Aditya Birla Money Margin Calculator – Calculate Intraday & Delivery Exposure / Leverage

Aditya Birla MoneyAditya Birla Money Margin Calculator is an online tool which will help you calculate Exposure provided by Aditya Birla Money for different segments like Intraday, Delivery, F&O, Currency & Commodity.

With the help of this online tool, you will be able to calculate Aditya Birla Money margin funding & also will be able to calculate the total amount of extra shares that can be bought with the extra leverage provided by the stock broker.


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Aditya Birla Money Exposure Calculator / Aditya Birla Money Leverage Calculator

Below table provides a very decent indication of Margin or Exposure provided by Aditya Birla Money for all segments.

Aditya Birla Money  Exposure / Leverage
DeliveryUpto 5X
IntradayUpto 15X
Equity FuturesUpto 4X
Equity OptionsUpto 8X
Currency FuturesUpto 3X
Currency OptionsUpto 3X
CommoditiesUpto 2X

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    Aditya Birla Money Intraday & Delivery Margin Calculator

    Intraday Margin Calculator has upto 15x exposure & Delivery Exposure Calculator provides upto 5x leverage.

    Aditya Birla Money Commodity & Currency Margin Calculator

    The Commodity Margin Calculator provides upto 2x margin funding while Currency Leverage Calculator provides 3x exposure for Futures & 3x for Options.

    Aditya Birla Money SPAN Margin Calculator for Equity Futures & Options Margin Calculator

    Aditya Birla Money   SPAN Margin Calculator has both Futures & Options. The Equity Futures Exposure is 4x & Equity Options exposure is 8x.

    NOTE: For Delivery, there is a cut-off time of T+7 Days & post that Auto Square-off will apply. Interest Charged on Margin Funding is 18% + GST.

    Aditya Birla Money Margin Calculator FAQs

    Ques – How to use Aditya Birla Money Margin Calculator?

    Answer – The calculator is free to use and is open for anyone who wishes to assess their purchasing power on account of the exposure provided. So, the first step you need to take is, select the segment you are trading in, provide the details of trade and then click on Calculate Margin.

    Ques – What is the Intraday Margin Provided?

    Answer – Intraday is becoming a trend and a lot of investors are turning towards it for frequent return prospects. Hence, the stock brokers provide greatest leverage in this segment, including Aditya Birla. So, the exposure provided here is up to 15x.

    Ques – Is this Margin Calculator Accurate?

    Answer – Yes, there is a high degree of reliability in terms of accuracy. The figures and rates are all embedded into the calculator and it works on the base of the formulas used for commutation. This is the major lead for the accuracy of the calculator.

    Ques – What is the Options Exposure Provided?

    Answer – To invest in the options segment, you are two arenas to explore and both of them have the facility of exposure. The applicable rate of Exposure for the Equity Options segment is up to 8x. On the contrary, the exposure for currency options is 3x.

    Ques – Is this Margin Calculator Beneficial?

    Answer – This tool eases you up a bit, and provides you information regarding your extended purchasing power. Choosing to push through margin facility, you can learn about the exact number of shares that you can purchase, for any segment of investment counted.

    Ques – What are the inputs required in calculation?

    Answer – So that the online tool can do its part of the job, you need to provide three different inputs to it. The inputs you reportedly need are Scrip, available margin, and share price. You need to select the scrip from the list you wish to invest in.

    Ques – What is the Futures Margin Provided?

    Answer – There is an applicable limit for the futures segments as well. While you choose to explore this segment, you can actually avail for 4x margin for the equity futures segment and 3x margin for the currency futures segment in particular.

    Ques – What is the Interest Charged on Margin Funding?

    Answer – The interest rate charging fashion is the same for every trade, irrespective of the transaction. As per the interest charged, you will have to pay 18% + GST of interest for the purpose of availing the loan facility from the stock broker.

    Ques – What is the new pledge rule of SEBI?

    Answer – This new enforcement has been introduced in the month of September 2020. This is to provide utmost transparency in the stock market, where the margin facility is provided only when the trader pledges his/her shares. This is a mandatory aspect.

    Ques – Does exposure changes with Scrip?

    Answer – Each of the scrips have exclusive terms and conditions of purchase. Some have an order or instructions directed towards the traders, where they are not allowed to purchase the shares on the basis of margin, this varies from one scrip to another.


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