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For any brokerage house, their trading services, are one of the most important services. Dhan offers one of the best possible trading services and trading account charges which are very pocket-friendly.

In this article, you will read about the different Dhan trading services, different trading platforms the broker provides, and a lot more.

The article will also help you understand the different charges that are levied for trading services offered by the brokerage house.

Apart from these, we will discuss the other charges related to trading and brokerage as well. So, this article is going to be a complete guide on different aspects of trading and services offered by Dhan.

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Dhan Trading and Benefits

There are a huge number of benefits that you can avail yourself of if you are trading with Dhan. As a brokerage house, it provides the following trading services and benefits associated with it –

  • Dhan offers trading and other services for its clients like a discount brokerage house, which it is actually as it offers all services and investment products. However, it charges like a discount broker and that is where the main benefit comes in.
  • Trading account charges or the brokerage charges levied by Dhan are very pocket-friendly and easy to understand as it has a flat-fee brokerage for options trading and futures and intraday, it is least of Rs. 20 or 0.03% of the order value. So, there is nothing more you need to calculate and bang your head-on.
  • Multiple research reports, annual reports, fundamental reports, and then daily, weekly and monthly reviews of market and IPO reviews and updates are shared with the Dhan’s clients. This suggests that the company is providing the best research and advisory services.

More About Dhan Trading

  • Trading platforms are another main attraction of Dhan’s. It offers multiple platforms – one for the mobile, one for desktop, web trading, one for options trading, and others. Then you assess the Dhan HQ with which you can build your trading strategies and platform with API tools and trade.
  • It has more than 18 branches as of now and it is just 1 year old, yes Dhan was established in 2021 and became the Best Trading Account in India
  • You get to trade equities, commodities, currencies, futures and options, and other financial instruments.
  • Last but not the least, the Trading account offered by Dhan comes free of cost. Yes, there is no account opening charges, no account maintenance charges.
  • With demat and trading account of Dhan, you can invest in any type of security easily. Explore the account opening process of Dhan with Dhan Review.

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    Dhan Trading Charges

    Other Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges 0.0001% of the turnover
    STT Equity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell side
    Stamp Duty (On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.002% (MCX)
    GST 18% on brokerage + transaction charges
    Margin Funding Charges Not required
    Reactivation Charges NA
    Account Closure Charges NIL
    Dematerialisation Charges NA
    Pledge Charges Rs 12.5 / transaction / ISIN + GST. Involves all requests including creation, closure and invocation.
    Platform Charges Rs 0 platform charges.
    Auto-Square Off Charges Rs 20 / order + GST. For intraday order automatically squared by our team before market closure.
    Call & Trade Rs 50 / order + GST. For every order placed through our trade desk.
    DP (Depository Participant) Charges Rs 12.50 / order + GST. For every delivery sell order per scrip on a given day for any quantity.
    Payment Gateway Rs 0 charges on UPI payments & net banking.

    Other Charges

    DhanDhan trading charges include statutory charges, and additional charges apart from the brokerage and transaction charges.

    As you can see the charges above, are additional charges which are levied for certain trading services that you avail.

    The statutory charges are mandatory and paid to the government bodies, and SEBI, and they are explained below –

    • SEBI Turnover charges are the charge that needs to be paid to the SEBI, the regulator of the stock market. It is .0.0001%.
    • Then comes the STT or Securities Transaction Tax. It varies from one segment of assets to another. As you can see in the table given above, the STT for equity intraday is 0.025% on the sell-side of the trade. For the equity futures, it is 0.01%, and for equity options, it is 0.05%, both on the sell-side. For commodities, it is 0.01% on futures on the sell-side (non-Agri) and for commodity options, it is 0.05%. The STT is charged on the premium of options.
    • Stamp duty is levied as per asset category again. For delivery trades, it is 0.015%, 0.003% for the intraday, equity futures, it is 0.002%, and others.
    • GST as usual 18% on the brokerage amount plus transaction charges.

    Apart from these, the charges that are mentioned in the table above are for additional trading services. For instance, if you pledge securities, or unpledged them, you have to pay Rs. 12.5 per transaction per ISIN.

    Similarly, for call& trade, it is Rs. 50 per order plus GST. So, these charges will be levied only when you avail of the trading surfaces.

    To know more in detail, also check Dhan Brokerage Charges.

    Similar Trading Accounts you may also Like

    Dhan Delivery Trading

    Dhan Delivery Charges
    Equity Delivery Zero

    You do not need to pay any brokerage charge for Dhan Delivery Trading. The delivery trading in the equity segment is free.

    Dhan Intraday Trading

    Dhan Intraday Charges
    Equity Intraday Rs 20 or 0.03% per executed order
    whichever is lower

    For intraday trading services, you need to pay a brokerage of the least amount between Rs. 20 or 0.03% on the order value for the order executed.

