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Know everything about the Best Textile Stocks to buy in India. India is one of those leading countries having solid footprints in the global textile sector.

All credit goes to the Top Textile Companies in India, helping the nation dominate the textile territory of the financial market.

The investors are the second party playing a chief role in making India successful in this sector.

These investors are none other than you, who visualize the higher potential in the textile companies of India.

The textile industry promises superior returns to investors that perhaps also made you hooked on to the best textile stocks to buy.

If you are also on the hunt for the best stocks in the textile industry, let’s make it easy for you.

Below we have rounded up a list of the 10 best textile stocks you can expect amazing returns from in the future.

Know about Textile Sector in India

After China, India is the leading name in the textile industry. You can discover the world’s top textile companies in India.

Thanks to the great infrastructure and cheering spirit of the Indian Government led to a 9% healthy growth rate in the Textile sector of the nation.

Despite the global pandemic, the Indian Textile industry witnessed a consistent rise with no falls.

According to AEPC India, the nation’s textile market is estimated at US$ 75 billion in 2020-21.

No surprise, you should begin exploring opportunities in India’s clothing, fashion, and fabrics companies.

The country currently has tons of textile sector stocks to buy, but some of the best ones have been explained in the article below.Best Textile Stocks in India - List of Top 10 Textile Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Best Textile Stocks in India – List of Top 10 Textile Sector Stocks to Buy Today

Check out the Textile Share Price & Ranking of Best Textile Shares to buy Today or Tomorrow or for Long Term –

Before you dive into the list of stocks and begin the research work, let’s catch a quick glimpse of the best textile shares in India through this table.

The table outlines the brilliant names in the Indian Textile market that are drawing investors’ attention through their scalability.

All these stocks have delivered outstanding returns to the investors to date. Thus, higher highs can be seen in these stocks later.

For a brief insight, we have discussed more on these clothing shares to buy in the article below.

Make sure you do not forget to check out the parameters and helpful things to consider when buying a textile company stock.

(Please note: We never guarantee profits and losses from the stocks investment but aim at guiding you for the best-performing companies you can discover the great potential in.)

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    Page Industries – Best Fabric Stocks in India

    The top name in the textile industry that never fails to draw investors’ attention is undoubtedly the page industries.Page Industries - Best Fabric Stocks in India

    You may also find these best fabric stocks in India a self-evident choice.

    After all, the company has been leading in the textile industry since 1994 in India.

    Innerwear, socks, and loungewear; the company is the manufacturer and retailer of all these specialties.

    Page Industries isn’t limited to domestic boundaries. The company builds the largest supply network to the international borders too.

    Apart from that, the company is also engaged in manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of Jockey and Speedo Brands products in India.

    If you are also looking for the best textile shares to buy, it’s no surprise that it is the page industry.

    Share Market Capitalization of the company is currently Rs.48597.206  Crores.

    Products and Services

    Here are the types of products and services offered by Page Industries.

    • Innerwear & Leisurewear including socks, underwear, and banyan
    • Swimwear
    • Scrap & Others
    • Other Operating Revenue

    Why invest in Page Industries stocks?

    From 14,000 INR target in Jan 2017 to 44,000 INR in Jan 2022, we can see the sharpest hike in the prices of Page Industries.

    The growth of the company is soaring. No surprise, Page Industries investors have also enjoyed sky-high returns to date.

    It is because the company manufactures the most used products for humans and has the largest distribution network.

    In September 2021, the company’s total revenue was valued at Rs 10.84 Billion and net income Rs 1.60 Billion.

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    Trident – Best Fabric Shares to buy

    Founded in 1990, Trident Group is a growing company doing a great job in the textile sector of India.Trident - Best Fabric Shares to buy

    The Bangalore-based company does its business primarily in household textile materials.

    In simple words, the company produces bed sheets, towels, paper, yarns, and also textile-relevant chemicals.

    These products are, however, the major areas of specialties of Trident.

    But apart from them, the company is also engaged in manufacturing and supplying the industry with multiple products and services.

