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Best Engineering Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Engineering Shares to Buy in India

Share traders can choose the best from numerous Engineering Stocks to buy. These stocks yield good returns, and less risk is involved.

This article will help readers learn about some of the most profitable Engineering Shares to buy at present.

The engineering business is widely used in various sectors of the nation, especially in the core sector.

Over the past few decades, a large number of engineering companies have been established in India, and they are doing great today.

They have a substantial annual turnover and thus, create profitable options for investors.

Top 10 Engineering Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best Engineering Shares to Buy

Engineering stocks are doing great in the share market at present as these companies are working on numerous projects that are helping their business grow.

Engineering Stocks to BuyInvestors get a large number of options to choose from, but they should always opt for the best engineering stocks from them.

It will ensure they are making a wise investment and will earn assured returns in the future. Below in this article, the 10 Best Engineering Stocks to Buy will be discussed in detail.

The Top 10 Engineering Stocks include Siemens, Honeywell Auto, ABB India, AIA Engineering, BHEL, Cummins India, Thermax, Timken India, GMM Pfaudler, Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd. These companies are amongst the big names in the engineering sector and serve a huge client base.

Investors will learn essential details about them that will give them enough reasons to invest in the engineering sector.

Therefore, readers should not miss reading a line written below for making profitable investments in the share market.

Siemens Ltd. – Best Engineering Shares to buy in India

Siemens Ltd. is the highest-trading company in the engineering sector of India at present. It serves a large number of national and international clients with a huge service portfolio.

Currently, this company’s shares are the Best Engineering Shares to buy as they are doing great in the stock market.

Siemens Ltd. has a market capitalization of Rs. 43403.94 crores which is expected to grow in the coming years as the company is expanding its business aggressively. The 52 weeks low of this share was 947.90, whereas the 52 weeks high was 1717.45.

Investors get a dividend of 0.57% by holding the shares of this company. Siemens Ltd. share is perfect for those who can invest a large amount of capital.

Honeywell Automation India Ltd. – Top Engineering Stocks to buy in India

Honeywell Automation India Ltd. shares hold the second position amongst the 10 Best Engineering Stocks to buy.

The company has a market worth of Rs. 28558.12 crores, and its stock’s price is one of the highest in the entire share market.

Honeywell Auto attracts a large number of investors from different corners of the world that is boosting its business effectively.

Its 52 weeks low-high ratio is very impressive and shows the exceptional performance of the company.

The lowest value attained by this share in the past 52 weeks was 20148.60 while the highest value achieved in the same span was 39524.95.

Honeywell Auto shares yield a dividend of 0.23% that is distributed among shareholders according to their holdings.

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ABB India Ltd. – Most Traded Engineering Shares in India

One of the biggest engineering companies in the nation, ABB India Ltd., is also recognized for its services worldwide.

It is one of the Most Traded Engineering Shares in India and is having the net worth of Rs. 19003.94 crores.

This share has come out excellently from its 52 weeks down and has caught up with the momentum gracefully.

The share price is increasing steadily as the company is expanding its portfolio in the international arena.

Its 52 weeks low was 722, whereas the 52 weeks high value was recorded as 1436.13, which is almost double the lower amount.

ABB India Ltd. gives a dividend of 0.54% to every stockholder, which adds to their profit.

AIA Engineering Ltd. – Top 10 Engineering Stocks to buy

AIA Engineering Ltd acquires the fourth position in the list of the Top 10 Engineering Stocks to buy. With a net market worth of Rs. 16435.32 crores, this company is one of the favourites of investors.

Established in 1979, AIA Engineering serves a considerable client base and has contributed a lot of business to the market.

Its 52 weeks low was 1102.20, whereas the 52 weeks high is very pleasant for shareholders as the figure is 1989.95.

This share yields a dividend of 1.55%, and investors get their portion according to the number of shares they hold.

