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Here in this article, you will find an overview of Nayara Energy’s unlisted shares / Pre IPO shares. Check their future valuation and as well as Nayara Energy Limited’s current stand value in the market to help you make your decision on the company’s pre IPO stock trading.

Accounting PracticeClean
Financial SolvencyExceed Expectations with the present round of Fundings
Business GrowthOutstanding
Market PositionDominant leader
Overall Rating5 Star

Nayara Energy Unlisted Share – Review

Oil refineries substitute as a major part of a country’s economy. When we talk about Arab countries, it’s to everyone’s knowledge that the countries are flourishing given their excellent oil resources. Nayara energy limited is one of the largest oil refineries in the country.

The company which was earlier known as Essar oil operates a very gigantic operation in vadinar of Gujarat. When we are talking about Nayara energy limited we are considering a refinery that works on a scale that constitutes approx 8% of India’s refining capacity. Nayara energy limited is the second-largest single-site, state-of-the-art refinery in the country.

Reg DateNA
SectorOil Industry
Current PriceRs.139
Total IncomeRs.100313.2 Cr
Market CapitalRs 38094.55 Cr.
Profit after TaxRs.761.80Cr
Total sharesNA

The company is situated at just the right location. Nayara energy limited is operating from the west coast of India. The company’s line of operation due to their situation in the west cost benefits very close proximity to the Middle East and the continent of Africa.

Nayara energy limited takes vivacious benefit of its situation on the west coast as it provides remuneration in high consumption as well as better export.

Nayara energy limited’s impression of the Indian economy is also very impressive. The company has around 5,600 retail stations just across India which functions thoroughly.  Thus, in this very framework, we are undoubtedly talking about the most profitable IPOs and unlisted shares.

Further in the article, we are introducing our readers to the different data types of the country which will indeed broaden their current knowledge about – Nayara energy limited.

Nayara Energy Unlisted Share – Evaluation

Nayara energy limited is very well known in the Indian region of its operation line, the company not only exports majorly to the African continent but also to the Middle East.

Diving further into the Nayara energy limited inner structure, the company is partially owned by foreign investors as well. Charles Anthony fountain is the executive chairman of the company while Deepak Kapoor is the independent director of Nayara energy limited.

Thanks to an unsaturated segment of the directorial board of Nayara energy limited, the company enjoys a very good foreign as well as domestic reputation.

Intrinsic ValueNA
Total EquityNA
Total RevenueRs.85652.70 Cr
Return on Equity29.79%
Face ValueRs.10
Basic EPS Rs.10.24
Dividend YieldNA
Earnings YieldNA
P/E Ratio25.65
Capital Adequacy RatioNA

Nayara energy limited is generating better revenues compared to the records of the company. Noting down the accurate numeral data of the company.

Nayara energy limited has a revenue of around 74,923 (all figures INR in crores) which in the financial year 2017-18 reached INR 86,692, while the newest data of the company regarding the revenue collection is INR 100,313. Thus, presenting our readers with nothing but the most transparent and raw data type, it’s pretty clear that the company is reaching up major mountains in this sector called – profitability.

In addition to which, the company is taken care of by businessmen of various experience and leadership in the industry, given which Nayara energy limited comes out those companies whose account practices can be vouched for.

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    About Nayara Energy Limited

    The Indian economy is filled with various kinds of small-scale businesses. Thanks to our enormously huge population India today is a major hub of startups.

    However, Nayara energy limited is no new name in the Indian economy, the company first placed its foot in the country in the year 1989. Thus, it’s to no surprise that Nayara energy limited is India’s second single-site industry and owns as many as 5,600 retail stations all over the country.

    The company is unique and rich with ideas in its own new ways. Nayara energy limited follows a very systemic approach towards health and also keeping the environment and quality conditions safe (HSEQ).

    The refinery is much known for its innovative thinking and up to ark planning where it enables it to supply safe and reliable operations before the schedule. The company also recently shook hands with Spencer Stuart for a culture survey in order to make their workplace safer, thus, the company ensures excellent deliverance and a healthy workspace.

    Nayara energy limited which was previously known as the Essar Oils just recently changed their corporate me to nayara energy.

    For the company that is a resemblance of their extreme dedication towards the industry and creating better leaders for today and tomorrow.

    Nayara Energy Unlisted Share – Products/Services

    The company takes extreme pride in its advanced refineries which are one of the finest in the country. Nayara energy limited‘s global supply of its products grew up to 0.5 million BPD year-over-year. The company takes care of oil production and exporting, from its parent country India to various continents.

