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Aasma Securities Demat account service delivered by the company is a platform for the traders to trade/invest in equities across all the renowned stock exchanges such as BSE, NSE, MCX.

The broking company deals in cash, derivatives, currency, future & options of these renowned exchanges with the depository participant Central Depository Service Limited.

Such reputed company strives to provide first-rate research services supported by trading and back office System to the traders/investors.

Traders of Aasma Securities are fascinated with the Dematerialization services. The mission of the broking company is to deliver first-rate services to all investors and traders.

This article is written to deliver information about Aasma Securities Trading Account, its demat account, annual maintenance charges, charges and more.

Aasmaa Securities offers

Aasmaa Securities Demat Account

A demat account is similar to a bank account where you can easily withdraw and transfer your funds directly from your account. Some of the Aasma Securities demat account benefits are mentioned below:

  • The cost of the demat account opening with Aasma Securities is free.
  • The demat account annual maintenance charges of the Aasma Securities is economical.
  • Holding investment in demat account is the easiest and simplest approach.
  • Securities can be transferred and withdrawn easily.
  • Less cost is incurred while transacting online in comparison with transferring the shares physically.
  • Bonus shares and shares splits will be done automatically through demat account.
  • Traders will not be worried about losing their investment as everything is recorded electronically which cannot be lost.
  • Dividends will be received directly is traders bank account.

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    How to Open an Aasmaa Securities Demat Account?

    With a view to open Aasma Securities demat account, traders can comfortably follow the online procedure of opening an account or can approach to the nearby neighboring company branch office.

    Here is the online procedures of opening demat account of Aasma Securities:

    1. Fill up the demat account form by clicking on the green button which reads “Open a Demat Account”.
    2. Ensure to fill all the details in a correct manner, so the concerned authority can fill you up with an account and its necessities.
    3. First part of the form will be to enter the identity details, i.e. the Aadhaar number, PAN number, and date of birth, and bank details such as Account number and the IFSC code. The details mentioned will closely be examined and cross-checked by the responsible person of the broking company.
    4. After the cross-checking of the details, KYC documents will be asked to submit.
    5. Submit the KYC Documents to the Aasma Securities for opening your demat account with them. The documents should be a scanned copy of Aadhaar card, Pan card, passport size photo and a cancelled cheque.
    6. The documents submitted by you will also be cross-checked and then, you will have to sign the form using your Aadhaar card, and in case you do not have it, you need to do it offline.
    7. After the accurate verification of the details and KYC documents, your demat account will be activated within a few business days, and the executive will call you to fulfill the remaining procedure.
    8. You can carry your trading activities with your demat account just by mentioning login id and password.

    Documents traders/investors needed to upload while opening demat account online are:

    • Address proof
    • DOB proof
    • Pan chard
    • Aadhar card
    • Passport size photos
    • Bank account details

    Aasmaa Securities Demat Account Charges

    Aasmaa Securities Demat Account Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Free
    Demat AMC Rs.250 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.15,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    Aasma Securities Demat account opening charges are been paid to the broking company with a view to open your demat account with them. These are charges imposed on the traders/investors and are required to pay at the time they open their account.

    Opening charges as in the Aasma Securities Demat account charges is 100% Free. The minimum margin requirement is Rs.15,000 which has to be held at all times to trade without hassle.

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    Aasmaa Securities AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Aasma AMC charges are levied on the traders with a view to maintain their demat and trading accounts.

    The cost of the Aasma Securities demat account annual maintenance charges are Rs.250 per Annum, whereas the cost of the Aasma Securities trading account annual maintenance charges are 100% Free

    Aasmaa Securities Trading Account

    Some of the Aasma Securities trading account benefits are mentioned below:

    • The Aasma Securities maintained a group of expert and dedicated financial analysts who assist the investors/traders to take feasible investment and trading decisions.
    • A professional team of Aasma Securities has framed the Equity Investment Plan which enables the traders to select their shares to trade from more than 500 companies.
    • Daily recommendation and news trades assist the traders to invest in the most profitable companies.
    • Cost imposed on the traders for trading account annual maintenance is free of cost.
    • Competitive brokerage charges levied on different brokerage plans.
    • First-rate research and service support backed by trading and back-office systems.
    • Enhanced trading platforms highly satisfy the customers.
    • The company offers customized multi-currency trading on futures contracts.
    • Traders can trade in distinct ranges such Indian rupee, dollars, British pounds etc.
    • Comprehensive trading related advice is offered to the traders on Nifty Index, NSE F&O scrips, blue-chip companies involved in indices and other stock traders on renowned stock exchanges.
    • Trading account opening charges is free of cost.

    Aasmaa Securities Demat Account Conclusion

    Aasma Securities Demat account service enables the traders to trade in almost all the financial products delivered by the company on all the renowned Indian stock exchanges.

    Traders can take trouble-free trading decisions as they are continuously updated about daily news and stock recommendations.

    Trading account opening charges and annual maintenance charges are absolutely 100% free. Personalised brokerage plans offered by the broking company enable the traders to choose the most profitable and economical plans.

    By examining the above trading and demat account benefits offered by Aasma Securities. It seems that this broking company can be the feasible choice for the traders and investors.

    Open Aasmaa Securities Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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