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Retirement may put a barrier on the income sources, but this does not necessarily put a barrier on life. It purely depends on how you manage your sources of income. Retirement is not the end of your life, but a beginning of a new one, which with the assistance of IDBI Pension Plan would become pleasant.

Special kind of IDBI Retirement Plans can be encountered here. All of which are well associated with the idea of holder’s benefit. The benefits are at maximum and you holder can easily avail for all of them as per the criteria fulfillment.

Take a peek into the content of the article where we explain the types of IDBI NPS you can avail and the eligibility criteria of the same.

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About IDBI Pension Plans

IDBI Federal is one of the top 10, most trusted life insurance brands of the country. It has everything which is wanted by individuals, and so it managed to gain the trust of people, through its world class products. They yearn to make a difference in the life of their clients, and they configured the plans according to it.

A report, as published by IRDAI, also mentioned the company has gained up a huge customer base, rather satisfied ones. They are the only company which managed to retain 50% of the customers who turned up to them in seek of excellent plans.

A brand as it is, if you wish to invest in a reward able plan, one of the IDBI National Pension Scheme would be your best option.

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    Types of IDBI Life Pension Plans

    This company plan on creating better and established human relationships. Hence, all of the IDBI Life Retirement Plans are tailor made as per the requirements of the clients.

    Check out how many plans are available for the customers to choose, along with the eligibility criteria.

    • Retiresurance Pension Plans
    • Unit Linked Pension Plans

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    IDBI Federal Retiresurance Pension Plans – By IDBI Pension Plans

    This plan is your option to invest and also multiple your investment. This IDBI Pension Plan is a saving scheme, which is also customized to help you maximize your wealth.

    Here are the benefits you shall be entitled to, if you choose to enroll with this IDBI National Pension Scheme.

    • Death benefit is available with this plan, so when the policy holder dies, the fund investment is paid to the nominee. The money invested in all types of funds, are paid to the nominee.
    • The holder can choose to either avail for the one time, single premium payment. On the contrary, regular interval payments are as well provided for the holder to choose.
    • This plan is entitled to tax benefits as of Section 80 CCC, to be applicable on the premium amounts paid.
    • Loyalty benefits will also be paid to the holder of the IDBI NPS Scheme. This would give the savings done in the plan a push.
    • Holder can choose to withdraw partial amount. Also, vesting and additional surrender benefits also come along with the plan.

    Eligibility Criteria for IDBI Federal Retiresurance Pension Plans

    • Age criteria: 18 to 70 years
    • Period: 5 to 75 years
    • Premium to be paid for single premium: Rs.25,000 with no maximum limit

    IDBI Federal Unit Linked Pension Plans – By IDBI Life Pension Plans

    This IDBI Federal Life National Pension Funds endorsed IDBI Federal Life Pension Plan, brings the facilities with it.

    • This IDBI Life Pension Plan offers you the liberty to choose your investing plan, as per your interest. You will be displayed a lot of options, among which you can select the one which best satisfies you.
    • This IDBI NPS has the option of paying a single premium to avail the benefits of the entire plan.
    • Being a holder, you can choose to withdraw a part of the fund you will be entitled to upon vesting. Rest of the amount can be taken in the form of annuity payments. Also, the holder can, on the contrary choose to avail for annuity payment on the entire sum.

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    IDBI Federal Life Pension Plans / Retirement Plans – Conclusion

    The company is one of the best in what it does. This is proved right by the company, for the diversified investment options it provides. The company also has employee retirement IDBI Federal Life Pension Plan, which can be availed in group by the employer.

    Just when you think this is all the company has to offer, it surprises its clients with its amazing services and IDBI Federal Life NPS. Nevertheless, they are declared the best group in terms of customer retention.

    Having a hold of IDBI Federal Life National Pension Funds, and choosing this company as your provider would be a great step. We hope to have provided you will all the needful information on the provided IDBI Federal Life NPS Scheme.

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