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Retirement age is unavoidable, but the complications you think would arise, can be dodged up to an extent. Lending a hand is the PNB Metlife Pension Plan, which is constructed exclusively, keeping the need of individual investors in mind. This article is purely oriented towards the plan provided by PNB Metlife.

We would like to draw your attention to the features, benefits and the criteria’s of availing the plan. A plan well studied is a plan rightfully availed for. So, read out and know all the aspect of the PNB Metlife Retirement Plans. We made sure to include all the needful information.

Make sure you leave no stone unturned, and begin planning for your retirement. Allocate your savings now, so they can come to your rescue in the future, with PNB Metlife National Pension Scheme.

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About PNB Pension Plans

The company has started as Metlife India Insurance Company Limited, in the year 2001. It then went on to merge with PNB, with the band holding 30% of the stake.

Stake of the company PNB Metlife, is held by a lot of parties. Some of the major stakeholders are Metlife International Holdings LLC, Punjab National Bank Limited, Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited and M.Pallonji and Company limited, and a lot more major companies.

Joint efforts of both the insurance company and has led to the excellence they managed to gain by now. They have successfully expanded to 8000 locations, comprising of bank and some other finance rendering firms. They provide all kind of protection plan, name a category and they have a plan which would fit your need.

For the moment, let us check out the offering from the company in context of retirement, the PNB Retirement Plans.

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    Types of PNB Metlife Pension Plans

    Saving up and preparing for the future retirement period being your prime objective, you must check out the available PNB Pension Plan. They let you fulfil your retirement goals, providing a wide array of plans.

    Any of the PNB Metlife Retirement Plans, would perfectly meet your idea of a reliable plan. Here is the PNB National Pension Scheme offering.

    • Metlife Monthly Income Plan – 10 Pay

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    PNB Metlife Monthly Income Plan – 10 Pay – By PNB Pension Plans

    This plan is the best alternative for your traditional deferred endowment PNB Metlife Pension Plan look out. You are bound to get monthly benefits, with this PNB National Pension Funds plan. Here are the features of the same:

    • Access to company’s profits is given, by means of bonuses
    • The holder of this PNB Pension Plan should keep contributing the premiums for 10 years approximately.
    • This PNB NPS Scheme matures in the 11th It is also the time, monthly payouts start rolling, and the maximum time for which the payout will be paid is 25th year. As stated before, the earned bonuses can either be withdrawn for whole or, can be added towards future yet increased monthly payouts.
    • Death benefits are applicable for payment in case of death of the PNB Metlife NPS holder. There are many options provided for it. They are – highest of 10x premium per year or assured sum of 11x premium per year or the vesting amount of 135x selected monthly payout or finally, 105% of entire paid premium amount.
    • Nominee of the PNB Metlife NPS holder can choose to either withdraw the entire payable money, or either take monthly payouts.
    • Discount on premium paid would be applicable, at the rate of 3%, of the frequency of payment is yearly. On the contrary, it is 1.5% for half yearly.
    • Taxation exception for this PNB Metlife National Pension Funds is provided for the premiums paid under section 80C, and the claim as per section 10(10D).

    Eligibility Criteria for PNB Metlife Monthly Income Plan – 10 Pay

    • Age criteria: 18 to 55 years
    • Maturity age: 65 years on the maximum
    • Period: 10 years
    • Premium to be paid per year: Rs.23,280 with Rs.18.2 lakh on the maximum limit
    • Return guaranteed per month: Minimum amount is Rs.1500, whereas the maximum is Rs.1 lakh
    • Assured Sum: 11x annual premium paid
    • Payment term: Just as the opted policy term – 10 years
    • Intervals of premium payments allowed: half yearly, quarterly, monthly or even annually

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    PNB Metlife Pension Plans / Retirement Plans – Conclusion

    Decision to have a secured life stays up to you. How worthwhile you make your earning period, to safeguard your retirement age, relies upon you. As we see, the PNB Metlife Pension Plan is the perfect medium to ensure, regular payout remain a thing in the future.

    Make sure, you plan out with PNB Metlife NPS facilitation and be ensured the future is as secured as you deserve. Run again through all the PNB NPS Scheme parts, and get in touch with the concerned authorities and get yourself associated with the plan.

    Here goes out to a secured, and a fun filled future, away from the worried of the world.

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