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In this article, you will get to know about the different benefits that SBI Mutual Fund AMC provide to the investors.

Then we will talk about the registration and KYC related information that every investor looking for investing in mutual funds need to know.

Then we will dig into the details of fund managers and the key personnel of the firm.

In the second half of the article, you will get to know about the different metrics on which we have segregated the best performing mutual fund schemes of the firm.

The best performing schemes under market value, the volatility of the schemes, top ten funds, and many other things will be discussed in the section of the article.

SBI or State Bank of India is a brand in the financial service industry in this country. It is a name that everyone knows when it comes to financial services especially banking services.

However, SBI has a different financial services department apart from its banking services as well.

SBI Mutual Fund AMC is a joint-venture company of SBI and Amundi which is an asset management company in France. The company was established in the year 1987 under the Indian Trust Act, 1882.

Thus, its full name is SBI Mutual Fund Trustee Company Private Limited.

About SBI Mutual Fund

The SBI Mutual Fund was incorporated in the year 1992 after being set up in 1987. It started its journey since then and never looked back.

SBI Mutual Fund AMCIt is one of the most sought after mutual fund house in the nation. This company is one of the oldest mutual fund AMC in the country.

It was set up after the Unit Trust of India which is the first in the nation. In 2004, it sold 37% of the shares to Amundi and then joined as a partner in this company.

SBI Mutual Fund is one of the first in many segments in the financial service industry. For instance, it was the first AMC to offer a ‘Contra’ fund.

More on SBI AMC

Then it acquired Daiwa Mutual Fund which is a subsidiary of the Daiwa Group based in Japan.

It is the first asset management company to offer ESG Fund which stands for Environment, Social, and Governance fund.

This fund provides resources for sustainable investment. It is done in the major financial markets.

Using the SBI Mutual Fund ETFs, for the first time, Employees’ PF of India invested Rs.5000 crores in the year 2015.

The company has been managing over Rs.3 lakh crore of assets in the present year which is more than most of the major mutual fund companies in the country.

It witnessed over seven percent return in recent years according to the reports which is a massive return on total assets under the management of the firm.

Some of the top-performing mutual funds of the firm are SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund, SBI Magnum Constant Maturity Fund, SBI Magnum Income Fund, and others.

It provides all types of funds ranking from the equities to the debts, hybrids, and others. It caters to the need of all kinds of investors.

With more than 30 years of experience in the market, it is a leader in the mutual fund industry.

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    Why Invest in SBI AMC?

    There are ample benefits the SBI Mutual Funds provide to its clients and they are mentioned below –


    Firstly, the firm has extensive experience in the field of finance and providing financial services. It has expertise across all domains of finance which adds to the benefit of the client.

    The SBI AMC has more than 2 decades of experience and that is what makes it more sought after amongst all other AMCs in the country.

    Highly Rated Products by CRISIL

    The firm chooses products that are highly rated by CRISIL. These products are chosen after thorough research and analysis.

    The research analysts do a complete research of the industry and the company before picking the stocks and other assets for the fund schemes.

    Understands Customers really well

    Then the Mutual Fund House of SBI offers products that suit the need of the customer. It is because they have understood the customers of Indian market very well in these years.

    They offer funds that suit their risk appetite, investment goals, and the budget of the investors. Thus, schemes are abundant by SBIMF which you can invest in.

    Offers Domestic & Foreign Funds

    SBI Mutual Fund AMC offers domestic funds as well as offshore or foreign funds. This facility is hardly available with any other fund house in the country.

    This gives investors a huge spectrum to invest in. They do not just have domestic funds but also the top funds of other countries to invest their money into.

    Offers SIP & Lumpsum both

    SBI MF offers a Systematic Investment Plan where you can invest a certain amount monthly. This helps you accumulate wealth continuously by investing small amounts at your convenience.

    They also have ‘One-time’ investment options where you have to invest a lump sum amount.

