TATA Mutual Fund AMC is one of the premier fund houses in the economy serving many investors for the previous 25 years and counting.

TATA has its presence in almost every industry running in this nation, the mutual fund being one of them. 

It is one of such mutual fund houses, which had been awarded several times for different achievements in the market. 

It has been awarded Best Contra Fund, Low Duration Fund, and many such great schemes. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know regarding TATA Mutual Fund AMC. 

Starting from its inception to its best performing funds, we will talk about each of the facts. 

This will get more intriguing when you will read about the different metrics on which the best funds have been chosen. 

The article will give in insight about the funds, the schemes, investment prospective and budget and also charges of the fund house. 

In this article, you will also find the details about the process of investing in TATA Mutual Funds schemes. Then the process of registering and KYC is also mentioned and discussed in detail in the article. 

Apart from that, you will get to know about the different fund managers of the fund house. 

This is one of the crucial factors every investor must know about the fund house before choosing it. So, as said, it is a complete guide for you about TATA Mutual Fund AMC. 

About TATA Mutual Fund 

Tata Mutual Fund Asset Management Company with its headquarters in Mumbai is a subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd. and Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.

Tata Mutual Fund AMCIt was incorporated in the year 1994 and started its operations in June 1995. 

The Tata Sons holds 67.91% of the shares of the Tata Mutual Fund AMC and the remaining is held by later. It makes a revenue of over 2 billion as per the reports of 2018-19. 

As per reports of the firm, it has been offering more than two hundred fund schemes to investors. The total asset under its management is more than Rs.50000 crores. 

The firm has been in the market for two decades now and thus it offers schemes that suit every kind of investor. It knows the requirements of the clients it has and the investors of this country. 

The pillars of any fund house that are fund managers are very reliable in Tata Mutual Fund AMC. They are not only professionally prudent but they take care of the requirements of the investors pretty well. 

We will discuss the top fund managers in detail in the later section of the article. 

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    Why Invest in TATA AMC?

    If you are wondering about the features that make Tata Mutual Fund AMC one of the most sought after AMC in the country then here is the list – 

    Brand Value

    When it is Tata, the top most factor is brand value. Tata has its aura and brand value that makes it special and reliable.

    It has been in this mutual fund market for more than two decades now. TATA AMC knows the pros and cons pretty well.

    It has been thus offering the best of the schemes to the customers, top fund managers, and everything that an investor would require for investment. 

    Top-class Fund managers

    Tata Mutual Fund AMC has one of the best set of fund managers. Each of them having exponential experience in the market apart from the educational qualification.

    They are known for their stock-picking skills and delivering huge returns to the investors.

    Ample of investment options

    The fund house offers multiple schemes and funds to invest. It helps the investor to diversify the portfolio and mitigate the risk as much as possible. The range of schemes and funds is huge.

    It also enables the investors with different investment budgets and goals to invest with Tata Mutual Fund AMC. 

    Nominal charges

    The charges of Tata Mutual Fund AMC is quite affordable. They have a very lenient policy regarding the charges of investing in the funds they offer.

    It helps the retail investors to a great extent. The charges entering the market are nil in most of the schemes and the exit load is also pretty nominal.

    The minimum investment required by the fund house is also kept at a nominal level for enabling the investors to invest with minimum saving.

    Higher returns

    Tata Mutual Fund AMC has been providing great returns to the clients over years. The firm has been providing over 70% return in five years duration for a few of the schemes as well which you can understand is huge.

    The average return is pretty good for most of the schemes which help the investors to accumulate wealth easily and in minimum time. 

    How to Invest with TATA Mutual Funds?

