Alder Capital Advisors PMS is an independent investment management firm. And, high net worth individuals, families and private foundations are their prime clients. They invest upon B2C business models with outstanding management and display of scalability.

In today’s article, we’ll review Alder Capital Portfolio Management Services for being a worthy PMS company. And, our review will be drafted on the following parameters: –

  • Bits and pieces from their overall origin story. This part will consist of the details of their founders. It’ll even include the description of the place and year of their inception.
  • Expound details about the types of PMS they offer. We’ll explain the overall functionality of all of them.
  • We’ll present the entire list of their fund managers. This part will consist the details about the fund managers. We’re referring to their educative qualification and experience.
  • We’ll present you the entire bouquet of investment strategies they offer. This part will include their approach related to each strategy. And, we’ll even explain the implementation part for each one of them.
  • Complete details about the returns you may expect from them. This part will come along with a detailed chart. And, the chart will describe the different returns as per investment terms. In fact, this part will have a CAGR chart to help.
  • A complete list of all of their investment plans. This part will describe the key differences between all their plans. This will include the pros and cons of all the strategies. And, it’ll even describe the approach of the investment plans.
  • We’ll even describe the complete inventory of the commission plans they have. This part will state the variation in all the commission rates as per the plans. It’ll even state all the pros and cons of each plan.
  • And More

PMS Offer

Alder Capital Advisors PMS – Customer Ratings & Review

Find Client ratings of Alder Capital Advisors Portfolio Management Services –

Returns Performance4.0 / 5
Services3.7 / 5
Charges3.9 / 5
Experience4.1 / 5
Strategies4.1 / 5
Client Support4.2 / 5
Overall Ratings4.0 / 5
Star Ratings★★★★

Overview of Alder Capital Advisors Portfolio Management Services

Find a detailed overview of the Alder Capital Advisors portfolio management service in the table given below-

Company TypeLLP
Registered LocationMumbai, Maharashtra
LeadershipHemant Patel
Yr. of Establishment2014

Alder Capital Advisors PMS was established to serve as a prime PMS company. They have their headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

And, the inception of the company was set forward in the year 2014. Their existence can be credited to the efforts of Hemant Patel, their founder.

They believe that the rise on an Indian consumer is a multi-decade event. Thus, they focus on portfolios made of businesses catering to domestic consumers. In short, they keenly invest upon the B2C business models with growth potential.

Now, we will have a discussion about Alder Capital Advisors portfolio management service company review, its PMS returns, PMS charges and more.

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    Types of Alder Capital Advisors PMS

    There are 2 types of Alder Capital Advisors Portfolio Management Services –

    Types of PMS

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS does not vary from their competitors much. And, we’re referring to their approach seeking customer satisfaction. In fact, they provide their customers with tow PMS options.

    We’re referring to discretionary and non-discretionary PMS types. The former is meant to relax the clients a lot. Thus, the investment related power is put in the hands of fund manager.

    The later, however, requires a lot of engagement from clients. The clients are provided with investment advisory. And, then they are sought out for alteration decisions.

    In fact, this takes away the power of asset management from the fund managers. And, the clients are put in charge of their own investments.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Fund Managers Details

    The table given below is providing the entire details about the fund manager of Alder Capital Advisors PMS company.

    Fund Manager’s Details
    NameHemant Patel (Managing Partner)
    Experience20 Yrs.
    Highest QualificationMBA
    AUM (in Cr.)50 Cr.
    Number of Clients60
    Investment Tenure3yrs

    Hemant Patel (Managing Partner)

    Mr.Hemant Patel is an award winning manager, who had been voted as India’s top analyst for home and personal care sector by wall street Journal. Also, he secured two consecutive award winning years by Reuters StarMine for consumer staples category.

    He holds an extended experience of 20 years, 15 years of which are from the domain of institutional equity research. He added up to his excellence, by advising some of well known international as well as domestic institutional investors.

    His highest educational qualification is MBA from Australian Graduate School of Management, University of NSW in 2000.

