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Dhan is a discount brokerage house that entered this market just a year back in 2021. With its exceptional products range and services, it has already made a mark in the market.

For intraday trading, Dhan can be one of the best brokerage houses. Especially if you are looking for low brokerage intraday trading facilities, then Dhan can be one of the best options.

This article will give you all the details about intraday trading services at Dhan and all other details. We will cover intraday brokerage charges, leverage/ exposure details, facilities offered, benefits, and other details.

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Dhan Intraday Trading & Benefits

Intraday trading requires in-depth knowledge about the stock market and persistence. It is a normal process where you make money from small movements in the price of the stocks.

DhanHowever, the more units you trade, the more profit you can churn out. So, this brings you to a brokerage house that provides low brokerage intraday services and unique trading tools.

Dhan offers different facilities and services which are essential for any intraday traders.

These services and facilities include the following:

  • For an active trader, brokerage plans to fit his pocket and reduce the trading cost necessary. Dhan charges an intraday brokerage rate which is very low. This helps the traders to trade in bulk without increasing the brokerage amount they have to pay to the broker.
  • The second factor crucial for an everyday trader is trading platforms and tools. Intraday trading requires a lot of technical analysis, quick order placement, and execution. If the trading platform is not fast and responsive, your order placement and execution may not happen when you want, which can affect the whole trading strategy. Thus, Dhan offers multiple trading platforms which are super fast and efficient at handling intraday trading and active traders.
  • For an intraday trader, trading tips are essential as well. While he always has his eyes on the market, receiving tips from a brokerage house, the analysts and experts can help them grade up their trading experience. This is what Dhan does. Dhan has a full-fledged research and advisory team which works all day long to find the best opportunities in the market for traders and investors.
  • Dhan offers different investment options to trade – equities, commodities, currencies, derivatives, and many other options.
  • Also, have a look at our Dhan Review section to know more details.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Dhan?

    You must open and set up trading accounts and platforms for intraday trading at Dhan. Here are the details.

    Opening Account with Dhan

    • Apply for a Demat account and trading account with Dhan by clicking on this button ‘Open Dhan Account.’
    • Fill in the pop-up form and submit. Once Dhan receives the application, you will receive a call from their executives.
    • They will guide you about the documents you must upload to take the application forward.
    • Once the KYC is done, and your details and documents are verified, you will get the welcome mail with the trading account id and password.

    Setting up of the Trading Platform

    • Once you have the login id and password, you can visit the Dhan website, download the trading platforms you want from there, and log in using the id and password you have received.
    • Then set up the trading terminal by creating the Market watchlist, adding new stock scrips, and customizing it per your requirements.
    • Once the trading platform is all set, you can now start trading.
    • You must select the stock’s scrip you want to trade for buying and selling. Then you will find the buy and sell option.
    • Click on the same and enter the details like units you want to purchase or sell, the price you want to trade, and stop-loss if any. Then submit the order; it will get executed once it matches a similar order from the opposite side.

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    Dhan Intraday Charges

    Dhan charges only Rs. 20 or 0.03% of the order executed (least of two) as intraday trading charges. So, you can figure out that the maximum brokerage you have to pay for intraday trading at Dhan is Rs. 20 only.

    While this nominal amount is the maximum brokerage per order, the minimum can be anything between Rs. 1 to Rs. 19. So, you can imagine how cheap it is and how you can save a lot on your trading expenses and boost your profits.

    Usually, discount brokerage houses don’t offer such cheap brokerage rates for intraday trades. Here is a snapshot of Dhan’s intraday charges:

    Dhan Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge Rs 20 or 0.03% per executed order
    whichever is lower
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Dhan Brokerage Calculator

    The other mandatory charges that you need to pay along with the brokerage charges are:

    • STT which is the Securities Transaction Charges levied on the transaction value
    • Transaction Charges levied on the total turnover
    • Stamp Duty is levied as per the rules of the state government
    • SEBI Turnover Charges are as per the SEBI’s guidelines and levied on the total turnover
    • GST @ 18% levied on Brokerage Charges and Transaction charges.

    Dhan Intraday Margin

    Regarding exposure, Dhan offers an average of 5 times exposure for intraday trade on its platforms. This means you can trade with Rs. 100000 with just Rs. 20000 in your trading account.

    Dhan Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Dhan Margin Calculator

    Using the Dhan Margin Calculator, it offers, you can find out how much you can avail for trading against your trading account balance. It is a great feature that the brokerage house provides and is essential for intraday traders.

    Dhan Trading – Types

    Dhan offers intraday trading in the equity segment. You can buy and sell stocks within one trading session. This is the concept of intraday trading.

    There are different types of tools you can use for Dhan intraday trading. You can use the Dhan Mobile Application or the Dhan Web-based trading platform for intraday trading.

    Dhan Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Dhan being a new entrant in the stock market if offers some great intraday facilities.

    It is not only one of the cheapest brokerage houses for intraday trading but one of the best as it offers a wide range of trading platforms, investment options, margin trading facilities, research and advisory services, and a lot more.

    So, if you want to start your intraday trading journey, you can consider Dhan, your brokerage house.