Share market experts bank upon this company on its excellent reputation in the market.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. – Best Engineering Shares in India

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. or BHEL is a public sector engineering and manufacturing company that was incorporated by the Indian government in 1964.

Its share price is relatively low, but the company has never failed to perform exceptionally in the stock market.

Currently, BHEL is one of the Best Engineering Shares to buy as it can yield a high amount of profit with low risk.

The market capitalization of the company is Rs. 13005.51, and it is expanding its horizons efficiently.

In the past 52 weeks, BHEL shares attained the lowest mark of 18.40, whereas the highest value achieved was 61.10. Shareholders earn a dividend of 2.82% from this share.

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Cummins India Ltd. – Top Engineering Shares to buy in India

Cummins India Ltd. is a sister company of the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturer, Cummins Inc., the USA.

It is one of the most reliable and Top Engineering Shares to buy in India as the company has a substantial annual turnover.

Cummins India has a net worth of Rs. 12709.62 crores, and it is a leading diesel and natural gas engine manufacturer in the country.

The 52 weeks low-high ratio shows a considerable amount of fluctuation, indicating that this share has managed to ditch its low phase.

Its 52 weeks high was 652.80 and 52 weeks low was 280. Cummins India Ltd. shares yield a fair amount of revenue of 3.05%.

Thermax Ltd. – Best Engineering Shares to Buy

Established in 1980, Thermax Ltd. is a well-reputed engineering company that serves clients in more than 70 countries around the world.

It holds the seventh position among the 10 Best Engineering Shares to Buy and has a market capitalization of Rs. 8886.68 crores.

Investors trust this share for its outstanding performance in the market. The 52 weeks low was 570, but the company took a giant leap to reach its 52 weeks high of 1181.25.

Thermax Ltd. is expanding its portfolio aggressively, and this denotes that shareholders are having a great future waiting for them.

This share ditches market risks efficiently and yields a dividend of 0.94%.

Timken India Ltd. – Best Engineering Stocks to buy

Timken India Ltd. is a subsidiary of Timken Singapore Pte. Ltd. and has been operating in the Indian market since 1987.

It is the eighth name in the list of the 10 Best Engineering Stocks in India and has a huge market capitalization of Rs. 8226.30 crores.

The 52 weeks low witnessed by Timken India shares was 639.05, whereas the 52 weeks high was 1228.80.

It shows that this share has recovered from its low phase and has caught the upward momentum.

Timken India shares yield a fair amount of dividend that is 4.47%. Investors looking for a reliable investment instrument in the engineering sector can try their luck with this share.

GMM Pfaudler Ltd. – Top Engineering Stocks to buy in India

GMM Pfaudler Ltd. was incorporated in 1962, and it is one of the top suppliers of critical process machinery.

Its clients are chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers that are scattered all across the country and the world.

GMM Pfaudler has a market capitalization of Rs. 8217.08 crores and is one of the Top Engineering Stocks in India. This share has bounced back exceptionally from its 52 weeks low and achieved a record value.

The lowest price in the last 52 weeks was 1316.20 while the highest value went up to 6900, which is almost six times the former. This share yields a dividend of 0.09%.

Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd. – Engineering Stocks to buy

The final name in the list of the Top 10 Engineering Stocks to buy is of the leading solar EPC and O&M service provider, Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd. Its net worth is Rs. 4393.86 crores, and the company is expanding its service portfolio robustly.

The 52 weeks low was 69.70, while the 52 weeks high showed a massive hike of almost ten times and reached the price of 664.85.

Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd. shares are traded in huge volumes every day, and the cost of one unit is on the lower side, which makes it highly affordable.

Engineering Stocks to Buy – Conclusion

Readers can acquire a lot of ideas about the best Engineering Shares to buy after going through this article thoroughly.

They will get to learn about the market worth of these companies, along with the highest and lowest values attended in the last 52 weeks.

It will help investors in choosing the most profitable Engineering Stocks to buy at present.

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