    Rakhi Prasad (Fund Manager)

    Ms. Rakhi Prasad very well set on this path of career with Goldman Sachs, N.Y. She was imposed with the responsibility of building strategies to hedge against counterparty risk.

    Post her job role at Goldman, she was a part of Enam Secrities, Matrix Partners India, where his experience level is noted as 19 years across asset management, investment banking, private equity, and risk management.

    Her academic records state – BA Economics, Lady Shri Ram College; BS Computer Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and MS Financial Engineering, Columbia University, New York.

    As for the achievements she gained along her career, she holds India’s Top 100 Women in Finance in 2020 by AIWMI.

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    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Strategies

    The below table is providing details about the Alder Capital Advisors portfolio management service strategies-

    Large Cap StrategyYes
    Diversified StrategyYes
    Small – Midcap StrategyYes

    Alder Capital’s open to using everything at their disposal to satisfy the clients. In fact, this pushes them to seek out everything even in investment approaches.

    And, that’s why their investments are not confined to a particular sector or portfolio. Speaking of which, they invest on all small, mid and large cap portfolios.

    However, their investments do go through a lot of analysis first. Nevertheless, their investment approach is not that simple. And, it’s primarily driven by four factors.

    We’re referring to in-depth research of business, management, industry and competition. They are rather inclined towards the businesses with disciplined management.

    And, at times they even overlook market cycle for that matter. They rank the companies before investing through multiple parameters. And, the list includes the following: –

    • Innovation
    • Management Culture & Discipline
    • Assets
    • Scalability
    • Industrial Rivalry
    • Capital Allocation

    They prefer looking at the past financial records of a company. And, at times they might even undermine the market predictions. In simpler words, they tend to invest upon consumer favored companies. Furthermore, these companies must have a firm management too.

    Alder Capital PMS – Multicap

    Investment philosophy adopted is focused on consumption centric B2C businesses. There are certain criteria based on which the investment possibility differs. The criteria are businesses which posses competitive advantage, generate free cash flows and demonstrate outstanding management culture.

    There is also a rule for excluded categories and they are export, commodity or industrial cycle related. Briefing on the investment style which goes along with this strategies, it can be best figured as growth oriented, concentrated, low churn and multi cap.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Returns / Performance

    The below table is giving details about Alder Capital Advisors PMS returns and performance-

    Returns (CAGR)
    3 Year10.5%
    5 Year9.6%
    7 Year10.2%
    10 Year8.6%
    11 Year Plus8.2%

    The table above enlists the CAGR of Alder for different investment terms. Ans, by CAGR, we mean compound annual growth rate. And, the returns vary depending upon the investment terms.

    Anyway, the above chart is categorized into five different segments. And each segment represents a particular investment term.

    So, the investments worth 3 years are expected to fetch 10.5% CAGR. Investments worth 5 years may fetch 906% CAGR. 10.2% CAGR is expected off the 7-year investments.

    All the 10-year investments are expected to fetch in 8.6%. And, all the investments over 11 years are expected to fetch 8.2% CAGR.

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    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Investment Plans

    Below the given table is providing details about the Alder Capital Advisors portfolio management service investment plans.

    Investment Plans
    Bronze (25L – 50L)Yes
    Silver (50L – 1 Cr.)Yes
    Gold (1 Cr. – 5 Cr.)Yes
    Platinum (5 Cr. Plus)Yes

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS isn’t that different in terms of investment categorization. In fact, they even prefer to fall in with the industry pattern in this case.

    And, that’s what inspires them to categorize the investment plans into four segments. The first one is the Bronze Plan. This plan caters to the investments within the range 25L-50L.

    The next one is the Silver Plan. This one caters to the investments within 50L-1Cr. Third one is the Gold Plan. It caters to the investments within 1Cr-5Cr. And, the last one is known by the name of Platinum Plan. It caters to all investments over 5Cr.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Fee Structure or Commission Slabs

    Find the details about the types of commission models or fees structure offered by Alder Capital Advisors PMS house are as follows-

    Commission / Fees Structure
    Prepaid CommissionYes
    Volume% CommissionYes
    Profit Sharing% CommissionYes

    Adler Capital Advisors PMS does not only have categories in investment plans. In fact, they even have categorized their commission plans.