    To invest in Tata Mutual Fund AMC schemes you can follow this process. This process mentioned below help you invest easily with Tata Mutual Fund AMC and the steps are as follows – 

    • Firstly, you will find the registration option in this site. Register by entering your details – name, address, occupation, and other details 
    • Then you will be redirected to the page where you need to choose your investment preferences.
    • You will have to choose – risk profile – whether you want to take low risk, high risk, or medium risk for your investment.
    • Then you need to choose the investment tenure – in years you can choose. For instance, say five years or ten years and similar.
    • Then you have to choose the Tata Mutual Fund AMC from the options of fund houses
    • The next step is to choose the fund/scheme of the Tata Mutual Fund AMC.
    • Now you need to choose whether you want to go for SIP investment or lump sum investment.
    • Once done, you have to enter the amount you want to invest. 
    • Choose the payment options – UPI/NEFT/IMPS/Net Banking/ Debit or Credit Card and other available options
    • Process the payment and confirm the transfer. 
    • Once the transfer is made, the funds will get reflected in your account. It may take up to a few days (4-5 business working days) to get reflected in the account. 

    So, as you can see, the steps to invest in Tata Mutual Fund AMC funds are easy with this site. It takes few minutes for registering yourself and invest in your chosen schemes of Tata Mutual Fund AMC. 

    TATA AMC – Fund Managers

    Here we will be discussing the top fund managers of Tata Mutual Fund AMC who are the pillars of this fund house – 

    Mr. Akhil Mittal

    He is one of the senior fund managers in Tata Mutual Fund AMC where he manages over Rs.4100 crore of assets.

    He has control over more than 18 schemes of the fund house which includes the Tata Dynamic Bond, Tata Treasury Advantage fund, Tata Balanced Advantage Fund, and many others.

    Mr. Akhil is an MBA and a finance graduate with huge experience of working with multiple finance and investment service firms.

    He was the Assistant Manager in Rallis India, then he served in Edelweiss Capital Ltd. as the senior manager.

    Mr. Akhil used to manage the fixed income department in Canara Robeco Mutual Fund. He also served in Principal RNB Mutual Fund house before joining Tata Mutual Fund AMC.

    Mr. Sonam Udasi

    With a Post Graduate in Finance degree in his kitty and years of experience he is currently handling over Rs.12863 crores of assets in Tata Mutual Funds.

    He is one of the most sought after fund manager in the fund house. He joined this firm in 2014 and manages over nineteen funds right now. Mr. Sonam looks after Tata India Consumer Fund, Tata Equity PE Fund, and others.

    He served in Brics Securities as the VP Research and Group Head as well. He also served in IDBI Capital as the Head of Research and Senior Vice President.

    Mr. Sonam has multiple years of experience and unparalleled knowledge of mutual funds and the stock market. 

    Mr. Ennette Fernandes

    She has been taking care of funds like Tata Retirement Savings Fund, Tata Large Cap Fund, Tata India Tax Savings Fund, and many others.

    The total asset under her management is Rs. 6827 crores which are spread across 14 funds/schemes.

    After completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Management with specialization in Finance from the premier Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education she joined Phillip Capital in 2009.

    She was the research analyst there and used to research about FMCG Sector.

    She came to Tata Mutual Fund AMC in the year 2014 and mainly concentrate on the sectors like retail, textile, media, consumer durables, and FMCG obviously with others as well. 

    Mr. Amey Sathe

    He is one of the most knowledgeable fund managers in Tata Mutual Fund AMC.

    With more than 1.5 decades of experience in the analysis and research department of various financial firms like Bank of America, HDFC Securities, Care Ratings, and similar organizations.

    He joined Tata Mutual Fund AMC in the year 2015 and now he is handling around Rs.6000 crores of assets in this fund house.

    He is looking after the schemes like Tata Banking And Financial Services, Tata Equity PE Fund Dividend Trigger Option, and others. 

    Mr. Rupesh Patel

    He is having experience of more than two decades of service experience in various prestigious financial organizations like Care Ratings, IndiaReit Fund Advisors Ltd., and others.

    He is serving in Tata Mutual Fund AMC for the last 13 years and now he is managing over Rs.4500 crores of assets spread across fourteen schemes.

