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This article gives you an overview of Anand Rathi Wealth Services unlisted shares / Pre IPO shares. When the topic of Unlisted Shares arises the concept and company financials can be very vivid and muddy to understand.

However, Anand Rathi is a name that is not just the talk of the town but also remotely manages many services.

We take into note the entire responsibility to present our readers with the unlisted shares capital gain or the pre-IPO shares of the company.

The given article gives you an in-depth insight into the company’s previous unlisted share details as well as brings into light the current pre-IPO share split.

Management Trustworthy
Accounting Practice Clean
Profitability Outstanding
Financial Solvency Well Funded
Business Growth Outstanding
Valuation Overvalued
Market Position Dominant leader
Overall Rating 5 Star
Recommendation Buy

In short, our article is curated taking into note the financial fact check and as well as the pre IPO share list of the company, providing you nothing but the most insightful and latest information about the same.

Anand Rathi Wealth Services Unlisted Share – Review

Reg Date 22nd March, 1995
ISIN INE463V01026
Sector Financial Services
 Sub-Sector Pre IPO
Current Price Rs. 750
Total Income Rs. 336 Cr
Market Capital Rs. 2,027 Cr
Profit after Tax Rs. 61 Cr.
Total shares 2.7 Cr.

Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is one the very strong-rooted companies which are today operating our country.

Generally, Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd along with few others makes the hierarchy of the industry. Single-handedly represents India in the financial grounds as well as holds major power over stock brokers.

When we talk about a company of that status, it’s very important to notch an eye over the company’s administration which however the backs bone of any company. The administration of the Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd has been critically evaluated by many evaluators of status and knowledge, however, we vote the company’s administration a major 4 out of 5.

The management at Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is not only smooth but also clean and dependable; giving clients that one corner they can trust on.

Anand Rathi Wealth Services – Evaluation

Intrinsic Value Rs. 661
Total Equity Rs. 197 Cr.
Total Revenue Rs. 336 Cr
Return on Equity 36.60%
CFO Rs. 160 Cr
Face Value Rs.5
Basic EPS  Rs. 23
Dividend Yield NA
D/E 12.60%
Earnings Yield 3.00%
P/E Ratio 33.1
EBITDA Rs.111.49 Cr
EV / EBITDA 35.4
Capital Adequacy Ratio NA

While Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd has been in the public eye for a long year now their business practices have been anything but a private affair.

The company is known and praised for having such a clean and principled set of regulations which individually put a lot of value to the company’s reliable name.

However, the end goal of any company sides with the profit-building which the company has been making.

Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is a few of those groups which despite the downfall of the market or the financial industry do not compromise with their profit-building, the company has strong sponsors as well as concrete business plans to help them score the dream turnovers every quarter.

The growth of the company has been a major factor in upgrading their Pre IPO shares’ market price.

The company experienced major growth every year both in terms of turnover as well as a business valuation which causes a major hike and buys in their unlisted shares.

This makes Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd’s pre-IPO those few profitable unlisted shares one can blindly count on.

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    About Anand Rathi Wealth Services

    The company profoundly follows the market enters wait and watch mode for their IPOs, which was declared in one of the press releases.

    The company has also filed draft papers with the market regulator SEBI towards the very end of September 2018, when the market was seemingly in good condition and was full of opportunities.

    However, the company in an official statement briefly hinted towards exploring the IPO at a later stage or different year.

    While it is well known in everyone’s interest that Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is a few of those extremely powerful non-bank wealth management services industries in India.

    It’s to the company’s extreme interest to ensure a healthy client-to-company relationship, with vouching to that the company has often widened their horizons on the subject of catering services.

    The company also serves its customers with HNI as well as ultra HNI taking into note various services ranging from personal services to advisory to technology.

    As of the count of the year 2019, the company’s active count list goes to several 4208.

    And this not just favors the company’s claims of delivering excellent services but also sides with the fact that Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is a trusted and reliable group.

    Anand Rathi Wealth Unlisted Share – Products/Services

    Talking about the HNI and the Ultra HNI services which the company delivers to the clients through one of their widely established platforms, which also includes various revenue generation activities.