    And, the clients are open to opt out any one of the commission plans as they will. This has been done to ease the process for their clients. We’re referring to the prepaid, volume% and the profit-sharing plan.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Prepaid Commission

    Prepaid Commission (Yearly)
    Investment – 25L – 50L1.31% of Investment
    Investment  – 50L – 1 Cr.1.21% of Investment
    Investment – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.1.01% of Investment
    Investment – 5 Cr. Plus0.81% of Investment

    This is a plan that incurs the charges every year. This means that the clients must pay off their commission annually. And, the commission is charged as per the overall investment value.

    This plan further has four different categories. And, each category is associated with an investment plan. The first one serves the Bronze Plan. And, it’s charged at 1.31% commission rate.

    Second one serves the Silver Category. And, it’s charged at 1.21% commission rate. Third one is meant for the Gold Plan holders. It’s charged at 1.01% commission rate.

    And, the last one is meant for the Platinum Plan holders at 0.81%.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Volume% Commission

    Volume% Commission (Yearly)
    Transaction Volume – 25L – 50L0.135% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 50L – 1 Cr.0.125% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.0.115% of Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 5 Cr. Plus0.105% of Total Transaction Volume

    This is the second category of commission plan Alder has to offer. Even this is charged annually. However, it depends upon the transactions made for the asset.

    And, we’re talking about the transactions made by the fund manager. Even this has four distinctions. The first one is meant for Bronze plan holders.

    It charges them at 0.135%. Second one is for the silver plan holders. It charges them at 0.125%. third one is meant for the gold plan holders.

    And, it’s charged at 0.115%. And, the final one is aimed at the platinum plan holders. It’s charged at 0.105%.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Profit Sharing% Commission

    The table given below is showing details about profit sharing% commission model-

    Profit Sharing% Commission (Yearly)
    Profit Amount – 2.5L – 5L20.5% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 5L – 10L19.5% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 10L – 50L18.5% of Profit
    Profit Amount – 50L Plus16.5% of Profit

    The most popular commission plan is the profit-sharing plan. It’s charged annually too. However, it’s charged on the overall profit realized by the clients.

    Even this function within four distinctions. The first one is for the bronze plan owners. This charges them at 20.5% commission rate.

    Then comes the one meant for silver plan owners. This charges them at 19.5% commission rate. Third in line is aimed for the gold plan owners.

    This charges them at 18.5% commission rate. And, the last one is designed for the platinum plan owners. This charges them at a rate of 16.5%.

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    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Charges

    The below-given table is giving information about Alder Capital Advisors Portfolio Management Service Charges-

    Management FeesAs per commission model
    Upfront Fees0.71% – 0.81% of Asset Value
    Brokerage Charges0.006% – 0.016% of Total Transaction Value
    Custodian Charges0.13% – 0.23% of Asset Value
    Depository Charges0.16% – 0.26% of Asset Value
    Exit Load – within 12 months0.75% – 1.05% of Withdrawal Value
    Exit Load – post 12 monthsFree

    Commissions are not all you must pay to Alder. Here’s a list of some other charges they incur: –

    • Management charge as per the opted commission model.
    • Upfront fee within 0.71-0.81% of asset value.
    • Brokerage charges at 0.006%-0.016% of transactions value.
    • Custodian charge at 0.13%-0.23% of asset value.
    • Depository charges at 0.16%-0.26% of asset value.
    • Exit load at 0.75%-1.05% of withdrawal value. It’s applicable for withdrawals with 12 months of investment.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Benefits

    Find the details about Alder Capital Advisors PMS advantages in the table given below-

    Benefits / Advantages
    Top-up FacilityYes
    Back office ReportsYes
    Email UpdateYes
    SMS UpdateYes
    Watsapp UpdateNo
    Portfolio ViewYes
    Detailed ViewYes
    Flexible Commission ModelYes
    Flexible Investment PlansYes
    Massive ExperienceYes

    Here are all the benefits you can get by investing with Alder Capital Advisors PMS: –

    • Allowance to increase the investment value upto certain extent.
    • Regular updates on investment through Email and SMS.
    • Access to many flexible investment and commission plans.
    • Access to various reports for the investments.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Customer Care

    The table given below is showing a detailed view of Alder Capital Advisors PMS Customer Care.