    If you are looking for the best fabric shares to buy, beyond a doubt, you must tap into Trident.

    Apart from the parent company, Trident also has subsidiaries Abhishek Industries Inc., Trident Infotech Limited, and more.

    Each subsidiary is helping the company in generating billions of revenue per annum.

    Market Capitalization of the company is currently Rs. 27212.40 Thousand Crores.

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the products offered by Trident Group

    • Bed Domestic
    • Bath Domestic
    • Bed Global
    • Paper
    • Bath Global
    • Yarn
    • Chemical
    • Shop Online
    • Energy
    • Trident Foundation

    Why invest in Trident stocks?

    No denying, your decision on investing in these textile stocks in India can be the profitable one.

    In the past few years, the company’s growth has been jaw-dropping, with a 940.13% rise in its shares prices within five years; the company witnesses that it has impressed its investors a lot.

    In simple words, in Jan 2017, Trident Ltd’s price was marked 6.2 INR has jumped to the 64 INR target as of Jan 2022.

    In 2021, the company generated Rs 16.92 Billion revenue with a net income of Rs 2.35 Billion, which is 121.96% higher than the previous year.

    KPR Mill – Top Textile Sector Stocks

    KPR Mill Ltd is another good name in the list of top textile sector stocks.KPR Mill - Top Textile Sector Stocks

    Apart from fabric and yarn supply, the company is also engaged in the Sugar Production business.

    The company manufactures crystal sugar supplied via its distribution network. KPR Mill is a tech-driven company.

    The company is equipped with tons of advanced machinery and testing equipment, each known for producing quality materials to infuse with fashion and style.

    In a nutshell, the company has made a massive contribution to the Indian fashion industry.

    KPR also calls itself a vertically integrated company for its diversified business.

    Quantum Knits Pvt Ltd, K P R Sugar Mills Pvt Ltd, and a few other popular companies are the subsidiaries of KPR Mill. Each is profitable in its niche.

    The company was founded in 1984 and has grown into a large-cap company. Market Capitalization of the company is currently Rs. 25112.20 Thousand Crores.

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the products offered by KPR Mill Ltd

    • Yarn
    • Fabrics
    • Garment
    • Sugar

    Why invest in KPR Mill Stocks?

    The top fabric share price you can expect superior returns from is KPR Mill Ltd.

    The company is steadily growing if we catch a glimpse of the company’s last five years in the industry.

    From 2017 to 2022, the Brand witnessed a massive hike in its share prices.

    In short, the price of one KPR share was valued at 114 INR in Jan 2017 that is currently crossing the 700 INR target (as of Jan 2022).

    The company’s net revenue grew by 28% and net income by 115.23% in 2022 if we compare it with the metrics obtained in the year 2021.

    Welspun India – Top Textile Companies in India

    Welspun India is one of the top Textile Companies in India, doing thousands of crores of business in the textile industry.Welspun India - Top Textile Companies in India

    The Brand covers almost every segment of the textile industry.

    Be it a hospitality fabric, flooring, advanced textile to any retail solution.

    In simple words, the Brand has a hybrid business model in the textile sector. Welspun India is Asia’s largest towel producer and exporter.

    The company exports 94% of its home textile products in 50+ countries, which is incredible.

    But when we look at the company’s establishment, it was founded in 1985. The company is still publicly listed, giving all new and old players tough competition.

    Similarly, it makes it obvious how the company has built the largest distribution network. Market Capitalization of the company currently stands at Rs. 15151.80 Thousand Crores.

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the products offered by Welspun India

    • Bedding solutions by the company covers bedsheets, bath linen, and home furnishing
    • Bath solutions by the company cover towel, bathrobes, and rugs
    • Flooring solutions by the company covers carpet tiles, broadloom carpets, artificial grass, and area rugs

    Why invest in Welspun India Stocks?

    Don’t get yourself distracted by the textile share price.

    In 2020, even though the company Welspun India built the worst nightmares for its investors by touching the lowest low 64.85 INR of the year, prices of Welspun India Limited made the highest high 170.70 INR again (in the year 2022.)