    Top Rated Fund Managers

    Finally, fund managers are the most important part of a fund house. In SBI Mutual Fund AMC, they are chosen with precision.

    They possess huge experience in fund management and research departments. They have been delivering great returns to the clients over years.

    So, your funds will be in experienced hands and you can be assured about a fair return on your investment.

    So, all in all, SBIMF is regarded as one of the top AMC in the nation for all the right reasons. Be it the brand value, range of funds, research analysis services, everything is top-notch.

    How to Invest with SBI Mutual Funds?

    The process of investing in SBI Mutual Fund are as follows –

    • You can find a registration tab on this website. If you are already a registered member of the website, then you just need to login.
    • If you are not registered, then register yourself using the PAN card, AADHAAR Card or Voter ID, and other details.
    • You will get a login password and user id upon registration.
    • Login to the site using the same id and password.
    • Now you have to choose certain things to specify your requirement for mutual funds –
      • Choose the type of investment – One time or SIP
      • Select the risk level – Low, Medium, or High
      • Choose the amount you want to invest
    • Then select the SBI Mutual Fund from the list
    • Select the fund you want to invest in as per your preference
    • Then click on the payment option – UPI/net banking/Debit/Credit Card and others
    • Make the payment and your funds will be reflected in your account within a few business working days.

    SBI AMC – Fund Managers

    The fund managers who are the ones looking after the funds, making investments on behalf of the investors/clients are the pillars of any asset management company.

    Here in SBI Mutual Fund AMC, the top fund managers are –

    Ashwani Bhatia

    He is one of the veterans of SBI having more than 35 years of experience in this organization only.

    Mr. Ashwani joined as a PO and now he is the Managing director and CEO of SBI Mutual Funds and is one of the members of the SBI Fund Management Board since 2018.

    He was the Chief General Manager of the SME department in the bank for years. Then spent a long duration in the credit and treasury department. He has an in-depth knowledge of the market.

    Nicholas Simon

    He has been deputed as the Deputy CEO of the SBI Mutual Fund AMC since 2015 and also has been deputed from the partner of SBI in SBI Mutual Fund AMC that is Amundi Group of France.

    Mr. Nicholas has more than twenty years of experience in the market. He has completed his studies at the top colleges in Paris.

    Sohini Andani

    She is one of the top fund managers of the SBI Mutual Fund AMC. Ms. Sohini is having more than eleven years of experience in the financial services industry as a research analyst.

    She is a Chartered Accountant and thus having great know how of the finance as well.

    Dinesh Balachandran

    He has been working in SBI Mutual Fund AMC since 2012 as an equity fund manager.

    He is a Chartered Financial Analyst with huge knowledge and experience of the financial market and investments.

    Richard D’Souza

    He is having extensive knowledge and experience in the portfolio management department.

    He is having more than twenty-seven years of experience in the market and now he manages the thematic funds at SBI Mutual Fund AMC.

    SBI Mutual Fund – Key Personnel

    The people who run the SBI Mutual Fund AMC are –

    Vinay M. Tonse

    He is the Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer of the SBI. He is working on deputation in SBI Mutual Fund since June 2020.

    Mr. Vinay started his journey in SBI as a Probationary officer back in 1988 just after completing his studies.

    In this prolonged career in SBI, he almost got hands-on experience of different departments in the company and finally, he came to the SBI Mutual Fund.

    Mr. Denys

    He is the Deputy CEO of the SBI Fund Management since March 2020. He has been serving the financial industry for 33 years.

    This huge experience helps the investors to get better funds and solutions. He has served as CEO and other key personnel of many financial service firms in the past before joining the SBI Mutual Fund.

    D.P. Singh

    He is having more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector. He acquired this position as Chief Business Officer in the year 2012. Before that, he used to serve as the National Head of Sales department in SBI.

    So, all these key personnel have huge experience in the banking and financial industry. They are associated with SBI Group for several years and are dedicated to the customers of the firm.

    How to do KYC Check for SBI Mutual Fund?