    Customer Care
    Call SupportYes
    Email SupportYes
    Chat SupportNo
    Watsapp SupportNo
    Relationship Manager SupportYes
    Call to Fund ManagerYes – 9 Times a month
    Issue Resolving TAT17 working days

    Their customer care grants the following services and support: –

    • Support related to investment through call and email.
    • Provision for a call to the fund manager upto 9 times a month.
    • Issue resolution TAT at 17 working days.
    • Support from a dedicated relationship manager.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS Conclusion

    There’s not much we need to say Alder Capital Advisors PMS. All you need to know has already been said within the article. In short, you can trust them with your investments and their services.

    Alder Capital Advisors PMS FAQs

    Ques – Who is the current Fund Manager of Alder Capital Advisors PMS?

    Answer – Mr. Hemant Patel is responsible for managing the funds at Alder Capital Advisors.  Their managing partner has 20 years of experience with around 60 clients all over the country. While, the funds at Alder Capital Advisors are managed by Rakhi Prasad.

    Ques – What is the investment strategy of Alder Capital Advisors PMS?

    Answer – The Alder Capital Advisors has been giving lucrative investment advises to their clients for years now. The company makes sure that they take everything in use to bring the best out of client made investments. Large cap strategy along with diversified strategy has been the major strategies at hand which Alder Capital Advisors have been using for rewarding returns.

    Ques – What are the benefits of investing with Alder Capital Advisors PMS?

    Answer – The company has been customer friendly in regards of their policies when it comes to investment. Alder Capital Advisors gives an individual the luxury to increase their investment value up to a certain extent with providing flexible investment plans.

    • The returns at Alder Capital PMS has been very promising with a return percentage of 21% in a six month period. Thus, profiting their clientele with the best of returns on every investment.

    Ques – Is it worth investing in Alder Capital Advisors PMS?

    Answer – It is indeed an excellent choice when it comes to investing in Alder Capital Advisors. The company manages assets of over 70 Cr with around a hundred clients all over the country.

    Ques – What is the fee structure of Alder Capital Advisors PMS?

    Answer – The fee structure at Alder Capital Advisors is very flexible they take in note the prepaid commission, volume commission as well as profit sharing commission. Thus, for the fixed fee side of the structure an AMC of 2.50% is paid while on the variable fee side the AMC percentage amount is around 1.50% with a 15% profit sharing above a 10% hurdle or 20% hurdle.

    Ques – Where can I check return or performance of Alder Capital Advisors PMS?

    Answer – The given article talks about the return or performance of the company in depth. Customers can obtain, learn or analyse their investment plan with the company by referring to their past returns.

    Ques – How to call or reach Alder Capital Advisors PMS customer care?

    Answer – Call support has been granted to the customers at Alder Capital Advisors. The company also has mail support as well as relationship manager support.

    Ques – Where to find complete details about Alder Capital Advisors PMS?

    Answer – We believe in providing our readers with the best of information without much hassle. Thus entire information regarding the given company is mentioned above, dealing with every aspect of their investment plan to strategies.

    Ques – How can I invest with Alder Capital Advisors PMS?

    Answer – In order to take your first step in investing with Alder Capital Advisors, you need to click on the “Invest in PMS” button you see on the website. Once you submit the link, the company will directly contact you and provide you with detailed information regarding various investment opportunities at Alder Capital Advisors.

    Ques – What is the approx AUM of Alder Capital Advisors PMS?

    Answer – The approx AUM which Alder Capital Advisors handles is around Rs 70 crores. The firm takes their asset under managements very seriously and collectively works to get the best out of it.

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