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While you cannot plan every move and happening, you sure can shield your retirement life in the best possible way. The rightful means is provided through IndiaFirst Life Pension Plan. It is always smart to begin with the planning process as soon as possible, your earning age.

They provide the means, assurance and a customizable plan. The assurance of giving you a secured future makes up the IndiaFirst Life Retirement Plans. They also give you all the reason why you must invest with them. Some of them are the flexibility in payments and also retirement age, additional cover, regular income among many other benefits.

This article will be your guide to investing with IndiaFirst Life Pension Plan. We have included all the aspects of the plan a holder must know of, the benefits, features and also the criteria.

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About IndiaFirst Life Pension Plans

IndiaFirst Life Insurance was incorporated in the year 2009, and since then, they took on a whole different level of customer service. They have hold of the numbers and facts, which shows how well they are performing and the strong competition they are for their counterparts.

This company is a result of joint efforts from Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank and Carmel Point Investments India Private Limited. They hold the position of top 10 in gross business and top 12 for retail business. They have a client base of almost 10 lakh retail customers, and this provides the assurance of quality.

The foundation of trust they laid, is clearly visible, and if you wish to be a part of them, you can check the IndiaFirst Life National Pension Scheme they offer.

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    Types of IndiaFirst Life Pension Plans

    This company has a well structured IndiaFirst Life Pension Plan. It is well oriented, keeping notes of the people’s need post retirement. Benefits are highly stuffed into the plan and as a result the plan is tailor made in order to fit the requirement of the ones who choose to avail for it.

    Also, the process of application to apply for the IndiaFirst Life National Pension Scheme is pretty easy and simple. The plan they provide is as following.

    • IndiaFirst Annuity Plan

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    IndiaFirst Annuity Plan – By IndiaFirst Pension Plans

    This IndiaFirst Pension Plan provides the benefit of fees payment for life. It is a traditional plan, which is structured into an immediate plan, yielding immediate returns when the maturity time arrives. We hope you would like to take a look at the features the IndiaFirst National Pension Funds offers. Here they go.

    • The holder of this IndiaFirst National Pension Funds, will start receiving the maturity amount, on a monthly basis, right after the premium payment of one time is done. This is the reason why the IndiaFirst Life NPS is referred to as an immediate annuity plan
    • The holder, who choose to avail for this IndiaFirst NPS will receive annuity payment for his/her life.
    • The premium payment, which goes towards the payment for the IndiaFirst NPS Scheme, is applicable for the tax benefits. The benefit of tax, as imposed by the Section 80CCC says the premiums amount is not taxable for this IndiaFirst NPS Scheme.

    Eligibility Criteria for IndiaFirst Annuity Plan

    Before you decide to invest with this IndiaFirst Life Retirement Plan, make sure you check out the criteria’s of investment.

    • Age criteria: nil years of the company’s existing customer. New customer will get 49 years for the minimum and the maximum for both the kind of clients is 80 years
    • Price of purchase: Rs.50,000 with no maximum limit
    • Annuity payout frequency: Monthly

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    IndiaFirst Life Pension Plans / Retirement Plans – Conclusion

    The above provided IndiaFirst Life Pension Plan is one of the best in the market, in terms of flexibility it provides. The company constructed this IndiaFirst Life NPS plan to be highly flexible and an immediate annuity payment. It would probably be a wise choice to go for this company and its list.

    Opting for one of the IndiaFirst Life Retirement Plans would secure the future, and open the doors of fulfilment and self sustainability wide open. Decide what you aspire to have and get in touch with the company to discuss the features and dept and also to avail for it.

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