    Nayara energy limited is primarily engaged in the commerce of refining crude oil, marketing of petroleum products (in the domestic as well as overseas markets).

    The company also excels in providing port and terminal services to the company’s very own refineries.

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    Nayara Energy Financial Unlisted Share – Current Asset Count

    Nayara energy limited is majorly working on reducing the profit after losses. The company is expanding the business, along with which also making considerable advancements in the sector of revenue enhancement.

    Counting the asset tally of the Nayara energy limited in the past three years –

    The company can be seen making good changes and upgrades in their revenue sector when we talk from the year 2016 to the year 2018.

    The financial year 2016-17 experienced a revenue collection of INR 74,923 crores while the profit/loss before tax remained at (1,818) and the earning per share subsided to (8.92). However, talking about the year 2017-18, the revenue collection stood up to a value of INR 86,692 crores.

    It was until the year 2018-19 when the company started seeing a major increase in the count when the revenue charts went up and counted a digit up to– INR 100,313 crores.

    Nayara Energy – Planned Investments

    Nayara energy limited’s foreign side of the directorial department has been very useful when it comes to maintaining the company’s image overseas. The company is leaving major footprints in the neighboring countries of India such as Russia.

    The company has been receiving major investments or say funding from developed countries which resultant in a better and wider expansion of the – Nayara energy limited.

    The Rosneft along with an investment association which majorly includes the international commodity trading firm Trafigura and Russia’s investment fund capital bought around a stake of 49.13% from Nayara energy limited.

    Thus, the following resultant in Nayara Energy Limited’s major impression over strong countries like Russia. Following investment didn’t only bring $12.9 billion to the company’s original stakeholders but also gave the company a new land to work on and new seas to sail on.

    The company then experienced enormous consumption and started supplying globally with even greater force.

    The Essar oil owning to foreign involvement in the company changed its name to the Nayara energy limited, which means Naya (new) from Hindi and Era from English.

    Nayara Energy – Sector & Revenue Status

    The company’s sector revenue status has been very positive. Nayara energy limited is very smart in its ways of operations as they recently had an expansion in Russia and allowed the company to export over new lands.

    However, as a result, to which the revenue status looks very pleasant and profitable.

    In order to gather the entire information in form of numeral data, the company had a total income of around INR74,923 crores in the financial year 2016-17 while the revenue collection went up to somewhere around INR 100,313 crores.

    Thus, Nayara energy limited have very promising digits in the company’s revenue collection sector.

    Nayara Energy – Various Divisions & Subordinate

    The company is India’s one of the finest oil refineries on which the nation takes extreme pride in. Nayara energy limited is considered to be very modern and complex and thus the company’s nelson complexity came to an index of around 11.8.

    However, Nayara energy limited also has the vision to deliver crude to chemicals which showcases the company’s will to expand the business. Nevertheless, Nayara energy limited already has various sub-divisions in the country.

    The company has over 5,600 plus retail stations in India, working more efficiently with each passing day.

    Nayara Energy Pre IPO Industry at a glance  

    Nayara energy limited in today’s date is a global industry that is geared to expand to a petrochemical business soon.

    When we state something like this we mean the IPO or the unlisted shares of the company are a very fortunate and profitable thought to ponder upon.

    Although, it’s very likely that once Nayara energy limited becomes a petrochemical business, it will be meeting the key needs of the nation, and soon the export in which will be all set to take place with full efficiency. Thus, Nayara energy limited promises a very lucrative experience in the pr IPOs and unlisted shares.

    Nayara Energy – Enterprise Potential

    Nayara energy limited industries enterprise potency can very well be examined from the company’s growing revenue collection and the company’s lucrative increase in the share price, post the investment by a major Russian MNC.

    However, Nayara energy limited expansion to the petrochemical business is also very hopeful and carries significant potential.

    Nayara Energy Unlisted Shares – Overall Counsel


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      Nayara Energy Stocks – Financial Statement

      Nayara energy limited are detailed and easy to comprehend financial statements as follows –

      1. Revenue from the operation has increased. The year 2018-19 recorded revenue of INR 987,129 million, which was around INR 855,618 million in the previous year. The increment is small but significant.
      2. Total revenue including other income came down to a value of INR 1,004,316 million, which was previously only INR 867,704 million.

      The financials of the company showcase steady and consistent growth and a very promising future for Nayara energy limited.