    So, the maximum brokerage here can be Rs. 20 only irrespective of the volume traded.

    Dhan Option Trading

    Dhan Option Charges
    Equity Options Rs 20 per executed order

    For options trading, Dhan offers a facility at Rs. 20 per executed order. This means, the number of lots in an order can be any, and irrespective of that the brokerage will be Rs. 20 per executed order. This is highly beneficial for the bulk traders.

    Dhan Futures Trading

    Dhan Futures Charges
    Equity Futures Rs 20 per executed order or 0.03%
    per executed order, whichever is lower

    Similar to intraday trading charges, the equity futures trading facility attracts a brokerage amount of Rs. 20 or 0.03% whichever is less for each order.

    Dhan Currency Trading

    Dhan Currency Charges
    Currency Option Rs 20 per executed order
    Currency Futures Rs 20 per executed order or 0.03%
    per executed order, whichever is lower

    As you can see in currency trading, the brokerage on currency options is Rs. 20 per executed order like an equity option. While currency futures are charged like intraday and equity futures trades, Rs. 20 or 0.03% whichever is lower.

    Dhan Commodity Trading

    Dhan Commodity Charges
    Commodity Option Rs 20 per executed order
    Commodity Futures Rs 20 per executed order or 0.03%
    per executed order, whichever is lower

    For trading commodities on the Dhan platform, you need to pay Rs. 20 for commodity options, while the least of Rs. 20 or 0.03% for commodity futures.

    Dhan Online Trading Process

    To start Dhan Online Trading, you need to follow the process mentioned below –

    Open an account with Dhan

    The first step to start trading online with Dhan is account opening. You need to open Demat and trading account with Dhan by following these below-mentioned steps –

    1. Click on the “Open Demat Account” option here on this article, and a form will form up on your screen
    2. Then fill out the pop-up form and wait for the Dhan executives to call you.
    3. Once they call, they will ask you to upload certain documents like PAN, AADHAAR, Bank statement, Photograph, and income proof.
    4. Once the verification is done and your application is approved, you will see the welcome mail in your email account with the login credentials of the trading account.


    1. Using the login credentials received, you need to login to the Dhan website
    2. From the website, you need to download the trading platforms.

    Downloading and setting up trading platforms

    1. For a desktop trading platform, download or open the software. For mobile trading platforms, you can download from Google Playstore or App Store.
    2. Then you need to create the market watchlist by adding the stock scrips you want to track and trade. You can modify the same whenever necessary.
    3. Once you have created the market watchlist, you can start trading.

    Online Trading

    1. For buying or selling any stock, you first need to select the scrip. For that, you need to click on the scrip of stock.
    2. You will see the BUY or SELL option at the side of the windows that open, or you can also directly click on the BUY and Sell option.
    3. Put the price at what you want to trade the share, the unit of shares you want to trade, and other details required.
    4. Click on place order.

    Dhan Online Trading Platforms

    Dhan Share Market Trading App

    The Dhan Mobile App is a share trading application available on iOS and Android platforms. You can download them from the respective store – Apple Store and Google Playstore.

    The features that make these applications worth using are Multiple investment options, lightning-fast speed, charts, technical tools, and others.

    Dhan Option Trading App – Option Trader

    Dhan Option Trader is a trading platform particularly designed to trade in options and futures. It has multiple pre-build strategies for trading options and futures.

    You can get the live market update using the live Market scan and check all recent updates in the market. Then there is a market outlook that will help you understand the market trend and other features.

    Dhan Web – Web Trading Application

    Dhan Web trading platform is a highly advanced trading platform primarily for bulk trading. It has hundreds of technical charts, and indicators, to use for technical analysis.

    You can access your portfolio details anytime and then there are live market updates, global indices, stock tips, and a lot more advisory services.

    Dhan HQ

    There are multiple types of APIs available which include –

    • Market Feed APIs
    • Order Management API
    • Historical Data API
    • Funds API
    • Portfolio API
    • Statement API
    • Basket Order API
    • Payments API
    • Onboarding API
    • KYC API

    Dhan Trading – Conclusion

    The Dhan has been revolutionizing the trading services with its high-quality services at reasonable prices. Dhan trading services include the best trading platforms with all investment options.

    If you are looking for a discount brokerage house, which charges a lower brokerage fee, then Dhan is the option.

    Dhan Trading Account FAQ

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Dhan online trading:

    Do Dhan Provide Online Trading?

    Yes, Dhan offers online trading. You can open a trading and Demat account with Dhan and assess their trading platforms for online trading. It offers all investment options to trade online at a reasonable brokerage.

