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Back in 2011, IIFL Mutual Fund AMC was formed. The main agenda of the firm is to serve the plethora of needs for different kinds of investors.

Post its inception, and the fund has become one of the leading AMCs of the country. The best part about this fund is that it functions in a different way. 

There are no benchmarking constraints on the fund managers. They can work in a research-oriented manner. Across equity, debt, and liquid niches, the fund offers a plethora of schemes. 

About IIFL Mutual Fund

Ideally, the parent company IIFL holdings limited manage the IIFL asset management company. The IIFL Wealth management determined sponsors the fund.

IIFL Mutual Fund AMCCurrently, in terms of total assets managed, the company is the 7th largest AMC in India. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai but has its presence in all states across India. 

Globally it has branches in the USA, UK, and UAE. In a diversified portfolio of funds, the AMC most likely offers dual capabilities of both offshore and onshore funds. 

Additionally, it includes venture capital funds, mutual funds, and other funds. 

In the financial industry of India, the IIFL creates a particular mutual fund for its plethora of clients. The brand name here has gained a lot of popularity. 

The experts here create a portfolio by investing in the high quality of stocks, and then the return probability is also high.

So if you are planning to invest in this mutual fund, then you are on the right page as we have all the details here.

The main idea here is to serve the different demands of investors. Here the fund managers choose to function without any constraints.

Hence they are flexible in looking into multi-baggers of years down life.

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    How to invest in IIFL Mutual Funds?

    When it comes to investing in IIFL mutual funds, then you need to know that it is a simple process, and you don’t need to stress much. 

    Above all, it is a transparent way, and just in a few clicks, you can start with your investment process. 

    Some of the steps to investing in IIFL mutual funds:

    • If you are an existing client, then all you need to do is log in. Besides that, you also need to complete your KYC and one-time registration process. 
    • Then you need to submit your KYC documents to prove your identity. Some of the essential documents under KYC include PAN card, Voter ID, passport, etc.
    • Also, you need to upload your address proof. You can upload your utility bills besides your KYC documents. 
    • Then you can choose the investment horizon that you are comfortable with that is medium term, short term, or long term goals.
    • You can select your funds as per your risk preference. 
    • There are a plethora of choices available in terms of schemes, so you can choose any which suits you. 
    • You can invest one time or lump sum. Lastly, you have a SIP option available for you. 

    Hence in no time, you can invest in IIFL mutual funds.

    Why invest in IIFL AMC?

    • The best part about investing in this fund is that the fund managers choose to create an opportunity for investors, even with a minimum sum.
    • Even on the smallest investment amounts, the fund managers claim to offer a return of 15% to 20% of the return. 
    • Here investors can choose to invest as per short or long-term tenure. Additionally, they can choose the risk profile as per their preference. It is vital to get a good return on maturity.
    • You can get advice from experienced fund managers. Hence at the end of maturity, investors can earn a formidable return.

    IIFL Fund Managers

    Here are the list of Top Fun Managers of IIFL –

    Mr. Prashashta Seth

    Currently, Mr. Seth is the chief investment officer under equity and senior managing partner at IIFL mutual fund. Back in 2008, he joined the mutual fund. 

    Behind setting the equity desk and taking it to its current position, Mr. Seth has played a crucial role.

    In the financial markets, he has at least experience of 2 decades. Additionally, he specializes in prudent investment strategies. At this fund, he manages all three funds.

    Mr. Balaji Raghavan

    Currently, Mr. Raghavan is the chief investment officer of real estate and a managing partner at IIFL mutual funds.

    In the real estate financing and banking sector, he has at least 20 years of experience. He joined the fund back in 2010. Here he manages seven debt funds. 

    Mr. Aniruddha Sarkar

    Back in 2008, Mr. Sarkar joined IIFL investment manager. Within the company he has served a plethora of capacities. 

    After changing several posts, now he serves as Principal fund manager. Here he manages the discretionary multi-sector and multi-cap equity funds. 

    Mr. Vikrant Sibal

    At IIFL, Mr. Sibal is a principal fund manager at IIFL mutual fund. He has industry experience of at least 15 years. Before joining this fund, he has worked for several other funds. 

    Above all, he is an integral part of the team at IIFL mutual fund. Mainly he handles private equity funds. He is also an independent member of various companies.

    How to do a KYC check of the IIFL Mutual Fund?

    Ideally, KYC or know your customer is a one -time customer identification process. For all investors who plan to invest in this fund, the KYC process is vital.

    The process is mandatory for all investors, especially first-time investors, as per SEBI guidelines. It is essential because the process helps in curbing fraudulent tasks. 

    Hence you must get a KYC check done before investing in this fund. You can either visit the registered agency or the fund house. 

    An online process is also an option for you if you don’t want to see the agency or the fund house. All you need to do is get the OTP by entering your Aadhar linked mobile number on the website. 

    Then to complete the KYC process, you need to upload all the self -attested copies of your address and identity proofs. 

    The documents you need to submit under address proof are Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, and PAN Card. 

