We aim at spreading the information, which is bound with AMC or an Asset Management Company. This article shall be a big deal for you if you are determinant to know about the same.

If you have no idea how to invest your hard-earned money, you must probably seek financial expert help. If you aren’t aware of how the market works, of course, it’s better to avoid taking action.

However, investment is an excellent step to take, than to keep collecting the money in a saving account.

Still, you may end up digging your own grave in the lack of proper knowledge. The right move can shower ample prosperity in your life if you invest smartly.

For this, you’ll have to keep an eye on every element. It is essential; else, you’re only putting your hands on fire, which in return will only leave you in a big loss.

Owing to this big reason, people choose to connect with an asset management company. What is asset management?

What are the critical things you should know about AMC? Dive into this article and get an answer to your every burning question.

What is an Asset Management Company or AMC?

Asset Management Companies are growing famous among individual investors and companies.

AMC or Asset Management Company or Mutual Fund HouseIt’s mainly due to the flexibility, easiness, and satisfaction for investment that AMC provides to its clients.

In a nutshell, an Asset Management Company is a one-stop-solution for every person willing to invest his money in the right place.

Also, it is safe as SEBI in India licenses these companies. Let’s understand it deeply through an example.

Suppose, in a family, four people earn well. They all have money which they want to spend on good practice to make more out of it.

None of them has decent knowledge in finance, except one. So the rest of its family members would trust this person with good financial experience.

Asset Management Company is also the same thing. It’s a place where a team of experts creates a pool of funds from its clients for investment in varying assets.

Be it in equities, real estate, debt, gold, etc. However, the role of AMC comes to light because of its strategic investment decision.

For an average trader, it’s hard to evaluate the market risk and achieve the goal. But if you choose AMC, the chances are high that you’ll 100% get fruitful results.

The professional fund investors within AMC know how to keep the risk aside. That’s why there’re relatively fewer chances of losing money.

However, the ultimate goal of any AMC is to give its clients maximum returns.

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    What is the Role of an AMC?

    Now, let’s have an insight into how AMC manages the funds of its investors.

    Manage Money

    Fortunately, you earn good, but sometimes it does seem complicated to manage your earned money.

    It’s because the daily expenses around have created a mind-boggling situation for most of us. But AMC has made it simple to manage money.

    AMC helps clients how to manage money smartly and multiply it within a few months. If you have a financial goal, an Asset Management Company takes you closer to it.

    The in-house fund managers in an AMC, invest your money across multiples asset classes. For example- equities, stocks, shares, securities, etc., by evaluating different metrics.

    Therefore, you can get a higher return and double your money by playing risk-free.

    Create a perfect portfolio

    Even though you run a company or are an individual investor willing to create a strategic portfolio, only Mutual Fund House can live up to your expectations if your goals are bigger.

    Under their guidance, you can spend money on the best portfolio. Similarly, you keep building wealth in a colossal amount and achieve your goal.

    Asset Allocation

    If you are unclear about your risk tolerance capabilities, you must seek help from AMC. They can provide you the right asset allocation.

    Their strategic move keeps the balance between reward and risk ratio. Meanwhile, during the trading, if any problem occurs, their high-end skills will keep your money safe.

    In India, you can invest in plenty of options. Thus, fund managers can guide you well for the right asset with higher returns based on your financial goal.

    Research and Analysis

    For a new investor, research and analysis of the market are almost impossible things to do. It requires extensive knowledge and experience to obtain insight from the asset market.

    Though, in the lack of proper research, a wrong decision can be made. AMCs regularly study the market. They analyze the performance of every asset and create a pattern.

    Based on it, the whole data is reviewed that helps them come across a well-informed decision. In this way, traders enjoy higher returns.

    Other roles of AMC

    AMC plays plenty of roles in serving its clients. It engages clients with high reliability from implementing strategies to achieving the goals.

    For this, they keep their clients updated with the market reports. They keep an eye on all regulations that can bring investors later in trouble if overlooked.

    Asset Management Companies provides you a stable position in the financial market. Even though many ups and downs are coming in between, AMC knows very well how to get over.

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    How does an AMC work?

    Asset Management Companies have a larger pool of resources than the individual investors. They get to offer numerous diversifications and investing opportunities.