    The high is more than ever since the company has entered the public market.

    Welspun India Stock predictions say that the stock prices will rise in the next few months.

    Vardhman Textiles – Top Clothing Stocks in India

    If you are searching for the Top Clothing Stocks in India which yields the best returns, no surprise it can be Vardhman Textiles.Vardhman Textiles - Top Clothing Stocks in India

    The Brand also has subsidiaries, named Vardhman A&E threads LTD, Vardhman Threads LTD, VTL investments Ltd, etc. Each is profitable in its niche and sector.

    The company has a dividend yield ratio of 1.59%, which is impressive.

    From its establishment in 1965 to now, the company has achieved immense success. The textile brand has 22 manufacturing facilities across six states in the nation.

    Moreover, it also exports its vast list of products to more than 65 countries across the globe.

    All such reasons give us an idea of why the clothing Share Price has been skyrocketing over the past few years.

    Market Capitalization of the company currently stands at Rs. 15142.80 Crores.

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at some of the most important products offered by Vardhman Textiles.

    • Simple and blended yarns
    • A broad range of threads
    • Acrylic Fiber
    • Shirt and trouser material
    • And lots of other

    Why invest in Vardhman Textiles?

    Your decision to invest in Vardhman Textiles can never go wrong. After a global pandemic and a recovery from a sharp recession phase, the company’s stock price makes a record-breaking high of 2,704.80 INR (as of Jan 2022).

    Before, in Jan 2021, prices of Vardhman almost dropped below 1000 INR price point.

    But It was the result of the company’s dedicated effort and largest distribution network that enabled the Stock to achieve 154.23% growth within a year.

    The company made Rs. 23.85 Billions revenue in 2021, securing a net income of 4.81 Billion.

    Vardhman Share Forecast suggests that it has very good future potential.

    Alok Inds – Top 10 Textile Stocks

    Alok Inds can never fail to build a notable spot in the Top 10 Textile Stocks list.Alok Inds - Top 10 Textile Stocks

    The Mumbai-based company was founded in 1986.

    The company is primarily known for its business in weaving, knitting, home textiles, processing, polyester yarns, and ready-made garments.

    However, Alok Inds has two parent organizations holding maximum company equity. These include JM Financial Ltd and Reliance Industries Ltd.

    Apart from its parent organizations, Alok Inds also has its subsidiaries, including Alok Retail Ltd, Alok International Inc, Alok Worldwide Ltd, etc.

    Market Capitalization of the company is currently Rs. 1495.00 Crores.

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the products offered by Alok Inds

    • Apparel Fabric
    • Blended Cotton Yarn
    • Embroidery
    • Knitted and Woven Garments
    • Home Textiles
    • Polyester
    • Accessories

    Why invest in Alok Inds Stocks?

    If you are searching for the best alternative to Textile Share Price, which you could find at a cheaper rate, it is Alok Inds Stock.

    The price of one Stock currently values 30 INR as of Jan 14, 2022. However, the company’s prices are very volatile now.

    Yet, you may set some higher expectations from Alok Inds stocks in the long-term investment.

    After all, some financial market giants JM Financial Ltd and Reliance Industries Ltd. back the company.

    Lux Industries – Best Textile Stocks to buy

    You may already share a close connection with the company if you also wear that Lux Cozi Brand.Lux Industries - Best Textile Stocks to buy

    The company produces affordable and quality undergarments.

    But surprisingly, the company is one of the oldest in the nation. Lux Industries (formerly Biswanath Hosiery Mills) was founded in 1957.

    And it was the company’s dedication and people’s massive acceptance of the products designed by Lux Industries that made it one of the best Best Textile Stocks to buy in 2022.

    Lyra, ONN, GenX, Lux Cozi, Lux Inferno, and tons of other known brands stem from Lux Industries that we can’t regret.

    The company for long has been dominating other brands in the undergarment sector of India. The market capitalization of the company is currently Rs.11.10 Crores.