    Some of the documents you need to submit under address proof are Passport, Recent Utility Bill, Rental/Lease Agreement, Aadhar Card, and Driving License.

    Hence, if you have these documents, you can complete your KYC process in no time.

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    IIFL Mutual Fund Fees or Charges

    FundMinimum Investment (Rs)Entry Load (in % p.a.)Exit Load (in % p.a.)Fund Manager
    IIFL Focused Equity Fund5000N.A1
    IIFL Dynamic Bond Fund5000N.A1
    IIFL Liquid Fund5000N.A1.5
    IIFL Capital Enhancer Fund5000N.A1

    The best part about investing in IIFL mutual funds is that the minimum investment amount is just Rs.5000. So, you don’t need to stress much. 

    Like you can choose any fund from IIFL Focused Equity Fund to IIFL Capital Enhancer Fund. Hence investing here is going to be one of your best decisions. 

    You can’t get information about entry load, but the minimum exit load is 1%, and the maximum exit load is 1.5%.

    Best performing IIFL Mutual Fund

    Fund NameCategoryRisk1Y ReturnsFund Size (in Cr)
    IIFL Focused Equity Fund
    EquityModerately High23.20%Rs.1,210
    IIFL Dynamic Bond FundDebtModerate8.70%Rs.655
    IIFL Liquid FundDebtLow3.50%Rs.82
    IIFL Capital Enhancer FundDebtModerate7.80%Rs.172

    IIFL Focused Equity Fund is your best bet if you are looking for higher returns. You can earn a return of 23.20% under this fund.

    If you want a low-risk fund, then we suggest that you invest in IIFL Liquid Fund. It offers a return of 3.50%. 

    Hence if you are willing to take the medium-term risk, then IIFL Capital Enhancer Fund is perfect for you. It provides a return of 7.80%.

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    Top 10 India Infoline AMC

    1-Year Return
    3-Year Return5-Year Return
    IIFL Focused Equity Fund23.1414.4317.2
    IIFL Dynamic Bond Fund7.997.697.49
    IIFL Liquid Fund3.525.416.57
    IIFL Capital Enhancer Fund6.87NANA

    After learning so much about the market, you know by now that the higher the returns, the longer the investment term.

    IIFL Focused Equity Fund is terrific for all investment horizons. Well, if you want liquidity, then IIFL Liquid Fund is ideal for you. Based on your preference, you can choose any.

    Best IIFL Funds Portfolio

    FundMarket Value (in Cr.)Net Assst (in Cr.)Rating
    IIFL Focused Equity Fund1542.3622883.68AAA
    IIFL Dynamic Bond Fund1542.3622883.68AAA
    IIFL Liquid Fund2509.6132221.57AAA
    IIFL Capital Enhancer Fund292.167549.73AAA

    In terms of great market value, IIFL Liquid Fund is an unmatchable fund. On the other hand, IIFL Focused Equity Fund and IIFL Dynamic Bond Fund are also great in terms of market value.

    IIFL Mutual Fund Scheme NAV

    Fund52 Week High (Rs.)52 Week Low (Rs.)
    IIFL Focused Equity Fund35.6120.65
    IIFL Dynamic Bond Fund12.0610.24
    IIFL Liquid Fund12.5311.1
    IIFL Capital Enhancer Fund74.0560.35

    For investors who love high-paying NAV, IIFL Capital Enhancer Fund is perfect. It offers high NAVs 74.05 and 60.35 at both 52 weeks high and low. 

    IIFL Dynamic Bond Fund is ideal for investors looking for dynamics.

    IIFL Customer Care Details

    Address of AMCIIFL Centre, 6th Floor,
    Kamala City, Senapati Bapat Marg,
    Lower Parel, Mumbai- 400013
    Telephone Number2248765600
    Fax Number+91 22 66585000

    The address of the AMC is “IIFL Centre, 6th Floor, Kamala City, SenapatiBapatMarg, Lower Parel, Mumbai- 400013”. You can call the AMC experts at 2248765600. 

    Additionally, clients can also drop in fax at +91 22 66585000. Thanks to the availability of fax.

    IIFL Mutual Fund – Important Links

    IIFL Mutual Fund Loginhttps://www.camsonline.com/InvestorServices/COL_IIFLFreshPurchase.aspx?amc=IF
    IIFL Mutual Fund AppNA
    Facebook LinkNA
    Twitter Linkhttps://twitter.com/IIFLWEALTH
    Youtube Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3QPzuqpAkjV123afGHpQw

    IIFL Mutual Fund AMC – Conclusion

    If you want to invest in this fund, then you need the documents that are mandatory for the KYC process. 

    Additionally, when you invest here, you can say that you will experience something different because fund managers don’t have any constraints here. You can get a portfolio as per your risk-taking appetite. 

    Well, if you are in any doubt, then you can choose to connect with the AMC fund managers by visiting their office or just calling them. 

    The different kinds of schemes can give various types of returns. Hence you must invest here to earn some fantastic returns. 

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