    Being an MBA and having diverse experience, he manages schemes which include Tata Infrastructure Fund, Tata India Tax Savings Funds, Tata Midcap, and others. 

    Mr. Shailest Jain

    He is managing assets worth Rs.1782 crores in Tata Mutual Fund AMC after joining in 2018 as the Equities Fund manager.

    Mr. Shailest manages funds like Tata Resources & Energy Fund, Tata India Pharma & Health Care fund, and others. He is taking care of over fifteen schemes.

    He has served in many other financial institutions like IIFL Ltd., Brics Securities, and others. 

    TATA Mutual Fund – Key Personnel

    Now coming to the people who run the company is also important for the investors to be aware of. 

    • Mr.Rajib Sabharwal:He is the chairperson of the Tata Mutual Fund AMC. He is also the director of Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited, Tata Securities, and many other subsidiaries of Tata. 
    • Mr. F.N. Subedar: He is the Associate Director of the firm and director of Tata Sons Ltd. and many other companies of Tata. 

    How to do KYC Check for TATA Mutual Fund?

    For investing in mutual funds with Tata Mutual Fund AMC, you need to complete your KYC after registration.

    It is a mandatory thing by SEBI as it secures the investors’ account from any kind of fraud and hackers threat. So, to complete the KYC you need to – 

    • Open and login to the account of yours with Tata Mutual Fund AMC. 
    • There you will find the option ‘ KYC Registration’
    • Fill the form and enter the details required 
    • Now you need to upload the photocopies of the documents asked by the Tata Mutual Fund AMC for KYC
    • You need to also self-attest the photocopies of the documents before uploading
    • Once the documents are uploaded successfully, your KYC registration is completed. 

    Documents Required to Invest in TATA AMC 

    So, you now know how to complete KYC registration but without the right documents, it is not possible. So, here is the list of documents you would need to complete your KYC – 

    • PAN CARD
    • VOTER ID

    You would also require – 

    • Electricity Bill/ Phone Bill or any such utility bill as proof of your address.
    • If you live in a rented apartment, then you can produce the lease agreement as well

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    TATA Mutual Fund Fees or Charges

    FundMinimum Investment (Rs)Entry Load (in % p.a.)Exit Load (in % p.a.)Fund Manager
    Tata Arbitrage Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A0.25Sailesh Jain
    Tata Balanced Advantage Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Rahul Singh (Tata)
    Tata Banking & PSU Debt Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.AN.AAmit Somani
    Tata Banking & Financial Services Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Sonam Udasi
    Tata Banking & PSU Debt Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.AN.AAmit Somani
    Tata Corporate Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan (Segregated Portfolio 1)5000N.AN.AAmit Somani
    Tata Corporate Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan (Segregated Portfolio 1)5000N.AN.AAmit Somani
    Tata Digital India Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Meeta Shetty
    Tata Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A0.5Akhil Mittal
    Tata Equity P/E Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5000N.A1Sonam Uda

    Details on Tata Mutual Fund Fees

    In this section, you will read about the charges that are levied by Tata Mutual Fund AMC for their services on different schemes they offer. 

    As you can see there is no entry load or fees for investing in the schemes. However, the best part is the exit load is also not there for many schemes that this firm offers. 

    While the other AMCs do not charge any entry load but there is always an exit load they charge. 

    So, the investors who invest with Tata Mutual Fund AMC have an upper hand already when it comes to the charges. 

    The minimum exit load is thus Zero while the maximum is also nominal and that is only 1% of the total value of the funds withdrawn. 

    The minimum investment requirement is another crucial factor for the investors and here it is only Rs.5000. 

