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Retirement should be the period of life, which is away from all the difficulties. This most probably include the financial related issues, which are avoidable with the help of Sahara Life Pension Plan. Though, not all issues can be gotten rid of, but the financial issues can be kept at bay.

This article features the Sahara Life Retirement Plans, as offered by the company Sahara Life. We have taken the dept analysis of the plan, extracting all the features and benefits it offers. Make sure you take a look at all the details information on the Sahara Life National Pension Scheme.

There is never the right time to plan; it always begins the moment you are in right now. Take a step ahead and avail for all the benefits this company offers.

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About Sahara Life Pension Plans

2004 was the year of establishment of the company Sahara Life Insurance, when the Sahara India Pariwar got its license from IRDA. It has spread its operations all across the country. They have customized set of plans, including the Sahara Life Pension Plan, suitable for people of all economic classes.

They aim at reaching out to all the age groups and people belonging to all segments, catering to the needs of each and every individual.  This company is among the first fully India based company, to enter the market without any foreign collaboration.

Here is the detailed review of the Sahara Life NPS plans they provide. A sneak peek into the features and the eligibility criteria will give you the idea of how beneficial it can get.

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    Types of Sahara Life Pension Plans

    Sahara Life Pension Plan is constructed to provide all kind of benefits to the clients. They have many needs sorted, and among them are the guaranteed and death benefits.

    Feasibility of premium payment is as well provided, making the Sahara Life National Pension Scheme tailor made, in order to suit the needs and wants of the holder.

    Here are the types of Sahara Life Retirement Plans you can avail for.

    • Sahara Amar Jeevan Plan

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    Sahara Amar Jeevan Plan – By Sahara Pension Plans

    This Sahara Life National Pension Funds plan is constructed to save a small portion of your earning, while you have a job, and lets you grow your sum assured at the time of its maturity, i.e. your retirements. Following are the featured benefits of the plan.

    • This Sahara Life Pension Plan comes with death benefit, where, upon the holder’s death, the nominee will be entitled to the death benefit. If the policy was valid for 15 years, a terminal bonus is provided. The 1/3rd of claim amount can be withdrawn in lump sum and the rest of the money can be availed for annuity payouts.
    • Upon retirement, the holder of this Sahara Life National Pension Funds, will be entitled to an assured sum plus the vested bonuses, as applied. 15 years old policy will get additional terminal bonuses. Such proceeds can be withdrawn in 1/3rd part and remaining part in annuity payouts.
    • Rider’s benefits are also provided in this plan, where the Sahara Life NPS Scheme holder can choose to avail for accidental benefit and accidental total and permanent disability benefits rider. Cost for availing the rider in the plan ranges from Rs.1 for Rs. 1,000 sum assured.
    • Benefits of surrender are as well tagged with this Sahara Life NPS. Here, the policy can be surrendered at the end of 3 years and the value entitlement is greater amount of guaranteed surrender value and special surrender value.

    Eligibility Criteria for Sahara Amar Jeevan Plan

    • Age criteria: 25 to 55 years
    • Vesting age: 55 years on the minimum
    • Return guaranteed: Minimum amount is Rs.50,000 with no maximum limit

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    Sahara Life Pension Plans / Retirement Plans – Conclusion

    Being a reputed organization, you will find excellent quality of Sahara Life Pension Plan offering. You have all the perks to yourself and the way the Sahara Life Retirement Plan is constructed, one can enjoy all the benefits entitled to it. Keep in check the Sahara Life NPS, and the features so you can avail for them in due time.

    You can craft the features of the Sahara Life NPS Scheme according to your need, as it is highly customized, in order to filfill your needs.

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