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the products offered by Lux industries

    • Sub-brands and products varieties covered under the men’s undergarments section
    • Sub-brands and product varieties covered under the women’s undergarments section
    • Products varieties under kid’s undergarment

    Why invest in Lux Industries Stocks?

    Investing in Textile Shares in India can get you a good chunk of returns on your investment if you pick the right Stock.

    Such as, Lux Industries – one of the oldest companies operating in the textile sector of India, has attained 4,644.00 INR highest high of its lifetime recently in 2021.

    The price of one Lux Industries Stock was 730 INR as of Jan 20, 2017.

    But today, it has grown up to 400 times which is unpredictable. But make sure the dividend yield by the company is 0.34% which may make it an overvalued fraction.

    According to Lux Industries Stock Prediction, it is expected to provide decent returns.

    Lakshmi Machine Works – Top Textile Stocks to buy

    If you are searching for the Top Textile Stocks to buy and expect better from this year, maybe it is Lakshmi Machine Works that impresses you.Lakshmi Machine Works - Top Textile Stocks to buy

    Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. is one of the textile giants of India, having a notable contribution in this fabric-specific sector of the nation.

    The company is one of the earliest to strengthen the nation’s roots in the Textile industry, founded in 1962. Mainly because the company produces machinery used across the textile industry.

    Apart from the parent company, the Coimbatore-based corporation also has its subsidiaries.

    Such as Lakshmi Mills, Starline Travels Ltd, and a few others companies collectively help Lakshmi Machine Works achieve more.

    Since it is one of the largest Textile Companies in India, the price per Stock of the company is affordable for existing investors or higher net worth individuals.

    Market Capitalization of the company is currently Rs. 10247.10 Crores.

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the products offered by Lakshmi Machine works ltd.

    • The company produces CNC Machine Tools and manufactures customized products for different sectors.

    Why invest in Lakshmi Machine Works Stock?

    LMW Ltd. is one of the stable and growth-driven companies.

    The year 2021 was the saddest phase for both investors and the company when LMW prices made the lowest 4,910.30 INR.

    But the dramatic jump in prices within a year again placed the LMW price to a record-breaking height of 10,439.95 INR in Jan 2022.

    This gives us a solid indication that the company is not going anywhere, and you can trust it.

    Lakshmi Machine Stock predictions say that it has a good return.

    Garware Tech Fibers – Best Textile Companies in India

    Garware Tech Fibers is one of those few companies to shake up the market with its unbelievable performance.Garware Tech Fibers - Best Textile Companies in India

    It is one of the best textile companies in India that has achieved a lot over the past five years.

    Even though the company has been operational in the Indian Textile sector since 1976, the biggest hike that company received at its prices came after the global pandemic.

    The company covers the journey from small-cap to large-cap within five years. Similarly, like other companies, Garware Tech Fibres also has multiple subsidiaries.

    It can result from Garware Tech Fibers’s monopoly in the industry as the company products fabric and material for business-specific needs.

    Market Capitalization of the company is currently Rs. 6883.40 Crores.

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the products offered by Garware Tech Fibres

    • Fisheries – covering nets, ropes, and twines
    • Aquaculture – covering a wide range of aquaculture cage nets & ropes
    • Shipping & Industrial – Highly advanced ropes & nets
    • Yarn & Threads – for multiple application
    • Sports – superior quality nets
    • Coated Fabrics, Agriculture products, Environmental Protection and Infrastructure

    Why invest in Garware Tech Fibers Stocks?

    If you are looking for a unique fabric stock to buy that is unlike other textile companies, tap into Garware Tech Fibers. Its stocks are notable for their impressive range of products and services.

    The company’s revenue was Rs. 2.82B in 2021, and net income was 408.92M. Right after the global pandemic, the prices of GTF Ltd jumped and crossed the 3000 INR target.

    The company has a good  Profit & Loss Statement which attracts all types of Investors.

    Jindal Worldwide – Top 10 Textile Shares to buy

    In the list of top 10 textile shares to buy, we can’t skip Jindal Worldwide.Jindal Worldwide - Top 10 Textile Shares to buy

    The tech giant is one of those few companies to help its investors enjoy sky-high returns right after the global pandemic.

