Sharekhan Services & Products for 2020 – Detailed Review

Here, we have listed all the details related to Sharekhan Services & Products. Sharekhan Limited is one of the renowned stock market companies. It makes its unique name in Indian stock market by serving ultimate financial services to the customers. To gain comprehensive knowledge about its investment and other finance services, keep reading this blog for wide range of Sharekhan Products.

Sharekhan Services & Products

Sharekhan Services

Get a detailed table of Sharekhan services for this year.

Demat ServicesY
Trading ServicesY
3 in 1 AccountN
Intraday ServicesY
IPO ServicesY
Stock RecommendationsY
Robo AdvisoryY
Trading InstitutionY
Trading ExposureUpto 32x
Virtual TradingN
NRI ServicesY
Investment BankingN
Debt FundingN
Issue ManagementY
Depository ServicesY

Sharekhan demat service:

Through demat service the customers can convert their physical securities in to an electronic form. Scrips eligible for demat can be trade electronically.

Sharekhan Trading services:

Open a trading account and trade in all market segments like equity, commodities, currency and derivatives.

Sharekhan Intraday service:

Offers leverage trading facility to its traders and Intraday service is one of them. Through this service the traders can buy/sell shares in a same day. Hence, they don’t have to wait for 2 days.

Sharekhan IPO service:

Initial public offering, is the initial offer for sale of shares when a company goes public. As per the new guidelines of SEBI you can invest money in the early stock which a company put ups for a sale.

Sharekhan stock recommendation:

Usually, every trader and investor need this service to get the expert view on stocks to strengthen the portfolio.

Sharekhan robo advisory:

Sharkhan offers robo advisory service which provides you automated algorithm driven financial planing advice with to no human supervision.

Sharekhan PMS:

Portfolio management service handles your portfolio and offers you tailor-made solutions that realize your investment goals.

Shaekhan Trading Institution:

This service gives you the advantage to learn about trading, investment and other financial tools.

Sharekhan NRI Services:

Through Sharekhan all NRIs can easily invest money in Indian stock market.

Sharekhan Issue management:

It provides you the facility to resolve issue related to trading and investing instantly.

Sharekhan Depository Services:

It is a registered depository participant with NSDL and CDSL. You can avail a demat service with Sharekhan.

  • The trading exposure is up to 32x.

Below mentioned services are not offered by Sharekhan:

Sharekhan is not offering services like 3-in-1 account, virtual trading, debt funding and investment banking.

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Sharekhan Products

Find below information related to Sharekhan products for this financial year:

Equity TradingY
Commodity TradingY
Currency TradingY
Mutual FundsY
Fixed Deposits / BondsY

Sahrekhan equity trading:

Sharekhan offers equity based trading to the investors to buy/sell share at a market price.

Sharekhan commodity trading:

It is a member of MCX and NCDEX exchanges. In commodity trading traders buy/sell physical goods such as metals, energy and agriculture products.

Sharekhan currency trading:

Sharekhan currency based trading for the investors who wants to buy,sell, exchange and speculate on currencies.

Sharekhan Futures and Options:

Through Sharekhan you can trade in futures and option derivatives. These kinds of trading are very flexible like in future you can buy/sell share at a specified price and future date, and in options you will do the same, but without any obligation.

Sharekhan Mutual funds and SIP:

With Sharekhan you can invest in Mutual funds online. Additionally this stock market firm offers you the facility to buy/sell mutual fund units through SIP.

Sharekhan fixed deposits/bonds:

It provides you the facility to invest money in safe and low risk investment options fixed deposits/bonds.

Sharekhan Loans:

Loans against securities is a facility that provides you a loan to meet you liquidity requirements without selling you assets.

Sharekhan E-trade:

Invest instantly and research in a few click via E-trade platform of Sharekhan.

Below mentioned products are not offered by Sharekhan:

At Sharekhan you cannot avail the benefits of investment banking , insurance, Forex,  NPS,  and e-locker.

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