    Dhan intraday FAQ

    Here is the list of FAQs related to Dhan Intraday Trading:

    Is Intraday Trading safe in Dhan?

    Intraday Trading is one of the most popular forms of global trading. With Dhan, you can trade multiple stocks under intraday facilities. It is safe as Dhan offers high-level security and encryption facilities for all intraday trades.

    What is Intraday Exposure at Dhan?

    Dhan offers exposure up to 5 times the amount you have in your trading account.

    So, if you have Rs. 10000 in your trading account, you can trade securities worth Rs. 50000, while if you have Rs. 50000, you can trade securities worth Rs. 250000.

    This exposure helps bulk/ active traders to open more positions and make a profit even out of small price movements.

    What are Intraday Charges in Dhan?

    The intraday charges refer to the brokerage charges that you have to pay to Dhan as a day-trader for availing of the intraday services Dhan.

    The brokerage charge is the minimum amount of Rs. 20 or 0.03% per executed order. So, the maximum brokerage per order can be Rs. 20 and not more than that.

    This is one of the cheapest intraday brokerages available from a discount brokerage house. Apart from brokerage charges, there are transaction charges and statutory charges.

    How to do Day Trading in Dhan?

    To start day trading with Dhan, you must first open a Demat and trading account with the broker. Then download the trading platforms and install them.

    Then you have to log in to those platforms and create the market watchlist to track the stocks you want to trade.

    Select the scrip, enter the units you want to buy and sell, and the price at which you want the transaction to happen.

    Also, submit the order and wait for its execution. Remember, when you open a position in a day trading, you need close it by the end of the trading session.

    Does Dhan provide Day Trading?

    Yes, Dhan offers the intraday trading facility to the traders who want to trade with them. It charges a very reasonable fee for the same as well.

    Is Intraday Trading Free in Dhan?

    No, for day trading with Dhan, you need to pay Rs. 20 or 0.03% of the order (whichever is less) as brokerage. Moreover, there are transaction charges, statutory charges, and other additional charges that traders need to pay for intraday trading with Dhan.

    Does Dhan have an App for Intraday?

    Dhan, a web trading platform, is an ideal app for intraday trading. It can handle bulk orders and is known for extremely fast execution of orders and great technical analysis tools and charts.

    Is Intraday Profitable at Dhan?

    Intraday trading can be profitable if you choose the right stock at the right time and price. For this, a great trading platform is required, which Dhan offers to its day traders.

    So, with Dhan, you can profit from day trading if you pick the right stocks.

    Does Dhan provide Intraday Tips?

    Dhan has huge research and advisory team and offers all sorts of reports, analytical data, information, and much more. You get daily-trading tips, daily/weekly/ monthly market reviews, and more.

    What does Dhan Intraday mean?

    Intraday means completing the trading cycle in a day. In simple words, intraday trading refers to buying and selling a stock within a trading session.

    Suppose you purchased 500 shares of ABC company at 10 am and sold them at 2.45 pm, then the absolute position got closed, and your intraday trade is completed.

    Is Intraday allowed in Dhan?

    Yes, Dhan offers Intraday trading to all its clients. There are powerful trading platforms for intraday trading available at Dhan as well.

    How much is Intraday in Dhan?

    Dhan One charges a full brokerage of Rs 20 per order. And 0.25% of the transaction value is the margin for the lowest brokerage. These margins apply to F&O, equity intraday, commodity, and currency.

    Over and above the brokerage, an investor must pay various additional transactions, regulatory expenses, and Demat charges.

    How do I buy shares Intraday with Dhan?

    It will help if you look for stocks that can increase or decrease prices over a day’s trading session. If you think the price will go up as the trading session passes, you can buy the shares using the trading platform.

    You need to select the scrip of stock you want to buy, enter the units you want to purchase and the price, enter the order, and once it gets executed, the position will be opened.

    How do I activate intraday in Dhan?

    Once you have a trading account with Dhan and Demat, you can easily start day trading at Dhan.

    Can I sell intraday shares the next Day?

    No, if you are trading in the intraday segment, you must sell the stocks you purchased on the same day. Only if you take delivery of shares can you sell them the next day.

    How do I check my intraday profit in Dhan?

    You can use Dhan mobile app or Website to find out the intraday profit you have made. All the details of the transactions and brokerage charges are provided there.

    Can we convert intraday to delivery in Dhan?

    Yes, you can convert intraday trade to delivery trade, and there will be no extra charges for doing the same.

    How do you get turnover in Dhan?

    • Log in to the trading account of Dhan
    • From the reports section, choose your type.
    • Note that you must select the kind of report in the P&L summary.
    • Choose a financial year and then press the GO button.
    • To download the file, choose Excel.

    Can I sell delivery shares on the same Day in Dhan?

    Yes, you can do that. If you sell the delivery share on the same day, the trade will be regarded as intraday traded, and brokerage charges will apply per intraday charges.

    How much margin does Dhan give for delivery?

    Dhan offers five times margin or leverage to the intraday traders and no exposure for the delivery traders.

    How do you exit an Intraday position in Dhan?

    If the stock has achieved your target price for that Day, you can close the position by selling the shares you have bought. If you have short-selling of shares and the price has gone down, you can buy the shares and square off the position.

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