    Buying and investing in assets for a large number of clients allows them to receive greater discounts in their purchases.

    Therefore, many investors rely on AMCs to invest their capital on their behalf.

    The market reputation of an Asset Management Company plays a major role in increasing its popularity among investors.

    Investors will completely trust an AMC based on its management and ability to deliver quality returns.

    Under the leadership of a fund manager, an AMC undergoes the following processes to strengthen its investor base:

    Efficient Allocation of Assets

    There are numerous different types of mutual funds available for investors with particular goals. This helps the fund manager to invest in different types of assets and equities.

    It happens according to the wishes of the investors. The distribution of different types of assets and equities depends on the market conditions and prospective interest rates.

    A qualified fund manager will efficiently allocate the resources to respective fund classes and markets. For example, debt mutual funds do not invest more than 20% in the equities.

    Balanced funds invest 60% of their investments in assets like equities.

    Research and Analysis

    An investment’s success rides a lot on the research and analysis performed by the concerned workers in the field.

    Without a complete assessment of the current market trends, it is impossible to make decisions in the field of finance.

    The experts in this field thoroughly study the market, micro/macro-economic aspects, security and safety, risks associated.

    They focus on fund performances over the last few years. Then, they pass on these results to the respective fund manager.

    They make the required decisions to generate maximum returns for the investors.

    Formulation of a Portfolio

    Simply put, an investment portfolio is a pool of financial investments like stock, commodities, cash or cash equivalents, bonds, etc.

    The most crucial task an AMC performs is the construction of a quality investment portfolio. Based on the findings and reports, a fund manager chooses to either buy or sell more securities.

    Taking calculated risks while investing in high-rated securities is how fund managers manage to construct an appropriate portfolio.

    This construction process predominantly depends on the levels of experience and expertise of a fund manager in his/her field.

    Performance Analysis

    An Asset Management Company is solely responsible for all the actions and decisions that they make. Despite the high claims of any AMC, it is liable to hostility by its investors and trustees.

    It happens so especially if it cannot justify its investment decisions. For example, the company must provide all the necessary updates to its respective shareholders.

    These updates may include information about sales and purchases, Net Asset Value (NAV), asset allocations, etc.

    Sell-Side vs Buy-Side

    Generally, Asset Management Companies are referred to as the ‘buy-side’ of firms. This status of ‘buy-side’ simply means that they help clients to buy investments.

    They analyze, research, and make decisions based on this in-house data on behalf of the actual investors. Additionally, they also take public recommendations from sell-side firms.

    In contrast, sell-side firms are the ones who sell investment services to AMCs and other investors. A few examples of sell-side firms include investment banks, stockbrokers, etc.

    The sell-side firms are basically selling ideas to the clients. In most of the cases, they share the ideas for free. Their main objective is to generate trade orders.

    For this, they can charge commissions. The commissions depend upon the types of the sell-side firm you choose.

    Importance of an AMC

    AMCs strategic moves are unlike the ordinary moves for investment that you take. They keep the track record of every financial market and rising assets values in it. But it doesn’t end here.

    Their decisions are enriched with lots of schemes and vision so clients can enjoy the desired feast of returns.

    Based on historical data, fund managers ensure that your investment is safe despite plenty of twists and turns.

    Still, if you’re finding it hard to trust an Asset Management Company, consider the following points that’ll help you out to come across the ideal decision.

    Check the Reputation of the AMC

    However, not all AMCs are able to build a prestigious repo in the market. It takes time to build a high status, maybe a month or a year.

    Still, if the company is working well for the past few months or a year, you can trust them. You can have an overview of their services and offers or talk to other investors about it.

    Don’t forget to land on the company’s official website and glance at their about section. It’ll provide you an in-depth detail about the company.

    Fund Manager’s Credentials

    What is the status of an AMC? Check it out better by knowing more about the Fund managers. An inexperienced fund manager can easily leave you with a big loss.

    It isn’t that difficult to get an insight into the fund manager’s skills and expertise. The technology has made it simple, so derive all requisite data to get convinced for investment through them.

    Fees vs Commission

    It’s one of the most easily overlooked steps that later brings a decline in the investors’ margin. So make sure you’re choosing an AMC that charges a fixed fee for its services instead of commission.

