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When you open a Demat and trading account with a brokerage house and frequently start investing or trading with them, you need to reach out to their customer care for different reasons.

For instance, if you cannot download the trading platforms or operate them, or you want to know charges related to a particular segment, there are many instances for which you need to reach out to the customer care executives of the brokerage house.

Dhan’s customer care team offers you the best possible customer care service and multiple ways to reach them.

This article will discuss the different options for reaching out to the customer care executives of the Dhan and other related details.

Customer Care

About Dhan Customer Care

Dhan entered the market just a year back in 2021, and its immense increase in popularity is due to its wide range of products and services and its exceptional customer service.

DhanDhan offers a full-fledged customer service team for its clients so that clients don’t face any issues that hamper their trading or investments.

They offer multiple channel customer care services where you can reach out to them in multiple ways.

The team which takes care of the customer services at Dhan is prudent at their work, highly skilled and experienced, and most importantly, they have a helping attitude towards the customers.

They will assist you until you are satisfied with their services. Also, have a look at our Dhan Review section to know more details.

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    How to connect with Dhan Customer Care?

    If you are trading with Dhan, you can reach out to their customer care service executives via the following mediums –

    Dhan Customer Care Number

    The most simple way to reach out to Dhan customer care is by dealing with their number, which is (022) 48906273.

    By calling on this number, you can directly talk to the customer care executives and tell them the issue you are facing or anything you want to know about Dan’s products and services.

    This is the most convenient way to connect as you interact directly in person over the phone.

    Dhan Customer Care Email ID

    You can also write to Dhan using their customer care email id, which is help@dhan.co. You can reach out to them via email round the clock, which is one of the best for those who are looking for some information about the brokerage house’s services and products.

    Also, you can mail them regarding any issue if you haven’t got an instant solution so that they can keep it in their records to resolve it faster.

    Other ways to connect with Dhan Chat

    Apart from the two options mentioned above, you can also use the chat option on every trading platform that Dhan offers. You can reach out to them via chat box from 9 am to  6 pm.

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    Dhan Customer Support Details

    Customer Care Details
    Email ID help@dhan.co
    Contact Number (022) 48906273
    Chat Number Via Trading Platform
    Chat Bot Name NA
    Facebook Page Dhan Facebook Link
    Open community Dhan Community Link
    Twitter Handle Dhan Twitter Link
    Compliance Email ID complianceofficer@dhan.co
    Compliance Officer
    Timings 9.00 a.m to 06.00 p.m.

    As you can see in the above table, Dhan has a presence across different social media platforms and has a dedicated customer service email ID, phone number, and chat option.

    If you reach out to the care team and the issue you have raised isn’t resolved within 15 days from registering the complaint, you can reach out to the compliance office of Dhan using this complianceofficer@dhan.co.

    You can also follow Dhan on Facebook and Twitter and instantly get further updates about the market and brokerage house.

    Dhan Customer Care – Conclusion

    To conclude, we can say that treading with Dhan can be a smooth ride as they have such a dedicated team of customer care executives.

    Efficient customer support is essential for every trader; thus, Dhan scores well on this criteria.

    FAQs on Dhan Customer Care

    Check out various important FAQs related to Dhan  Customer Care

    How to contact Dhan customer care support?

    You can reach Dhan customer care support by calling on their customer care number or by mailing them to the email address and also you can contact customer care support by chat option.

    What is the timing of Dhan Chat support?

    Dhan Chat support is available from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. You can directly use the chat box from the trading platform you are using to contact customer care.

    When can you contact Dhan customer care?

    Dhan customer care is available round the clock over the phone and email support. You can reach them at any time of the day and on any day.

    Is Dhan available over Social media platforms?

    Yes, Dhan is available on Facebook, and Twitter and they also have their open community. If you are unsatisfied with their services or want to post something about the brokerage house, you can post on these platforms.

    What is the contact number of Dhan?

    You can reach Dhan over the call as well by dialling this number – (022) 48906273. It will get you connected directly to the customer care executives and you can speak about your issues.

    What is the email id of Dhan?

    If you want to write an email to Dhan customer care, you need to use this mail id – help@dhan.co.

    Can you contact the compliance team of Dhan?

    Yes, if you want to contact the compliance team of Dhan, you need to reach out to them using complianceofficer@dhan.co.

    Do Dhan customer care executives help you with your trading issues?

    Yes, customer care executives of Dhan help you regarding any issue you are facing with trading platforms, accounts, and others.

    For trading and investment related issues, the customer support transfer the call to the technical division of the customer support of Dhan and they will take care of the issue/s.

    Is there Chat support for Dhan?

    Yes, Chat support is available for Dhan clients. You can access the chat support via any trading platform that you use Dhan.

    How long does Dhan take to resolve any issue?

    While Dhan tries to solve issues within a day or two, however, in some cases, it may longer. In case your issue doesn’t get resolved within 15 days, then you can contact the compliance team of Dhan.

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