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In this article, we will provide you a detailed review of Sushil Finance service. Sushil Finance service has made a renowned name in the field of stock market. If you want to trade with this firm and looking for it details regarding products and services, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have represented a quick guide that gives you all beneficiary knowledge related to Sushil Rathi services & products.

Sushil Finance Products & Services

Sushil Finance Services

Get a detailed table of Sushil Rathi Services for this year.

Demat Services Y
Trading Services Y
3 in 1 Account N
Intraday Services Y
IPO Services Y
Stock Recommendations Y
Robo Advisory N
Trading Institution Y
Trading Exposure Upto 5x
Virtual Trading N
NRI Services Y
Investment Banking N
Debt Funding N
Issue Management Y
Depository Services Y

Shushil Finance Demat Services:

They are providing demat services to its customers at very cheaper rates so that they can trade with less paper work and hold their securities electronically.

Sushil Finance Offers

Shushil Finance  Trading Services:

Offers you trading services like online trading platform, trading account facility, with mobile trading app you can market insight research tool , market watch and so on.

Shushil Finance Intraday Services:

It doesn’t let you to wait for 2 days to buy/sell shares. Through Intraday service you can buy/sell shares in a same day.

Shushil Finance  IPO Services:

Offers you an IPO services through which you can invest money in the first stock of company when it goes public.

Shushil Finance PMS:

PMS service keep you updated with the latest market move, manage and control your portfolios  and offers you best stock that gives you better returns.

Shushil Finance  Trading Institution:

For safe and low risk investment learn basic of trading and market methodology through Shushil Finance trading institution.

Shushil Finance NRI Services:

Through Shushil Finance all NRI citizens can invest money in Indian stock market.

Shushil Finance  Issue Management:

Resolve all your issues related to investment and other financial services via issue management instrument.

Shushil Finance  Depository services:

Shushil Finance  is a depository participant with NSDL & CDSL. So, you avail the request for the depository services and convert all your physical securities into an electronic form.

  • The trading exposure is up to 5x.

Below mentioned services are not offered by Shushil Finance:

Traders are not allowed to use 3-in-1 Account, robo advisory, virtual trading, investment banking, and debt funding types of effective services.

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    Sushil Finance Products

    Find below a table of Sushil Finance Products for this financial year.

    Equity Trading Y
    Commodity Trading N
    Currency Trading Y
    Options Y
    Futures Y
    Mutual Funds Y
    Forex N
    Banking N
    SIP Y
    Insurance Y
    NPS N
    eLocker N
    Fixed Deposits / Bonds N
    Loans Y
    E-Trade Y

    Shushil Finance equity trading:

    With  Shushil Finance you can invest in equity market. Keeping cash in a account doesn’t gives you a better returns, if you want to beat an inflation then invest money in a company’s shares.

    Shushil Finance currency trading:

    Shushil Finance offers you a facility to trade in currency. For the first time this market segment is accessible to the retail players in the currency trading market.

    Shushil Finance Futures and options:

    Yes. Shushil Finance is offering these market derivatives. These are the most interesting trading segments, which allows traders or investors to buy/sell shares at a specified price or future date. Additionally options offers them an opportunity to buy/sell contracts without any obligation.

    Shushil Mutual Funds and SIP:

    For safe and low risk investment, Shushil Finance offers Mutual fund investment tool. If you are able to invest money at a regular interval of time you can also choose SIP.

    Shushil Finance Insurance:

    On Shushil Finance website, you can directly avail the request for insurance. This investment tool gives you life time coverage against finance loses, health care and property damage.

    Shushil Finance Loans:

    To meet with immediate finance related emergencies without selling any assets you can get loans against securities, and the securities can be you shares/stocks/units/bonds.

    Shushil Finance E-trade:

    Download the mobile trading app of Shushil and trade instantly from any platform and any time.

    Below- mentioned products are not offered by Shushil Finance:

    While trading via Shushil Finance you cannot utilize some investment tools like commodity trading, Forex, banking, NPS, e-locker, and fixed- deposit/bonds.

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