    It’ll not let you down on your investment decision, and you’ll be enjoying the desired results.

    Even though your investment decision indeed went well and you’ve achieved surprisingly higher returns, AMC will charge the same fixed fee from you.

    On the other hand, if your AMC asks you for the commission, in the end, you may feel sad about your decision.

    Why should you Trust an Asset Management Company?

    Most people find it hard to trust AMCs. They rather trust banks more than mutual fund houses.

    However, there’s a logical reason behind why they do this. There’s a notable notion about AMCs that it can shut down or go fraud over time among people.

    They trust banks because they are physically available everywhere in India. Also, banks work under the supervision of RBI.

    But history evidence that most banks have also gone fraudulent overtime. Hence, the risk is everywhere, but people feel self-assured because of the RBI.

    It’s a last port of trust that assures people that their money is safe. The same thing you can see across AMCs. These are run and regulated by trustees and sponsors.

    However, these trustees are licensed by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). That’s why you can trust on AMCs that are handled by reliable trustees.

    Benefits of AMC or Mutual Fund Houses

    After all these details about AMC, now it’s time to have a look at the benefits of using AMCs services because that highlights the importance of AMC on a higher level-

    Economics of Scale

    Economics of scale also refers to as an advantage for the cost that a company or an individual was likely to gain. It’s due to the scale of operations.

    If an AMC is purchasing securities in an extensive amount, they can negotiate. In this way, traders can enjoy trading at an attractive commission price.

    Though, sometimes overhead costs are also trimmed down, as AMC will have big capital to invest in a single office.

    Access to Multiple Asset Classes

    It’s one of the most notable benefits of choosing AMC for investment. AMC can provide its clients access to multiple asset classes.

    However, it raises a charming opportunity for investors who can’t invest in a particular stock due to limited capital.

    AMC creates a large pool of funds; in this way, they can enter into a big-billion-dollar project too. In a nutshell, you can have a share in a bridge or power plant type big projects.

    Specialized Expertise

    AMCs work at a large scale by inviting small to big investors together under one roof. Since they want to keep their clients to stay engaged with them, they hire professionals and a team of experts.

    For instance- if the clients demand to invest in real estate, equities, fixed-income, or in any specific sector, AMCs first hire a team of experts.

    They create a robust plan and structure through various analyses. In the end, investors earn the desired results.

    If you’re a company or an individual willing to invest their saved amount, AMCs can put off the burden of giving fees to experts for their skills and suggestion.

    The one strategic move of experts derives profitable results for everyone.

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    Drawbacks of Asset Management Companies

    We can’t leave unnoticed the downside associated with every identity operational in the financial market. AMCs also have their major shortcomings; let’s have a look-

    Management Fees

    Management fees come forefront as a major not-so liked thing for investors. For instance- mostly AMCs charge a significant fee for their various operations.

    However, things got more stressful when expensive operations have been undertaken.

    Cost on resources and fees of experts can bring a significant decline in the margin of the investors. Hence, it’s a little shortcoming that can become major due to numerous underlying reasons.


    In the lack of proper execution, structure, and a scheme, Asset Management Company can encounter plenty of problems.

    In most instances, they find it hard to stay in a dynamic market due to operational issues.

    Underperforming Risk

    In most cases, the performances of Asset Management Companies are evaluated through a comparison with its rivals. It can raise competition at a high level.

    Other companies may have a brilliant team of experts, or luckily they outperform in the market. Hence, it is possible that your fund managers may underperform.

    But it also invites additional risk, as the fees mentioned earlier in the contract will make the investment more costly.

    Conclusion – AMC or Asset Management Company

    You can now get an idea that both rewards and losses go hands in hands if you choose AMC. Still, AMC crop up as a favorable option for traders as you get access to plenty of benefits.

    You can enter a billion-dollar market with no need to put your efforts into studying the market. You can earn a recurring amount without any expertise.

    But, it’s only possible if you’re choosing a reliable and experienced AMC that holds a track record of its performance. Only then can you think about going ahead with them.

    At the maximum occasions, Asset Management Companies have performed genuinely fantastic. But in some unfortunate situations, investors had to encounter big losses.

    That’s why it is entirely up to your decision which AMC you choose for your next investment.

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