    The company undertakes the careful distribution of mutual funds along with taking care of the sale of financial products.

    Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is also best known for its in-house team of experts which are best recognized to deliver investment advisory to the client family of the company.

    While the company has multiple platforms to achieve what the company claims about, for wealth management they have newly introduced the Digital platform which delivers discreet and integrated wealth managements by careful use of technology.

    Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is one of those few ventures.

    It runs hand in hand with modern technology and has learned to use it in a way that massively benefits the financial sector.

    The digital wealth management software or platform works tremendously well.

    This helps the clients to kick-start the process of structuring long-standing wealth via either desktop or mobile.

    One other platform which was formulated under the Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd and is deeply intact with modern-day technology is – Omni Financial Advisors.

    The company brought OFA into use when they realized various businesses need growth. For that to be done in the most effortless and sleek way the OFA came into the picture.

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    Anand Rathi Wealth Unlisted Share – Current Asset Count

    Taking into note the huge clientele base which Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd has achieved over the years, the company is largely benefited with an appreciable asset count under them.

    Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd serves more than 5000 clients as of the year 2020, which not just strengthens the company’s regularity to attaining constantly profitable turnovers.

    It also increases their client asset which is directly proportional to building the AUM or the Asset under Management.

    The company’s asset count in the year 2018 remained around Rs 15489 Crores which quickly gained a massive hike and by the year 2019, the asset count reached a value of Rs 18121 crores.

    The increased asset counted directly affected on few of the major things of the company, one of which remained the team size of the company.

    The company experienced again in the employees.

    Compared to the year 2018 where there were 392 serving bodies in the Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd, it increased to 572 in the year 2019.

    However going by the revenue breakdown of the company, it is pretty clear that around a major of 51.80% of the revenue of the company has been a result of sales of financial products.

    While Anand Rathi Wealth Services 37.60% revenue has been coming from the mutual distribution income and the advisory fees constitute around 2.2% of the total revenue.

    The rest left percentage of the revenue has been a result of derivative transactions.

    Anand Rathi Wealth Services – Planned Investments

    Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd caters to the financial needs of the clients in form of their specially designed investment techniques which follow the objective of investing in the bigger and promising business of the country to attain a long-term profit.

    However, the planned investment structure which the company follows can be gathered only through their officials or through the official website of the Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd.

    Anand Rathi Wealth – Sector & Revenue Status

    Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd companies have seen their most financial year in the year 2018-19.

    The company experienced major growth in that financial year, not just in form of the total turnover or asset under management.

    Quoting the financial advancements of the year 2018-19 the total income is around Rs. 284.10 crore as against Rs 223.71 crore in the previous year. This growth in the turnover showcases an excellent growth of around 26.99%.

    While Anand Rathi Wealth has been asserting its dominance in various sectors of the financial needs. Quoting a few of the company’s platforms or sectors where they specialize in providing services –

    • Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd excels in delivering its trademark service in private wealth management.
    • The company has also been splendidly delivering top-notch service in Digital Wealth Management.
    • Omni Financial Advisors has also been the company’s few of the most encouraged and appreciated services of the company in delivering unmatched service to help client business grow.

    Taking into note Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd’s CAGR, counting from the last three years the company has been experiencing a growth of around 16.35% in their CAGR.

    The company has a higher ROCE ratio, taking into quote the Anand Rathi Wealth Services  ROCE ratio which happens to be around 64.70% while the industry average ratio for the ROCE is around 23.69%. Thus demonstrating a clear picture about outshining their competitors.

    Anand Rathi – Various Divisions & Subordinate

    We can quote around three divisions under Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd which can also be counted as companies’ three platforms that help in catering various distinguished services to serve better to clients needing different services.

    The three main subordinate or platforms which the company sees are –

    1. Digital wealth supervision
    2. Private wealth supervision
    3. Omni Financial Advisors

    Owning to all the three platforms in which Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd delivers services with regards, the company has won several awards for the same – Best wealth manager India in the year 2019 as well as also the best wealth manager India by capital finance international.