    The process of completing KYC on SBI Mutual Fund AMC is too simple and you can do it just by following these below-mentioned steps –

    • Firstly, you need to click the button of “Open an Account” in this page and fill the pop up form.
    • Select the KYC option there and fill in the details – Name, Address, Occupation, and other details.
    • Now make photocopies of your documents. Documents list will be given in this page itself.
    • Self- attest the photocopies of the documents
    • Then upload the same on the website following the instructions provided.
    • Once you upload the documents, the process is over and your KYC is done.
    • You can now invest in mutual fund schemes with SBI Mutual Fund AMC without any hassle.

    Since SEBI has mandated the KYC, every investor must complete the process properly. Only after proper KYC, you can invest in the schemes of the SBI Mutual Fund.

    Documents Required to Invest in SBI AMC

    The documents which SBI Mutual Fund AMC require for completion of KYC are as follows –

    • You need to have PAN Card
    • Then AADHAAR Card is mandatory
    • Then you can provide Voter ID details as well for identity proof or Passport details.

    For verification of the address –

    • You can provide any of the utility bills like electricity bills, phone bills, and others.
    • You can also use the Rental Agreement or any lease agreement if you are living in any rented apartment.

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    SBI Mutual Fund Fees or Charges

    FundMinimum Investment (Rs)Entry Load (in % p.a.)Exit Load (in % p.a.)Fund Manager
    SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A0.5Neeraj Kumar
    SBI Banking and PSU Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A0.5Rajeev Radhakrishnan
    SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A2Milind Agrawal
    SBI Blue Chip Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Sohini Andani
    SBI Consumption Opportunities Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Saurabh Pant
    SBI Contra Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Dinesh Balachandran
    SBI Corporate Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Rajeev Radhakrishnan
    SBI Credit Risk Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A3Lokesh Mallya
    SBI Debt Hybrid Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Ruchit Mehta
    SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A2Dinesh Balachandran
    SBI Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Dinesh Ahuja

    Details on SBI Mutual Funds Fees

    Now we will be discussing the different types of metrics which can help you understand the top fund of the SBI Mutual Fund.

    To start with we have charges of the SBI Mutual Fund AMC. SBI Mutual Fund has very nominal charges which are lower than most of the fund houses in the country.

    It charges no entry load or fees for investing in the funds. This is a huge benefit for the investors in SBI Mutual Fund. They just need to pay the amount they need to invest.

    That is why you can see no charges in the Entry load column in the table above. In the exit load column, as you can see the rate varies from 0.5% to even 3%.

    This is the rate that is charged on the amount you withdraw from the fund. This is the charge which you need to pay while withdrawing the fund.

    This makes sense as well as while withdrawing you have made a certain profit at least. So, paying a charge here is justifiable.

    The exit load is also quite nominal as most of the funds have a 1% exit load. There are very few of them which has a 3% exit load.

    However, some funds have a 0.5% exit load. So, overall the charges are pretty low in SBI Mutual Fund.

    The minimum investment required is also average as per the industry. It asks for Rs.5000 as the minimum investment in most of the schemes.

    At least the top 10 funds require only Rs.5000 as a minimum investment. The funds are managed by different fund managers as you can see in the table above.

    The top three funds are managed by Neeraj Kumar, Rajeev Radhakrishnan, and Milind Agarwal.

    Best Performing SBI Mutual Fund

    Fund NameCategoryRisk1Y ReturnsFund Size (in Cr)
    SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund
    EquityHigh3.20%Rs. 1,997
    SBI Magnum Constant Maturity FundDEBTModerate11.90%Rs. 809
    SBI Magnum Medium Duration FundDebtModerate12.90%Rs. 6,080
    SBI Magnum Income FundDebtModerate13.50%Rs. 1,710
    SBI Multi Asset Allocation FundDEBTModerately High14.50%Rs. 278
    SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit FundDEBTModerately High15.90%Rs. 69
    SBI Small Cap FundEquityModerately High32.80%Rs. 6,202
    SBI Technology Opportunities FundEquityHigh45.00%Rs. 367
    SBI Magnum Gilt FundDebtModerate12.10%Rs. 4,356
    SBI Dynamic Bond FundDebtModerate11.00%Rs. 2,409

    Details on Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes

    If you compare both the risk and return profile of the funds offered by SBI Mutual Fund, then the 10 best performing funds are mentioned in the table above.