    Best Performing TATA Mutual Fund 

    Fund NameCategoryRisk1Y ReturnsFund Size (in Cr)
    Tata Retirement Savings Fund – Moderate Plan
    Solution OrientedModerately High15.10%Rs. 1,252
    Tata Multicap FundEquityModerately High14.70%Rs. 1,771
    Tata Digital India FundEquityHigh53.30%Rs. 673
    Tata Banking And Financial Services FundEquityHigh1.70%Rs. 597
    Tata Retirement Savings Fund – Conservative PlanHybridModerately High12.50%Rs. 157
    Tata Retirement Savings Fund – Progressive PlanSolution OrientedModerately High14.30%Rs. 889
    Tata India Consumer FundEquityHigh21.60%Rs. 1,186
    Tata India Tax Savings FundEquityModerately High11.80%Rs. 2,342
    Tata Liquid FundDebtLow4.50%Rs. 18,528
    Tata Money Market FundDebtModerately Low6.60%Rs. 1,279

    Details on Best Tata Mutual Funds

    According to the fund size and one-year returns, the best performing funds of Tata Mutual Fund are Tata Retirement Savings Fund which is a solution-oriented fund and one of its kind. 

    It is having a risk profile of moderately high risk. It provided around 15.10% return in a year with a fund size of Rs.1252 crores. 

    The second on the list is Tata Multicap Fund, an equity fund having a moderately high-risk profile. It has been providing around 14.70% return in a year with a fund size of Rs.1771 crores. 

    Then there is Tata Digital India Fund, again equity fund having a high-risk profile. It is having a fund size of Rs.673 crores and provides around 53.30% return in a year. 

    The one year return is of the best ten funds of Tata Mutual Fund AMC ranges between 1.70% and 53.30% and that is a huge range. 

    The highest amount of assets amongst these top-performing funds is with Tata Liquid Fund. The fund size is Rs.18528 crores. 

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    Top 10 TATA AMC Funds 

    1-Year Return
    3-Year Return5-Year Return
    Tata Arbitrage Fund – Growth – Direct Plan4.79N.AN.A
    Tata Balanced Advantage Fund – Growth – Direct Plan13.94N.AN.A
    Tata Banking & Financial Services Fund – Growth – Direct Plan-1.2123.79N.A
    Tata Banking & PSU Debt Fund – Growth – Direct Plan10.6N.AN.A
    Tata Corporate Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan (Segregated Portfolio 1)-15.15N.AN.A
    Tata Digital India Fund – Growth – Direct Plan50.73108.85N.A
    Tata Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan9.0821.7241.91
    Tata Equity P/E Fund – Growth – Direct Plan9.728.5477.55
    Tata Equity Savings Fund – Growth – Direct Plan7.9318.2437.85
    Tata Ethical Fund – Appreciation – Direct Plan24.1121.455.82

    Details on Top 10 Tata Funds Schemes

    Now coming to the funds which are providing great returns over many years and some of them are Tata digital India Fund with a whopping 108.85% return in 3 years. 

    Then there is another growth fund with a direct investment option that is Tata Equity P/E Fund with a 77.55% return in five years duration. 

    There are similar funds with such enormous returns like there is Tata Ethical Fund which is an Appreciation fund having 55.85% return in five years. 

    So, while choosing the fund you need to look at its five years or at least three years returns. 

    Best TATA Mutual Fund – Portfolio 

    FundMarket Value (in Cr.)Net Assst (in Cr.)Rating
    Tata Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan2097.6361522.92AAA
    Tata Equity Savings Fund – Growth – Direct Plan7152.7751808.35AAA
    Tata Hybrid Equity Fund – Growth – Direct Plan1954.832817.43AAA
    Tata Income Fund – Appreciation – Direct Plan4441.5441907.66AAA
    Tata India Tax Savings Fund – Growth – Direct Plan0.723200.63AAA
    Tata Infrastructure Fund – Growth – Direct Plan5328.16291079.82AAA
    Tata Liquid Fund – Growth – Direct Plan14172.92168540.58AAA
    Tata Medium Term Fund – Growth – Direct Plan3479.6373545.04AAA
    Tata Money Market Fund – Growth – Direct Plan20321.12841640.66AAA
    Tata Short Term Bond Fund – Appreciation – Direct Plan9992.7879672.7AAA

    Details on Top Tata AMC Portfolios

    The rating of the fund is an important thing that every investor must be aware of before investing. 