      Nayara Energy – Company Address

      The current registered office of Nayara Energy is:

      Reg OfficeKhambhalia Post, P O Box 24, Dist. Devbhumi, Dwarka – 361305, Gujarat, India
      WebsiteNayara Energy Website Link

      Nayara Energy – Managerial Personnel

      Below are the current key managerial personnel of the company:

      • Charles Anthony, (Executive Chairman)
      • Didier Casimiro, (Non Executive Director)
      • Jonathank Kollek, (Non-Executive Director)
      • Deepak Kapoor, (Independent Director)
      • Nainalal Kidwai, (Independent Director)
      • Alexey Karavaykin, (Non-Executive Director)
      • C Manoharan, (Director)

      Nayara Energy – Annual Report Links

      Please check the annual report insights for the below given financial years:

      FY 2021-22Nayara Energy Annual Report 2021-22
      FY 2020-21Nayara Energy Annual Report 2020-21

      Nayara Energy Unlisted or Pre IPO Share

      FAQ on Nayara Energy Unlisted Share

      Can I buy Nayara Energy Pre IPO shares?

      You can choose to go get in touch with your stock broker or local bankers regarding Unlisted shares investment. If you are enthusiastic about investing in Nayara Energy shares that are not listed in centralized exchanges, you sure can buy them via other intermediaries.

      Is Nayara Energy Pre-IPO investing good?

      Strategic form of investment alike listed shares investment is crucial. Herein, you need to check for the company’s financials and keep a frequent check on its news and recent changes. We would also provide you a heads-up on the same by giving you the best price of companies’ unlisted shares. Check Snapshot, Company reputation, Industry Experience, management performance, and more.

      How do I buy Nayara Energy unlisted shares?

      There are multiple ways in which you can take a buying step of Nayara Energy Pre-IPO Stock. Search for the brokers and dealers who deal in the Over-The-Counter market. Get in touch with Top10stockbroker or visit the website to check for the latest Deals. Furthermore, you can Fill-up the contact form with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      How do you value Nayara Energy pre-IPO stocks?

      One of the multiple Nayara Energy Pre-IPO Shares valuation methods is finding the FMV or Fair Market Value. You can use the discounted cash flow method or the book value method to encounter a close to the value of the stocks. Furthermore, you can attempt a comparative analysis of the said shares from multiple stock broker’s websites.

      How do I sell Nayara Energy unlisted shares?

      The process and intermediaries to sell Nayara Energy Unlisted Shares are the same as buying. You can get in touch with your financial intermediary and place a sell order request. This will follow up with a price negotiation process, which is time taking, post which an agreement can be reached. This is when the sell order would actually be executed.

      Which is the best platform to buy/sell Nayara Energy unlisted shares?

      We at Top10stockbroker.com provide you the feasibility of buying and selling unlisted shares. It is the perfect hub for dealing in Nayara Energy Unlisted Shares, which lets you connect with the right buyer or seller. As per an in-depth comparison with other websites, you would most likely find low and affordable investment options with us.

      How to sell Nayara Energy unlisted stocks?

      If you are Employees /ex-employees holding the shares, investors/promoters of the Nayara Energy Company,  the stock exchange dealers, or any third party holding the unlisted shares. You can choose our platform to sell the Nayara Energy Unlisted Equity Shares at a price range favorable for you. Negotiation is a part of the process.

      Can an NRI buy Nayara Energy unlisted shares?

      Yes, there is complete relaxation for an NRI for investing in Nayara Energy Unlisted Shares. NRIs can invest in the unlisted shares like resident individuals, but they have to go for a non-repatriable basis. In the case of willingness to opt for a repatriable basis, there is a condition of reporting to RBI.

      Why do investors buy unlisted shares?

      Unlisted shares are also referred to as Hidden Gems. It is on account of the profit-making potential they contain since investors become part of the company growth. They can fetch investors exponential returns, without having to comply with SEBI Regulations. Other perks are No STT and lower stockbroking charges.

      Who sells unlisted or Pre-IPO shares?

      Existing shareholders are the perfect medium to buy unlisted shares. They include parties such as Employees, Ex-employees, CEO, Promoters, Private Equity investors, and more. You can get in touch with them and other financial intermediaries through our website Top10stockbroker.com.

      How long one should hold to see gains in unlisted shares?

      The minimum time limit deemed as likely for exponential gains is 3 years. Accordingly, investors must invest in shares for provided permissible limit for the minimum front. For extended returns, investors can wait for the company to actually go public and grow beyond, the saturation point.

      How much ROI to expect from unlisted /Pre-IPO shares?

      The ROI is not stagnant or similar for each company. It differs on the basis of Line of business, investment period, managerial capability, and the buying price of the shares. Generally, though there is no guarantee of return on investment, 25% p.a. can be deemed as the likely return.

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