    Anand Rathi Wealth Pre IPO Industry at a glance  

    While wealth management is nothing but having a second person who helps an individual in continuous investment – advisory. Giving various priceless financial planning and advisory and also helping an individual in investment portfolio management.

    It thus becomes very important to have an expert to help one in every step of their financial planning. Take the most of the benefit out of the various tax deductions or the current investments.

    This company is one of those few health management companies in India that caters to clients with various mass affluent as well as HNI and Ultra HNI through taking various solutions in the note such as technology and Robo advisory.

    Taking into note India’s long-term economic forecast with rising income levels more and more families and individuals now are opting to have an expert by their side to help them with the modern-day investment scenario.

    Going by the numerical data, the aggregate wealth held by Indians is expected to grow at a rate of 27% in the next five years, thus ensuring a healthy and good market for wealth management industries for various companies like Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd.

    Anand Rathi Wealth Services – Enterprise Potential

    What makes Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd the strong and concrete business which they are is because of several factors. Taking into count the numerous awards the company has achieved, which directly uplifts the company’s reputation and public persona.

    • London ranked 34 in India’s great mid-size workplaces 2017 by the HT Media Ltd
    • Best wealth manager India 2019
    • Best wealth manager India by capital finance international.

    What other things showcase the strength of the company is the ROE ratio of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd. The company’s ROE ratio is around 43.76% while the industry average is only 23.12%. Apart from these things taking into note the other income of the company which has increased by Rs 20.67 Million to 23.13 INR million, showcasing an increase of 840.24%.

    Anand Rathi Wealth – Overall Counsel

    Productivity – positive

    In service Effectiveness – growing at a healthy and effective rate every year

    Operating Margin –excellently climbing new heights

    Overall Turnover Margin –better than the competition

    Assets Competence Proportion – Exceptionally positive

    Gross NPA and Net NPA – Dazzling

    Aggregate Revenue – Very Positive

    Operating Turnover –superior

    Profit after Tax – Encouraging

    Book Value –Stands up to the expectations

    Competitive Peers and Their Valuation – Affirmative

    P/B Ratio –appreciable

    EV / EBITDA –Advantageous

    ROE – Exponentially well

    ROA –on a positive side

    Capital Adequacy Ratio – Superior

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      Anand Rathi Wealth Services Stocks – Financial Statement

      To cover this sector of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd, we are quoting the company’s – balance sheet and profit & loss statement.

      Balance Sheet

      1. While quoting the balance sheet we can very rightfully take into note the PE ratio of the company. Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd has recorded to have a higher PE ratio when compared to the industry average altogether.
      2. The ROCE ratio of the industry average remains to be 23.69% while that of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is around 64.70%.
      3. The following ratios or the factors not just depict the performance or the financial standing of the company but also throw light on the performance of the company against the competition.

      Profit and loss statements

      1. The Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd has higher sales as well as higher profit CAGR (counting from the last 3 years). Companies 633.47% of the sales and 621/70% of the profit percentage have been a trademark example for various competitions about how success and profit look like.

      Anand Rathi Wealth Services – Company Address

      The current registered office of Anand Rathi Wealth Services is:

      Reg Office 4th Floor, Silver Metropolis, Jai Coach Compound, Opposite Bimbisar Nagar, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400063
      Website Anand Rathi Wealth Services Website Link

      Anand Rathi Wealth Services – Managerial Personnel

      Below are the current key managerial personnel of the company:

      • Mr. Amit Anand Rathi, Director.
      • Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Director.
      • Rakesh Rawal, Director.

      Anand Rathi Wealth Services Unlisted Share – Conclusion

      To depict the exact and most simply understandable cash flow of the company, we are taking into count the profit before tax of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd from the year 2016 to 2019.

      The company recorded a profit before tax of INR 19.36 lakhs in 2016 which increased to INR 54.2 lakhs in 2017 which then accelerated to a massive of 6,730.26 in the year 2018 further in the year 2019 the company recorded a profit before tax of INR 8,425.15 lakhs.

      Anand Rathi Wealth Services – Annual Report Links

      FY 2021-22 Anand Rathi Annual Report 2021-22
      FY 2020-21 Anand Rathi Annual Report 2020-21


      Anand Rathi Wealth Services Unlisted or Pre IPO Share

      FAQ on Anand Rathi Wealth Services Unlisted Share

      Can I buy Anand Rathi Wealth Services Pre IPO shares?