    As per the table, the fund with the highest return in 1 year is SBI Technology Opportunities Fund with Equities as the underlying asset. It returned a whopping 45% in 1 year with a fund size of Rs.367 crores.

    However, the risk in this fund is pretty high but the returns suggest that it’s worth taking the risk. Then we have SBI Small Cap Fund with moderately high risk and equity as underlying.

    This fund returns around 32.80% in a year on average. The size of the fund is also huge at Rs 6202 Crores.

    Then comes the SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Fund which is a unique fund made for the benefit of the children.

    The parents who are quite intelligent and have financial know-how knows that investing in mutual funds instead of insurance or another investment vehicle for children would be more fruitful.

    This fund returns 15.90% in a year with moderately high risk and Debt as underlying. Though the fund size is small of Rs.69 crores but this fund are one of the best performing funds of the firm.

    There are other funds with varying returns ranging from 3.20% to 14.50% and risk levels are also different.

    While some of them have moderate risk, some have low risk and some have even high-risk levels.

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    Top 10 SBI AMC Funds

    1-Year Return
    3-Year Return5-Year Return
    SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund – Growth – Direct Plan0.130.693.35
    SBI Banking and PSU Fund – Growth – Direct Plan0.372.5310.44
    SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund – Growth – Direct Plan3.3133.590.41
    SBI Blue Chip Fund – Growth – Direct Plan524.0112.44
    SBI Consumption Opportunities Fund – Growth – Direct Plan14.1926.9311.77
    SBI Contra Fund – Growth – Direct Plan10.6227.9127.71
    SBI Corporate Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan0.272.3310.36
    SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series A – Plan 1 – Growth – Direct Plan1.084.019.32
    SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series A – Plan 2 – Growth – Direct Plan1.054.149.29
    SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series A – Plan 3 – Growth – Direct Plan1.114.599.97

    Details on Top 10 SBI AMC Funds

    Now coming to the most important metric which every investor should be aware of – 5years return, 3years return, and 1year returns.

    According to the 5 years returns, which are considered to be most important amongst these three as well the top three funds are SBI Contra Fund, SBI Blue Chip Fund, and SBI Consumption Opportunities Fund.

    The SBI Contra Fund has its glory being the first Contra Fund of the country. It is having a 5years return of 27.71%. The three years return though was higher a bit at 27.91% and the 1year return was 10.62%.

    Then there is the SBI Blue Chip Fund, a growth fund, and a direct plan. This fund returned 12.44% in 5 years duration.

    However, it returned 24.01% in 3 years duration which proves that the first two years of 5years were a little sluggish. Similarly, the 1year return of this fund was 5% which proves the above point.

    Then comes the SBI Consumption Opportunities Fund, again a growth fund and a direct plan.

    The 5 years return in this fund was 11.77% while the 3years return was 26.93% and the 1year return being 14.19%.

    Apart from these three, there are other top seven funds. The 5 years return ranges from 0.41% to 10.44% for these seven funds.

    Best SBI Mutual Fund – Portfolio

    FundMarket Value (in Cr.)Net Assst (in Cr.)Rating
    HSBC Cash Fund – Growth – Direct Plan14001.21528536.5AAA
    HSBC Debt Fund – Growth – Direct Plan4977.5673594.4AAA
    HSBC Flexi Debt Fund – Growth – Direct Plan4093.734409.33AAA
    HSBC Low Duration Fund – Growth – Direct Plan18460.03796898.71AAA
    HSBC Regular Savings Fund – Growth – Direct Plan4544.8476656.5AAA
    HSBC Short Duration Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5439.5560178.89AAA

    Details on Top SBI Mutual Fund Portfolios

    According to the Market value of the funds, the top ten funds are given in the table above.

