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Best Stock Broker in Jaipur – Compare Top 10 Stock Brokers in Jaipur

Last Updated Date - Nov 19, 2022

We have created this article to provide vital information about top 10 stock brokers in Jaipur. So, we’ll put forth a list of best stock broker in Jaipur, based on multiple parameters. These parameters include the following:

  • Domestic market share
  • Types of services provides
  • Domestic popularity and moreOpen Demat Account - Offers

List of Top 10 Stock Brokers in Jaipur

Investment and financial trading require studying crucial details. As a trader, you must be aware of the market conditions. But, that’s not all! You need to select the right broker as per your needs and, requirements. This is the only way to ensure building profits.

You can do so by understand the domestic standings of a broker in a particular region. This article serves to grant info on best stock brokers in Jaipur. So, if you belong to the place, this will help you out for sure.

We’ll initiate by describing the whereabouts of India Infoline. That’s because, they hold the top most position within out list. We’ll then move on to Zerodha, Angel Broking, Motilal Oswal and Sharekhan respectively. They simultaneously hold the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions.

Upstox, SAS, SAMCO and KR Choksey have the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th positions and, Asit C Mehta has its name embarked on the 10th.

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    Rank 1 – India Infoline – Number 1 Stock Broker in Jaipur

    Brand Name IIFL
    Phones 022-42499000/0-42499022/0-40077114/157
    Fax 022-40609049
    Corporate Email prasad.umarale@indiainfoline.com
    Branch Offices IIFL Branch Office
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    IIFL Branch Office in Jaipur

    India Infoline was incorporate in the year 1995 by Nirmal Jain and R. Venkataraman. The corporation has long held its position amongst the nation’s elite. Thanks to the services they provide, they’re now rated as the top stock broker in Jaipur.

    Their corporate office is located in Mumbai. The office is located in IIFL Centre, Kamala City, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai-400013. They provide services across most of the retail broking domains.

    Furthermore, they have a gigantic network of sub brokers and official trade centres. They typically have over 4,500 branches in India and, considering the increasing number of investors in Rajasthan, it’s no surprise they’re the most favoured at this time.

    Anyway, you may even contact them over phone on: 022-42499000, 0-42499022, or 0-40077114/157. You may even Fax them at 022-40609049.

    However, just in case, you do not get a hold of them through these, there’s yet another way. You may send them an email over to prasad.umarale@indiainfoline.com.

    Rank 2 – Zerodha – Top Share Broker in Jaipur

    Brand Name Zerodha
    Phones 080-40402020
    Fax NA
    Corporate Email info@zerodha.com
    Branch Offices Zerodha Branch Office
    Branches in City Edelweiss Branch Office in Jaipur
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    Zerodha represents the way modern Indians prefer to trade. They have state of the art online trading platforms. In fact, they take care of all their operations over cloud. This lessens the cost of operation. Moreover, they even require lesser staff to de-clutter the physical trade documents.

    In short, they redirect all these savings to provide better services. Not to mention, they’re already amongst the best discount brokers of India. As a matter of fact, they even claim to have pioneered the concept of discount broking.

    They’re ranked 2nd on our ‘top share broker in Jaipur’ list. You may even verify their efficiency by visiting their corporate office at #153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P.Nagar 4th Phase, Bengaluru-560078.

    The office even answers to calls and emails on – 080-40402020 and info@zerodha.com respectively.

    Rank 3 – Angel Broking – Best Share Broker in Jaipur

    Brand Name Angel Broking
    Phones 022-39413940/5338/022-39415662/68/69/70
    Fax 022-28358811
    Corporate Email compliance@angelbroking.com
    Branch Offices Angel Broking Branch Office
    Branches in City Angel Broking Branch Office in Jaipur
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    Angel Broking has already earned their name as a full service broker in India. They’re regarded as 3rd best share broker in Jaipur. They run a tight show with proper supervision. We’re talking about their relationships with NSE, BSE, MSEI, NCDEX, and, MCX.

    The company is a dream come true for its founder Dinesh D. Thakkar. It was initially registered as a wealth management firm in Dec 1997. The company has seen many rough days, but is resilient. They housed many awards like:

    • Global Marketing Excellence Award for ‘Best Mobile Trading Application’. This was awarded to them in 2014.
    • MCX Commodity Broker of the Year in 2017.
    • Broking House with Largest Distribution Network in 2014, and more.