      You can choose to go get in touch with your stock broker or local bankers regarding Unlisted shares investment.

      If you are enthusiastic about investing in Anand Rathi Wealth Services shares that are not listed in centralized exchanges, you sure can buy them via other intermediaries.

      Is Anand Rathi Wealth Pre-IPO investing good?

      Strategic form of investment alike listed shares investment is crucial. Herein, you need to check for the company’s financials and keep a frequent check on its news and recent changes. We would also provide you a heads-up on the same by giving you the best price of companies’ unlisted shares. Check Snapshot, Company reputation, Industry Experience, management performance, and more.

      How do I buy Anand Rathi Wealth unlisted shares?

      There are multiple ways in which you can take a buying step of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Pre-IPO Stock. Search for the brokers and dealers who deal in the Over-The-Counter market. Get in touch with Top10stockbroker or visit the website to check for the latest Deals.

      Furthermore, you can Fill-up the contact form with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      How do you value Anand Rathi Wealth pre-IPO stocks?

      One of the multiple Anand Rathi Wealth Services Pre-IPO Shares valuation methods is finding the FMV or Fair Market Value.

      You can use the discounted cash flow method or the book value method to encounter a close to the value of the stocks. Furthermore, you can attempt a comparative analysis of the said shares from multiple stock broker’s websites.

      How do I sell Anand Rathi Wealth unlisted shares?

      The process and intermediaries to sell Anand Rathi Wealth Services Unlisted Shares is the same as buying. You can get in touch with your financial intermediary and place a sell order request. This will follow up with a price negotiation process, which is time taking, post which an agreement can be reached. This is when the sell order would actually be executed.

      Which is the best platform to buy/sell Anand Rathi Wealth’s unlisted shares?

      We at Top10stockbroker.com provide you the feasibility of buying and selling unlisted shares.

      It is the perfect hub for dealing in Anand Rathi Wealth Services Unlisted Shares, which lets you connect with the right buyer or seller. As per an in-depth comparison with other websites, you would most likely find low and affordable investment options with us.

      How to sell Anand Rathi Wealth Services unlisted stocks?

      If you are Employees /ex-employees holding the shares, investors/promoters of the Anand Rathi Wealth Services Company,  the stock exchange dealers, or any third party holding the unlisted shares.

      You can choose our platform to sell the Anand Rathi Wealth Services Unlisted Equity Shares at a price range favorable for you. Negotiation is a part of the process.

      Can an NRI buy Anand Rathi Wealth Services unlisted shares?

      Yes, there is complete relaxation for an NRI for investing in Anand Rathi Wealth Services Unlisted Shares. NRIs can invest in the unlisted shares like resident individuals, but they have to go for a non-repatriable basis. In the case of willingness to opt for a repatriable basis, there is a condition of reporting to RBI.

      Why do investors buy unlisted shares?

      Unlisted shares are like Hidden Gems. It is on account of the profit-making potential they contain since investors become part of the company growth. They can fetch investors exponential returns, without having to comply with SEBI Regulations. Other perks are No STT and lower stockbroking charges.

      Who sells unlisted or Pre-IPO shares?

      Existing shareholders are the perfect medium to buy unlisted shares. They include parties such as Employees, Ex-employees, CEO, Promoters, Private Equity investors, and more. You can get in touch with them and other financial intermediaries through our website Top10stockbroker.com.

      How long one should hold to see gains in unlisted shares?

      The minimum time limit deemed as likely for exponential gains is 3 years. Accordingly, investors must invest in shares for provided permissible limit for the minimum front. For extended returns, investors can wait for the company to actually go public and grow beyond, the saturation point.

      How much ROI to expect from unlisted /Pre-IPO shares?

      The ROI is not stagnant or similar for each company. It differs based on the Line of business, investment period, managerial capability, and the buying price of the shares. Generally, though there is no guarantee of return on investment, 25% p.a. can be deemed as the likely return.

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