    Founded in 1986, Jindal Worldwide is known for its superior weaving quality reflected in its wide range of products.

    Including denim, shirt, yarn-dyed fabric, and bedsheet. However, this Ahmedabad company is a part of Jindal Group – the parent company.

    Jindal group also has further subsidiaries or sub-brands, each keeping the company in a profitable state. No surprise, you can make a secure investment by selecting Jindal Worldwide.

    Market Capitalization of the company is currently Rs. 5388.90 Crores.

    Products and Services

    Let’s take a look at the products offered by Jindal Worldwide

    • Manufacturing and supply of Denim
    • Bottom Weight Fabric
    • Shirting Fabric
    • Yarn-Dyed Fabric
    • Bed Sheets

    Why invest in Jindal Worldwide Stocks?

    People recommend Jindal Worldwide as it is one of the best fabric shares to buy.

    It may be because of the parent company Jindal Group which is a large-cap company itself.

    The second reason is the consistent growth.

    The company has recently made the highest high by reaching 297.95 INR price point, which has grown by 1,475.87% from its previous price, which was at 18.65 on Jan 20, 2022.

    It gives us a clear insight into the company’s overall growth and potential in multiplying returns on investment.

    Indo Count Inds. – Textile Sector Stocks to buy

    One of the brilliantly performing and emerging Textile Sector Stocks to buy this year is Indo Count Inds.

    The company specializes in the bedding industry.

    The company has been manufacturing bed sheets, utility, bedding, institutional bedding and has been providing tons of great bedding solutions to customers since 1988.

    Moving forward, we see the company has a total of 6 subsidiaries. Such as Indo Count global Inc., Indo Count Ventures Private Ltd., Indo Count Australia Pty Limited., and three others.

    The company has also been certified with multiple certifications and regulatory bodies.

    It is publicly listed in NSE and BSE.

    Market Capitalization of the Indo Count Inds is also impressive – Rs. 531.00 crores which is certainly not a joke.

    The company is doing a great job in the textile market, giving investors and traders an idea of its potential.

    They can expect higher returns from this emerging name in the textile sector.

    TCNS Clothing Co. – Textile Companies Stocks to buy

    One lesser-known name yet a popular alternative in the list of the best Textile Companies Stocks to buy is TCNS Clothing Co.

    The company has been operational since 1972 and has been emerging as the leading women’s Brand in the apparel industry.

    Headquartered in New Delhi, India, it is successfully fulfilling customers’ demands while building a profitable horizon for investors.

    Currently, the company has more than 3500 employees working around the clock to make the company keep the shine on the top in the women’s apparel sector.

    However, the global pandemic also had a sharp impact on the company’s consistent growth.

    Still, like many other achievers, TCNS Clothing Company bounces back into the market with something more.

    In 2020 and 2021, companies’ prices dropped to 392 INR.

    But in Jan 2022, the prices of TCNS Clothing Company touched the 800 INR benchmark.

    Talking about the revenue, the company makes Rs. 110.73M net income 140.14% higher than the previous year after making revenue of Rs. 2.39 B

    PDS Multinational – Fabric Companies Shares to buy

    Another fashion brand with a great potential to deliver sky-high returns to investors are traders is the PDS Multinational Fashions Ltd.

    The company has been a popular alternative among investors searching for the top Fabric Companies Shares to buy.

    The company has one of the largest distribution networks spread across 22 countries worldwide.

    However, the company isn’t just limited to what you think.

    The corporation has been involved in designing consumer goods in a massive capacity to deliver at a competitive price.

    From product development, sourcing virtual manufacturing to the distribution businesses company leaves no stone unturned in becoming Asia’s leading retailers and brands.

    Starting in 1987, the company built billions of dollars in valuation today.

    If we count the last five years, the company has attained the massive target of 1700 INR in 2022, almost 1,071.66% more from its previous 146 INR in 2017.