    The fund with the highest Market value of Rs.16059.21 crores are SBI Liquid Fund. It is a growth fund with direct investment options that is a direct plan.

    The Net Asset Value of this fund is Rs. 546714 crores. The rating of this fund is ‘AAA’ which is the highest rating in the industry.

    Most of the funds of SBI Mutual Fund AMC are having triple ‘A’ ratings. Then, there is the SBI Dynamic Bond Fund with a market valuation of Rs.12689.29 crores and a net asset value of Rs.170624.61 crores. This fund is also having a triple ‘A’ ratings.

    Similarly, the third fund out of the top ten funds having an ‘AAA’ rating is SBI Contra Fund with Rs.9833.87 crores of market value. The net asset value of the fund is Rs.176741 crores.

    SBI Mutual Fund Schemes NAV

    Fund52 Week High (Rs.)52 Week Low (Rs.)
    SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund – Growth – Direct Plan27.0226
    SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund – Growth – Direct Plan21.9712.21
    SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund – Growth – Direct Plan21.9712.21
    SBI Banking and PSU Fund – Growth – Direct Plan2557.32296.82
    SBI Blue Chip Fund – Growth – Direct Plan51.0728.33
    SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series A – Plan 1 – Growth – Direct Plan11.8410.12
    SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series A – Plan 2 – Growth – Direct Plan11.7810.1
    SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series A – Plan 3 – Growth – Direct Plan11.8110.07
    SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series A – Plan 4 – Growth – Direct Plan11.759.98
    SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series A – Plan 5 – Growth – Direct Plan11.559.67

    Details on SBI AMC Funds NAV

    The investors must check the NAV of the funds and their volatility as well. Here in the table given above, the volatility can be determined by looking at the 52 weeks highs and lows.

    The fund at the top – SBI Banking and PSU Fund is having 52 weeks high of Rs.2557.3 and a low of Rs.2296.82. The volatility is visible from the difference in the two figures.

    Then there is the SBI Blue Chip fund with Rs.51.07 as the highest price in 52 weeks and the lowest being Rs.28.33. Here also, you can understand the volatility is pretty high.

    Then there are other funds like SBI Banking and Financial Services Fund with high volatility.

    This metric will help you understand which fund to trade and which fund you can invest in for the long-term.

    SBI AMC Customer Care Details

    Address of AMC191, Maker Tower ‘E’ Cuffe Parade Mumbai – 400 005
    Telephone Number022 – 22180221-27
    Fax Number022 – 22189663

    Customer Care of SBI Mutual Fund AMC is top-notch and filled with executives with high professional standards.

    They are prudent in their work and try to meet the customer’s expectations properly by providing great services.

    You can visit the office of SBI Mutual Fund AMC in Maker Tower ‘E’ Cuffe Parade in Mumbai.

    The phone number where you can reach them is 022-22180221/22/23/24/25/26/27.

    SBI Mutual Funds AMC- Important Links

    SBI Mutual Fund Loginhttps://www.sbimf.com/en-us/login
    SBI Mutual Fund Apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sbi.mf&hl=en
    Facebook Linkhttps://www.facebook.com/SBIMF
    Twitter Linkhttps://twitter.com/SBIMF
    Youtube Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/user/sbimutualfund

    SBI Mutual Funds AMC – Conclusion

    In the end, we hope you can understand why SBI Mutual Fund AMC is so much popular amongst the investors in India.

    This fund house provides ultimate funds/schemes for every investor with different investment goals, budgets, and risk-taking abilities.

    The AMC is one of the topmost AMCs in the country with multiple schemes and highly experienced fund managers. You must choose wisely the funds you want to invest in.

    However, with SBI Mutual Fund AMC, all your investments are secure and are in great hands.

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