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Best Stock Broker in Agra – Compare Top 10 Stock Brokers in Agra

Last Updated Date - Nov 19, 2022

Agra gives people a lot of options for broker houses that are operating with numerous branches across the city. Traders and investors, who are new in the stock business, find it very difficult in choosing the Best Stock Broker in Agra from multiple options.

This makes them end up with a lot of dissatisfaction as they cannot get the amount of exposure they desire. This article will name the Top 10 Stock Brokers in Agra that are doing exceptionally well. Readers should learn about them and go ahead with the one that they find most suitable for trading.

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List of Top 10 Stock Brokers in Agra

The list of the Best Stock Broker in Agra comprises the names of India Infoline, Upstox, Sharekhan, Angel Broking, MotilalOswal, Kotak Securities, Zerodha, Indiabulls Ventures, 5Paisa, and Globe Capital.

People residing in Agra and taking interest in share trading must be acquainted with these names. And, traders who are new to the business and are not aware of these broker houses should follow this article carefully.

They will find below, the contact details for these share trading companies along with a brief overview of their working procedure. All of these will help them in making the best decision in choosing a good stockbroker that will provide them with excellent investment solutions.

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    Rank 1 – India Infoline – Number 1 Stock Broker in Agra

    Brand Name India Infoline
    Phones 022-42499000/0-42499022/0-40077114/157
    Fax 022-40609049
    Corporate Email prasad.umarale@indiainfoline.com
    Branch Offices IIFL Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    India Infoline started its journey in 1995 and over the years it has become the Number 1 Stock Broker in Agra. Its initial business procedures commenced in Mumbai which is also the headquarters for this broker house.

    India Infoline or IIFL is known for offering the best financial solutions to traders and investors in Agra with its expert market analysts. Clients get good trading exposures and useful stock recommendations that make their trading process smooth.

    IIFL’s helpline numbers are 022-42499000, 0-42499022, 0-40077114, and 0-40077157 and the official email ID is Prasad.umarale@indiainfoline.com. Traders can connect to these numbers or send emails at the given email id for clarifying their trading-related doubts.

    Rank 2 – Upstox – Top Share Broker in Agra

    Brand Name Upstox
    Phones 022-67107379/0-9619254709/0-9820407230
    Fax 022-67107492
    Corporate Email hiren.thakkar@rksv.in
    Branch Offices Upstox Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    Upstox is the next name in the list of the Top Share Broker in Agra and it serves one of the highest numbers of clients here. Its corporate office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra and the contact numbers are 022-67107379, 0-9619254709, and 0-9820407230.

    Upstox runs a robust email service through its official email address hiren.thakkar@rksv.in and the fax number is 022-67107493.

    Upstox is an advanced share trading company that has introduced several smart measures for helping clients with a hassle-free experience. Its online trading platforms are updated regularly with new features and can be used for buying and selling a large number of stocks very easily.

    Rank 3 – Sharekhan – Best Share Broker in Agra

    Brand Name Sharekhan
    Phones 022-61281700 / 022-61150000
    Fax 022-67481899
    Corporate Email namita.godbole@sharekhan.com
    Branch Offices Sharekhan Branch Office
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    Incorporated in 2000, Sharekhan is regarded as the Best Share Broker in Agra with the head office in KanjurMarg, Mumbai. Its popularity is widespread throughout the country and traders in Agra love to rely on its unique yet assured investment solutions.

    Sharekhan is working with a big team of stock experts who study the market thoroughly and provide top-notch advice accordingly.

    One can contact this renowned stockbroker very easily by dialling 022-61281700 or 022-61150000.  Its official email id is namita.godbole@sharekhan.com and readers can use it if they want to contact the experts at Sharekhan over emails.

    Rank 4 – Angel Broking – Share Broker in Agra

    Brand Name Angel Broking
    Phones 022-39413940/5338/022-39415662/68/69/70
    Fax 022-28358811
    Corporate Email compliance@angelbroking.com
    Branch Offices Angel Broking Branch Office
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    Angel Broking is placed in the fourth position amongst the 10 best Share Broker in Agra. It is a popular financial service providing company in India with the corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    This stockbroker has numerous merits that include low brokerage charges, top-class investment solutions, well-researched products, unmatchable stock tips, etc. Traders will have to open a Demat and a trading account with Angel Broking if they want to trade with it.

    For this, they can contact the firm through its official email id compliance@angelbroking.com or call the helpline numbers 022-39413940, 022-39415338, and 022-39415662. They will be provided with all types of assistance by the competent company representatives.

    Rank 5 – Motilal Oswal – Top 10 Stock Broker in Agra

    Brand Name Motilal Oswal
    Phones 022-30801000/022-30801001/022-30801048
    Fax 022-28449002
    Corporate Email neeraj.agarwal@motilaloswal.com
    Branch Offices Motilal Oswal Branch Office
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    Motilal Oswal is the fifth-best name in the list of the Top 10 Stock Broker in Agra. It has been offering unparallel services since its inception and is known for its huge database of research reports. Clients are allowed to go through these reports prepared by stock experts and this helps them in making strategic investment plans.

