily look over the back office option, in order to follow up on your transactions.
    • You can also invest in mutual funds with this account, easily.

    Wealth Discovery Demat Account – Conclusion

    Being aware of all the Wealth Discovery Demat Account is necessary if you wish to make substantial gains. Of course, gains are the basic motive of entering into the industry, and so you need to find or build strategies to earn it. Furthermore, the company has pretty much got your back, with its expertise.

    Time to figure make the decision and get going with the game of trading and investing. You will find tailored and customized products and services with this company, which cares for your needs.

    Open Wealth Discovery Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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