    Investors that have invested in the company back in 2017 have multiplied their returns by 1,071.66%, which is incredibly massive.

    Raymond – Textile Industry Shares in India

    When you are up to buying Textile Industry Shares in India, you know a little bit of. It will not be a big surprise if you select Raymond.

    After all, the Brand has done massive marketing for its products, digital advertising on the TVs and other social networks.

    With its consistent efforts and hard work, the men’s fashion brand currently counted among the leaders.

    Surprisingly, the company existed in the Indian market way before the nation’s independence.

    The company was founded in 1925 and presently has multiple subsidiaries operating across multiple sectors.

    However, it seems that the company finds it a bit hard to recover from the hard-hitting of the global pandemic.

    Thus, unlike other companies, it hasn’t given its investors sky-high returns.

    Yet, the company also hasn’t put its investors in massive losses who waited for the company to bounce back.

    After 2020, the company again is coming back to its 600 INR levels.

    Similarly, this can be an opportunity for new investors as part of the performance of the company witnesses that the company has also made a high of 1000 INR above in its lifetime.

    Swan Energy – Clothing Stocks in India

    Swan Energy is another good name in the list of top Clothing Stocks in India.

    The company is one of India’s largest manufacturers and marketers of polyester and cotton textiles.

    The company is also involved in the real estate and green energy sector to build a profitable ecosystem for itself and its investors.

    The market capitalization of the company stands at 4.226B INR.

    The India-based company is, however, performing great. Still, you are advised to invest in your risk in Swan Energy.

    Company’s prices are more volatile; thus, for intraday or swing traders, it can be an excellent alternative to tap in.

    But if you are a long-term investor looking for an asset that you could hold for a long-term horizon, Swan Energy stocks may not be the best fit for you at present.

    Within five years, the company prices moved between 113.70 INR and 188.00 INR only.

    Still, you may set higher expectations if the company breaks the highest high and achieves steady growth in its shares prices.

    How to find Textile Stocks for Trading?

    The journey of Trade in Textile Stocks can be a bit overwhelming as lots of twists and turns exist behind the doors.

    It is appealing to the eyes when you watch a company’s past growth to visualize its future.

    But when you have parked your hard-earned money in it, the real match with emotions begins.

    Therefore, before buying a textile stock, make sure you have your homework ready to make a wise decision. Such as before you buy a textile stock, consider the following factors.

    Choose your Investment Time Horizon – Look at the company’s prices, how gradually the price of a company is changing within a particular time frame, monitor it.

    Similarly, Divide your investment, whether you need to invest in it in the short-term, mid-term, or long-term. In the end, build your strategy accordingly.

    Fundamental of Stocks – The price-to-Earning Ratio needs also to be monitored to spot how much you will be making per company’s share purchase.

    Debt to equity ratio is another important metric to consider, and market capitalization, including net revenue and income, is another helpful metric to judge a company.

    Compared to the Peers – You can’t forget competitors. If many companies bring similar products in, you will have to deal with your emotions and bank balance more than your portfolio.

    So, find a company whose product is a bit unique.

    How to Invest in Textile Sectors Stocks?

    You can Invest in Textile Stocks simply by choosing any reliable broker.

    The broker could be any trusted one that you believe is affordable or serve an interactive user interface that adds smoothness in learning the market patterns.

    Similarly, you can invest in the stocks via any SEBI regulated broker.

    But make sure you do not forget to diversify your portfolio.

    Don’t invest your entire amount in multiple textile stocks. So that when the whole textile market is down, your investment is still safe.

    If you aren’t confident about a stock, you may choose the SIPs option and invest your money in EMIs rather than in a lump-sum amount.

    Top Textile Stocks in India – Conclusion

    So this is how you can make a wise selection of the Top Textile Stocks in India.

    In the list, we have discussed some of the best names that dominate India’s textile market.

    However, few are engaged in fashion clothing, while others are customer-centric.

    Their textile manufacturing targets the pressing needs of customers. Most are highly profitable, while few are still in the testing phase.

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