    Their corporate office in situated in Ackruti Star, 5th Floor Central Road, Midc Marol Andheri (East) Mumbai-400093. You may pay them a visit or contact them over a call on 022-39413940/5338 or 022-39415662/68/69/70.

    You may even shoot them an email on compliance@angelbroking.com. Perhaps, a Fax will suffice on 022-28358811 as well!

    Rank 4 – Motilal Oswal – Share Broker in Jaipur

    Brand Name Motilal Oswal
    Phones 022-30801000/022-30801001/022-30801048
    Fax 022-28449002
    Corporate Email neeraj.agarwal@motilaloswal.com
    Branch Offices Motilal Oswal Branch Office
    Branches in City Motilal Oswal Branch Office in Jaipur
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    The 4th best share broker in Jaipur as per our list is Motilal Oswal. The name itself represents rich heritage and culture in trading and broking industry. They typically have a history and experience of 33 years. Today, they serve across 2,500+ business locations in India.

    Their operations and management are carried out by a staff of 6,000+ people. Each of their staff is well trained and equipped with industrial knowledge. Perhaps, that’s how they manage a clientele of over 14,00,000 investors.

    Their corporate office responds to all grievances of the clients and, it can be reached at Palm Spring Centre, 2nd Floor, Palm Court Complex, New Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai-400064. The office even answers to all calls placed on 022-30801000, 022-30801001, or 022-30801048.

    All three numbers are officially registered with Motilal Oswal. You may even Fax them on 022-28449002. You may even sort out grievances by emailing them on neeraj.agarwal@motilaloswal.com.

    Rank 5 – Sharekhan – Top 10 Stock Broker in Jaipur

    Brand Name Sharekhan
    Phones 022-61281700 / 022-61150000
    Fax 022-67481899
    Corporate Email namita.godbole@sharekhan.com
    Branch Offices Sharekhan Branch Office
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    The next name in our ‘top 10 stock broker in Jaipur’ list belongs to Sharekhan. They represent a whole new breed of full service broker. The company essentially revolutionized the entire stock trading industry.

    They were established in the year 2000 and, yet they’ve managed to climb up the stairs of success easily. The leadership of Shripal Morakhia has done wonders for the company. They not only are popular but have one of the biggest clienteles.

    In fact, they manage close to 14,00,000 traders and investors at present. They manage all of these investors and traders through equally suited network of 1,800+ offices.

    Speaking of which, their corporate office is located in Plot No.1012, Devidayal Compound, Kanjur Village Road, Near Crompton & Greaves Ltd., Kanjur Marg (East), Mumbai-400042. The office responds to all calls placed on their official numbers.

    We’re referring to the phone numbers 022-61281700 and 022-61150000. They even take notice of all Faxes posted on 022-67481899. Finally, they reply to all the grievance mails sent over to their email at namita.godbole@sharekhan.com.

    Rank 6 – Upstox – Best Stock Broker in Jaipur

    Brand Name Upstox
    Phones 022-67107379/0-9619254709/0-9820407230
    Fax 022-67107492
    Corporate Email hiren.thakkar@rksv.in
    Branch Offices Upstox Branch Office
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    What Sharekhan did in 2000s, Upstox is doing in 2020s. They’ve essentially become a new favourite of the modern traders. In fact, that makes them the 6th best stock broker in Jaipur. They garner to their clients based on a simple idea.

    We’re referring to their motivation of ‘making trading easier and cheaper’. In fact, Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar and Shrinivas Vishwanath have built the company based on this very idea. They incorporated it in the year 2011. They’ve pretty much rose up to the rank of elites in their existence of 9 years.

    They’re focused on their services. At the time being, they merely serve across Equity, Currency, Options and Futures trading. They do so with an additional trade leverage of upto 20x. They do not have any physical establishments for trading.

    However, they do have offices to house their operations management teams. Speaking of which, you may locate their corporate office in Sunshine Tower, 30th Floor Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (West) Mumbai-400013.

    You may even seek assistance on their registered numbers: 022-67107379/0-9619254709/0-9820407230. They even respond to Fax posted on 022-67107492. In any case, neither of these media turn out good for you, you may always seek their help through email onhiren.thakkar@rksv.in.

