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An independent self is basically the point of work, and this is aspired to be continued post the period of work. Being self reliant, and at the same time self sufficient is greatly aspired by people. To have a stable life, which is sufficient to keep up with the finance is offered by Pramerica Pension Plan.

They have the idea of making you self reliant and have the aspiration of letting the elderly live with dignity. The same dignity they have lived their entire life. It comes with access to money, and when the sources of income are halted in retirement, this company stands up, with its Pramerica Retirement Plans.

They have all your needs covered. All you need to do is, keep up with this article and know what they have to offer. We dug up all the information and present you the same in a detailed manner, to make it easy for you to choose.

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About Pramerica Pension Plans

Merger of two companies, namely Prudential International Insurance and DHFL, led to the formation of Pramerica. They present to their clients, the gold age plans which collectively play a crucial role at safeguarding elderly people’s life. We would reach the same age one day, and taking a smart move would be to invest and start early.

The company has all of its ways sorted, and makes it easy for you to avail the plan. They payments you are obligated to make, in order to avail for one of their Pramerica Retirement Plans can be done through various mediums. They offer payment options of Online or NEFT transfer. One may also visit the branch office and pay in cash or cheque.

They provide e-Portals through which online transactions can be done. Overall, a kind of feasibility in availing for the Pramerica National Pension Scheme is available. For the further benefits tagged with Pramerica National Pension Scheme, keep reading.

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    Types of Pramerica Pension Plans

    This company has put up a structure of plans, to indemnify the holder in a lot of cases. They have all kind of plans under their structure, where they provide life insurance along with investment plans.

    This goes out for elderly people as well, as they roll out Pramerica Pension Plan. Here is the peek into their plans.

    • Golden Age
    • Golden Age Plus
    • Pramerica Golden Age Plus Single Premium

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    Pramerica Golden Age – By Pramerica Pension Plans

    This Pramerica National Pension Funds provision plan is in context with the post retirement benefits. The holder is given the liberty and flexibility of choosing the age at which he/she wishes to retire.

    Benefits tagged with it are of death and maturity. Also, 1/3rd of the Pramerica National Pension Funds accounted for are exempted from tax.

    Eligibility Criteria for Pramerica Golden Age

    • Vesting age: 45 to 75 years.
    • Premium to be paid per year: Rs.15,000 with no maximum limit

    Pramerica Golden Age Plus – By Pramerica Pension Plans

    This Pramerica NPS provides the way out for the holders, to save funds when they have access to it. Such saved and invested funds, can be used to avail for regular income, at the time of retirement.

    The minimum sum of money which can be generated from the policy are Rs.18,000, for the least.

    Eligibility Criteria for Pramerica Golden Age Plus

    • Age Criteria: 18 to 65 years
    • Period: 10 to 57 years
    • Intervals of premium payments allowed: half yearly, quarterly, monthly or even annually.

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    Pramerica Golden Age Plus Single Premium – By Pramerica Pension Funds

    The name of this Pramerica Pension Plan speaks for the nature it contains. The holder can pay single payment, referred to as single premium payment for the entire fund. The payment therefore made, can be added up further, at any point of holding the policy.

    Further, this Pramerica NPS Scheme has the provision of adding up 2.5% of the average single premium value of the fund. This addition would take place for the next 36 preceding months, after the policy term of 10 years is completed.

    Eligibility Criteria for Pramerica Golden Age Plus Single Premium

    • Vesting age: 45 to 75 years and is applicable for the 10 year minimum term plan.

    Pramerica Pension Plans / Retirement Plans – Conclusion

    The extra information can be seen in the official website of the company. It states the modes, through which the payment can be made. The general modes of payment from the Pramerica Pension Plan are Online or NEFT, ECS, the branch office.

    The banks which provide this facility are also disclosed, and you can take their assistance for Pramerica Pension Plan premium payment. Reportedly, SBI branches and the Axis branches provide such facility. Avail for any of the above mentioned Pramerica NPS Plans and you are bound to get entitled with the benefits they contain.

    Also, have a detailed and better chat with the company executives, if you can, so as to come in better terms with the plans and their features. Make sure you ask for the procedures and formality for renewal, so as to unlock your payment feasibly and seamlessly.

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