    The corporate office of Motilal Oswal is in Mumbai and its phone numbers are 022-30801000, 022-30801001, and 022-30801048. Traders can seek help in trading from the experts of this company through its email address neeraj.agarwal@motilaloswal.com anytime they want.

    They can also visit any of its branch offices in Agra for having a direct conversation with the experts.

    Rank 6 – Kotak Securities – Best Stock Broker in Agra

    Brand Name Kotak Securities
    Phones 022-42856825 / 022-42858214
    Fax 022-67256753
    Corporate Email ks.compliance@kotak.com
    Branch Offices Kotak Securities Branch Office
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    Kotak Securities is a prominent name as a share trading company and has been serving a huge client base since its inception in 1994. It is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank and is one of the Best Stock Broker in Agra.

    This stockbroker believes more in action than words and has introduced some of the best business procedures over the years.

    Trading in financial products is easy with Kotak Securities and to learn more on it readers can call 022-42856825 and 022-42858214. The corporate email id of the broker house is ks.compliance@kotak.com and the fax number is 022-67256753.

    Rank 7 – Zerodha – Best Demat Broker in Agra

    Brand Name Zerodha
    Phones 080-40402020
    Fax NA
    Corporate Email info@zerodha.com
    Branch Offices Zerodha Branch Office
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    Zerodha is a popular share trading company with origin in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It deals in a wide spectrum of financial products and offers traders the most feasible investment option. Zerodha is called one of the Best Demat Broker in Agra as it has a perfect investment plan for every trader.

    Its team of financial advisors can turn any deal into a profitable one and help investors earn good returns.

    Readers can dial 080-40402020 if they want to talk to the customer support desk of Zerodha or send an email at info@zerodha.com for getting their queries addressed. This stockbroker imposes a lower amount of brokerage charges and offers numerous facilities to clients.

    Rank 8 – Indiabulls Ventures – Top Demat Broker in Agra

    Brand Name Indiabulls Ventures
    Corporate Address INDIABULLS HOUSE, 448-451, UDYOG VIHAR, PHASE V, GURGAON-122016
    Phones 0124-6681060/0-9650511442
    Fax 0124-6681111
    Corporate Email rajkgupta@indiabulls.com
    Branch Offices Indiabulls Ventures Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    Founded in 1995, Indiabulls Ventures holds 8th rank in the list of the Top Demat Broker in Agra. It is one of the oldest broker houses of this city and is trusted by a large number of traders and investors residing here.

    This stockbroker offers trading in equities, deliveries, futures, options, currencies, mutual funds, etc. at a low brokerage charge.

    Traders can use the smart trading app offered by Indiabulls Ventures for trading any of the financial products or seek help through the corporate email id rajkgupta@indiabulls.com. The helpline numbers are working round the clock for assisting the clients of this broker house and they are 0124-6681060 or 0-9650511442.

    Rank 9 – 5Paisa – Stock Market Broker in Agra

    Brand Name 5Paisa
    Phones 022-46464779/0-9820096979
    Fax NA
    Corporate Email support@5paisa.com
    Branch Offices 5Paisa Branch Office
    Branches in City
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    5Paisa has made to the list of the top 10 Stock Market Broker in Agra on the 9th position for its high accuracy and superb processing speed. This broker house charges only Rs.10 for trading any of the products it endorses and traders can open a trading account in just 5 minutes.

    This is a Mumbai-based discount broking firm that was established in 2016 and is expanding steadily with the fastest-spreading network. Its contact numbers are 022-46464779 and 09820096979. Clients can also reach the official desk of 5Paisa through its official email address support@5paisa.com.

    Rank 10 – Globe Capital – Share Market Broker Agra

    Brand Name Globe Capital
    Corporate Address 609,ANSAL BHAWAN, 16,KASTURBA GANDHI MARG, NEW DELHI-110001
    Phones 011-30412345/011-23316916/011-23720887
    Fax 011-23720883
    Corporate Email mail@globecapital.com
    Branch Offices Globe Capital Branch Office
    Open Demat Account with “Globe Capital” Now! Open Demat Account

    Globe Capital is a New-Delhi-based full-service broker house that was established in 1985. Its wide-range products and services and transparent business procedures have made it the favorite of thousands of traders and investors across the country.

    Globe Capital is a very popular Share Market Broker in Agra that offers good exposure to clients.

    Readers can contact Globe Capital by dialling any of its contact numbers 011-30412345, 011-23316916, and 011-23720887. Its official email address is mail@globecapital.com and the company addresses the queries of its clients through it.

    Stock Broker in Agra – Conclusion

    Financial trading is a difficult task and a trader needs to choose a broker house carefully which can be relied on. This article will help readers to some extent in choosing a good company from the top 10 Stock Broker in Agra.

    They should, however, go through the brokerage charges, account opening procedure, trading margins, and other important factors before opening a Demat account with any of them.

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