    So, here we will be discussing the ratings of the top funds of Tata Mutual Fund AMC and also their market valuation and Net Asset Value. Both the metrics are crucial for understanding the performance of the fund. 

    So, in the first position, there is Tata Money Market Fund, a growth fund, and a direct plan. It has a market valuation of Rs. 20321.12. The Net Asset value is Rs.841640.66 crores. 

    The ratings of this fund is a Triple ‘A’ which is the highest rating that any fund gets in the country. 

    The next up is the Tata Liquid fund, again a growth fund with the direct plan and a market value of Rs.14172.92 crores. The net asset of this fund is worth Rs.168540.58 crores. 

    The ratings given to the schemes and funds of Tata Mutual Fund AMC are mostly a triple ‘A’. 

    In the third position, there is Tata Short Term Bond Fund which is an appreciation Fund with a market value of Rs.9992.78 crores. The best assets of this fund are Rs.79672.7 crores and ratings of ‘AAA’. 

    TATA Mutual Fund Schemes NAV 

    Fund52 Week High (Rs.)52 Week Low (Rs.)
    Tata Arbitrage Fund – Growth – Direct Plan11.3410.73
    Tata Balanced Advantage Fund – Growth – Direct Plan12.818.96
    Tata Banking & Financial Services Fund – Growth – Direct Plan23.6613.64
    Tata Banking & Financial Services Fund – Growth – Direct Plan23.6613.64
    Tata Banking & PSU Debt Fund – Growth – Direct Plan11.310.03
    Tata Banking & PSU Debt Fund – Growth – Direct Plan11.310.03
    Tata Corporate Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan (Segregated Portfolio 1)235.94200.18
    Tata Corporate Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan (Segregated Portfolio 1)235.94200.18
    Tata Digital India Fund – Growth – Direct Plan25.0711.88
    Tata Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan34.7631.48

    Details on Top Tata Mutual Funds NAV

    Tata Corporate Bond Fund, a growth fund is a topmost fund if you go by 52-weeks high and 52-weeks low. It has a high of Rs.235.94 while the low was Rs.200.18. 

    This section will talk about the volatility of the funds. So, in this fund, the volatility is quite high as you can see the difference between the highest and lowest price is pretty good. 

    Then there is Tata Dynamic Bond Fund with a 52-week high of Rs.34.76 and a low of Rs.31.48. The volatility here is also high compared to the price of the fund. 

    Similarly, there are other funds, that you can check here and their volatility. Volatility is an important thing to understand before investing in the fund. 

    It may help you earn a pretty good return but also can take you down with losses. So, you need to analyze the highs and lows before entering into the fund. 

    TATA AMC Customer Care Details

    Address of AMC1903, B Wing, Parinee Crescenzo, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai – 400 051
    Telephone Number+91 (22) 66578282
    Fax Number+91 (22) 22613782

    The customer care service of Tata Mutual Fund AMC is pretty reliable. They offer great services to investors and clients. 

    They can be reached via email which you can send at kiran@tataamc.com. You can also call them at the given number in the table above. 

    You can visit their office at Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. 

    Tata AMC – Important Links

    Tata Mutual Fund Loginhttps://online.tatamutualfund.com/
    Tata Mutual Fund Apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tatamutualfund&hl=en_IN
    Facebook Linkhttps://www.facebook.com/TataMutualFund
    Twitter Linkhttps://twitter.com/ProfSimple
    Youtube LinkNA

    TATA Mutual Fund AMC – Conclusion

    The Tata Mutual Fund AMC is one of its kind Asset management company. As you saw, it is having more than hundreds of investment options of different schemes and mutual funds. 

    You can invest as per your investment requirement. The firm offers its services at a very reasonable cost which is also lower than the market average. 

    The returns that have been generated by Tata Mutual Fund House’s schemes are incredible as you can refer to above. 

    Whopping returns of more than 50% in three to five years is unimaginable in the market. 

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