    Rank 7 – SAS Online – Best Demat Broker in Jaipur

    Brand Name SAS Online
    Corporate Address NA
    Phones NA
    Fax NA
    Corporate Email info@sasonline.in
    Branch Offices SAS Online Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    The position for 7th best Demat broker in Jaipur is held by SAS Online. It is the newest member of the discount broker family in India. It essentially thrives on the rule of not having any physical trade centres.

    The company was brought to existence on 1st April 2013. It initiated with only 3 people (Shrey Jain, Siddhant Jain and Anubha) working their heads off. Nevertheless, it managed to bag its first 1,000 clients by Oct 2013. This was merely 6 months after its inception.

    It currently claims to conduct a business of Rs. 4,000 crores a day. It’s even expanded its business to over 600 cities. Most importantly, it still does not have any physical trade centres. Although, it does responds to all emails sent over to its official email address, info@sasonline.in.

    Rank 8 – SAMCO – Top Demat Broker in Jaipur

    Brand Name SAMCO
    Phones 022-24391813/022-24391807
    Fax 022-24031691
    Corporate Email info@samco.in
    Branch Offices SAMCO Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    The next top Demat broker in Jaipur is SAMCO. The company was incorporated in 1993 by Jimeet Modi. It chose its hub of operations within the suburbs of Mumbai. In fact, it still has its head quarters located there. As a matter of fact, it’s established its corporate office in Mumbai as well.

    The office is located in 1004-A, Naman Midtown, 10th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone (West), Mumbai-400013. They claim to be serving over, 1,00,000 traders and investors at present. That makes them a rather large contributor to the businesses of NSE and BSE.

    Anyway, their corporate office hosts their registered numbers 022-24391813 and 022-24391807. Furthermore, it even responds to all Faxes on 022-24031691. Nevertheless, if under any circumstance, you find them tough to reach out to, you may leave them an email on info@samco.in.

    Rank 9 – KR Choksey – Stock Market Broker in Jaipur

    Brand Name K R Choksey
    Phones 022-66965555
    Fax 022-66919576
    Corporate Email compliance@krchoksey.com
    Branch Offices KR Choksey Branch Office
    Branches in City
    Open Demat Account with “KR Choksey” Now! Open Demat Account

    KR Choksey is the 9th most favoured stock market broker in Jaipur. They are one of the oldest full service brokers in India. Nonetheless, they keep on evolving every second. In short, they’re a perfect blend of age old integrity and character with modern day approach and business psychology.

    The company was established in the year 1979. Over the ages, it’s acquired the licences from BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. It even serves as a depository participant for CDSL. Moreover, it provides insurances and investments across mutual funds, through the guidelines of NBFC.

    In short, they are the most accomplished company within this list. Their corporate office is situated at Abishek Building,5th Floor, Dalia Industrial Estate, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400058. The office is rigged with their official phone and FAX numbers 022-66965555 and 022-66919576 respectively.

    Moreover, they even have grievances redressal set up at their email address; compliance@krchoksey.com.

    Rank 10 – Asit C Mehta – Share Market Broker Jaipur

    Brand Name Asit C Mehta Investment
    Phones 22-28583333
    Fax 022-28577647/4110
    Corporate Email acmiil@acm.co.in
    Branch Offices Asit C Mehta Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    The 10th most popular share market broker in Jaipur is Asit C Mehta. Having an experience of over 36 years, this company literally rules the hearts of many Indian investors. They provide all sorts of Demat, Trading, Intraday and IPO Services to the clients.

    Moreover, they even grant trade exposure of upto 15x to the investors This is one of the leading reasons for it to be regarded greatly among the investors of Jaipur. It’s current corporate office is held at Nucleus House,5th Floor Saki Vihar Road Andheri (East) Mumbai-400072.

    The office has two registered numbers. We’re referring to the phone and Fax numbers at 22-28583333 and 022-28577647/4110 respectively. They even have a registered email address; acmiil@acm.co.in.

    Stock Broker in Jaipur – Conclusion

    This concludes our list of share market brokers in Jaipur. We hope that you find the list helpful in your endeavours for finding out the most suited stock broker for you.

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