    What are the Charges in Dhan?

    There are 4 types of different charges that Dhan levies. They are –

    • Brokerage charges
    • Transaction charges
    • Statutory charges
    • Additional charges

    Does Dhan provide Delivery Trading?

    Yes, there is a provision for delivery trading in the equity segment with Dhan. You can take delivery of the shares you have bought if you do not want to square off the position the same day.

    Is delivery trading Free at Dhan?

    Yes, for delivery trades, Dhan charges no brokerage charges from the traders. It is free of cost.

    Does Dhan provide Option Trading?

    Yes, Dhan offers options trading in the equity, commodity, and currency segment. There is a dedicated options trading platform Dhan which it offers to the clients. It is known as Options Trader.

    What are Option Trading Charges at Dhan Broking?

    The brokerage charge for trading any options is Rs. 20 per executed order. It doesn’t matter how many lots are traded within that order.

    Does Dhan provide Futures Trading?

    Yes, Dhan offers all types of futures contract trading that are in the equity, currency, and commodity segment.

    What is Futures brokerage at Dhan Broking?

    If you are trading futures with Dhan, you need to pay the least amount of Rs. 20 or 0.03% of the order value as brokerage amount.

    Is Dhan safe for Trading?

    Dhan is designed to provide the best safety measures to the clients. The data, client transactions, and information are all encrypted with advanced technology and thus secure with Dhan.

    Do Dhan Provide Trading Tips?

    Dhan has a full-fledged research and advisory team. It not only offers trading tips, but also free stock trading suggestions, market reviews on a weekly, monthly as well as a daily basis, and a lot more.

    Is Dhan good for trading?

    Dhan can be regarded as one of the best brokers in the country at present. The reasons are its exceptionally well-organized trading services and one of the lowest brokerage charges.

    What is the minimum amount to trade in Dhan Broking?

    There is no minimum amount that you need to trade on the Dhan platform. You can trade as per your investment goals, budget and ideas.

    Is Dhan good for beginners?

    Yes, the Dhan platform is really good for beginners as it provides multiple research and advisory support. Moreover, the customer support team is very helpful and the brokerage charges are low at Dhan.

    How much does Dhan charges per trade?

    Dhan charges Rs. 20 for all types of options per executed trade. For the intraday trades and futures, it charges Rs. 20 or 0.03% per order whichever is less.

    Does Dhan charges for account opening?

    There are no charges for opening an account with Dhan. Yes, you can open trading as well as a Demat account with Dhan, free of cost. You do not have to pay any account opening amount.

    Who is the cheapest stock broker in India?

    There are multiple segments in trading, while one brokerage house charges the lowest brokerage for one segment or according to their one plan, the other is charging the lowest for other segments may be.

    So, it is difficult to say which broker is the cheapest. However, Dhan offers one of the lowest brokerage charges for trading and Demat services.

    What is the holding amount in Dhan Broking?

    Holding amount refers to the period for which security is held in the Demat account. For instance, today you bought 500 ABC shares and sold them after ten days.

    Now, it takes t+2 days for securities to get credited into the Demat account after purchase, 10-2 is 8 days will be the holding amount.

    How much is Dhan monthly?

    There are no monthly charges that Dhan levies. All you have to pay with Dhan are brokerage charges and transaction charges, statutory charges, and additional charges if you are availing of any such services.

    How do I invest in Dhan?

    If you want to invest using Dhan trading services, all you need to do is to open the Dhan mobile trading app, or desktop trading platform, select the stock you want to invest in, click on the buy option, and then enter the units you want to purchase, and the price at which you want to purchase.

    Once your order is executed, the shares will come into your Demat account and then you can hold them as long as you want.

    Which app is best for trading?

    Dhan mobile trading app, Dhan Web for web trading, or Option trader for options trading are some of the best trading apps at present in the market.

    Can I do trading with 5000 rupees?

    Since there is no minimum amount at Dhan for which you need to trade, you can easily trade with Rs. 5000.

    Is brokerage free in Dhan?

    No, Dhan charges brokerage for all segments, except for the equity delivery segment.

    What is the Depository name of Dhan?

    Dhan is associated with CDSL. CDSL stands for Central Depository Services (India) Limited.

    Are there any withdrawal charges in Dhan?

    No, there are no charges that Dhan levies on withdrawing money.

    Can I open only a trading account in Dhan Broking?

    It is not possible to trade with a trading account only. Whether you invest or trade, you need a Demat account along with the Trading account. So, when you open a trading account, a Demat account is automatically opened.

    Can we delete the Dhan account?

    Yes, if you are not using the Dhan trading and Demat account, you can apply for account closure by filling out the account closure form and after submitting the same, along with the required information, your account will be closed.

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