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Quantum Advisors Private Limited was the idea of Ajit Dayal, started in 1990. Also, Quantum Mutual Fund AMC has been a place of trust for the investors for the past 3 decades.

Then, Quantum believes in doing what’s right and not deviating from its core investment philosophy.

Quantum helps you analyze your risk profile and then wisely helps you to invest in the preferable stocks. 

Besides, the fund managers have good training and properly scrutinize all the required documents essential for investing to ensure effortless investing by the investors. 

The various mutual fund policies carry different charges and the managers are helpful at all stages of the investment. 

About Quantum Mutual Fund

Quantum Mutual Fund came into the market in 2006. Quantum ensures in managing your money prudently and with integrity always, despite the severe market conditions. 

The “Investor First” approach is followed by Quantum to analyze the perspective of the investor and care is taken if the investor is a beginner in the investment market. 

A variety of simple and easy-to-understand products offered by the company makes it more reliable and trustworthy.

The team-driven process in Quantum Mutual Fund is another positive aspect for the investor.

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    Why Invest in Quantum AMC?

    Quantum AMC managers believe that integrity must be proper not only in the peripheral services. It must start at the core of what they do while managing your investments. 

    They follow the tenets of Value Investing as a concept of Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund since its inception in 2006.

    This is the main reason why you should invest in Quantum AMC (Asset Management Company). 

    The experienced fund managers and well-defined policies, make Quantum AMC the best option for the investors. 

    The company believes in the firm credence that they are Asset Managers, not Asset Gatherers- they aim to work faithfully and diligently for the investors rather than gathering their money. 

    Since its inception, the company has offered 9 funds to cater to various categories making it a versatile and investor-friendly option.

    How To Invest With Quantum Mutual Funds?

    KYC compliance is compulsory before investing in any mode. There are many ways to invest in Quantum Mutual Funds namely-

    Online-mode Investment – You can invest online without any paperwork through this page itself.

    Offline Investing – You have to fill the offline form and attach the mandatory documents and then submit the filled form.

    Invest through Stock Exchange – Investing via a stock exchange is a three-way process.

    • Opening a Demat Account and Trading Account via Stock Exchange Broker.
    • Placing an order to buy a Mutual Fund scheme.
    • Receiving confirmation for the investment made

    IMPS – Investors having Bank Accounts with the banks participating in NPCI for payment through the IMPS facility can invest in Quantum Mutual Fund Schemes.

    Invest via Email- There are 2 ways of transacting via email-

    Transaction through Email (Without Attachment) – A new investor or non-individual investor cannot avail of this facility.

    Transaction through Email (With Attachment) – The only difference is that anyone can invest with this mode irrespective of the mode of holding.

    Also, Transaction through SMS, WhatsApp/HIKE Facility, or Fax/Email Fax is a part of the feature that the company offers.

    Quantum AMC – Fund Managers

    The company has fund managers for different product heads to cater to the requirements of investors. 

    Nilesh Shetty is the Co Fund Manager for equity and has over 17 years of experience in research. He has been with the company since 2009 and Sorbh Gupta is the co-fund manager of equity. 

    He has sufficient qualifications and industry experience for his job.

    Pankaj Pathak is the fund manager for fixed income and joined the company in 2013. He has over 11 years of experience in fixed-income investments and research. 

    Chirag Mehta is the Senior Fund Manager for alternative investments and has more than 18 years of experience in managing commodities. 

    Hitendra Parekh is the Senior Vice President of dealing in securities having almost 3 decades of experience in the finance industry. 

    Sneha Joshi is the associate fund manager for alternative investment and has experience of 8 years in the field.

    Quantum Mutual Fund – Key Personnel

    The major key personnel behind the foundation of the Quantum Mutual Fund is Ajit Dayal who is also the founder of the company. 

    He is the founder member of Quantum. I.V. Subramaniam is the Associate Director, CEO, and CIO of the company.

    He has managed India-dedicated portfolios for Indian clients since 2000. Also, he managed India-dedicated international clients since 2005. 

    Jimmy Patel is another Associate Director and an asset to the company. Rina Nathani is the Chief Business Officer of the company. 

    There are separate managers and heads for every department to handle the customer needs and complaints with perfection.

    How to do KYC Check for Quantum Mutual Fund?

    KYC refers to “Know Your Customer” is a must for all resident individual investors and other investors. 

    It is irrespective of the amount of transaction. It is required for the following cases in offline format-

    • For every applicant in joint names.
    • KYC of Power of Attorney holder is required if investments are made through it.
    • KYC of the Guardian is required in case of minors.
    • The claimant in case of transmission of units on account of the death of an existing holder

    You can also obtain e-KYC or online KYC without any paperwork. It is a simplified KYC based on PAN and bank account number details. 

    It is convenient for investors residing anywhere across India or outside India.

    Documents Required to Invest in HDFC AMC

    The following documents are required to invest in HDFC AMC-

    • Enclose self-certified copies of both proofs of identity and address. 
    • For Proof of Identity, submit any one document – PAN/ passport/voter ID/driving license/Aadhaar/NREGA job card/any other document notified by the central government.
    • For Proof of address, submit any one document which is the same as the proof of identity, except for PAN (since this document does not specify the address). If your permanent address is different from the correspondence address, then you need to submit proof for both addresses.

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    Quantum Mutual Fund Fees or Charges

    Fund Minimum Investment (Rs) Entry Load (in % p.a.) Exit Load (in % p.a.) Fund Manager
    Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 500 N.A N.A Pankaj Pathak
    Quantum Equity Fund of Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 500 N.A 1.5 Chirag Mehta
    Quantum Gold Fund ETF 5000 N.A 0.5 Chirag Mehta
    Quantum Gold Saving Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 500 N.A 1.5 Chirag Mehta
    Quantum India ESG Equity Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 500 N.A 1 Chirag Mehta
    Quantum Liquid Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 5000 N.A 0.007 Pankaj Pathak
    Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 500 N.A 4 Sorbh Gupta
    Quantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds – Growth – Direct Plan 500 N.A 1.5 Chirag Mehta
    Quantum Nifty ETF 5000 N.A N.A Hitendra Parekh
    Quantum Tax Saving Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 500 N.A N.A Sorbh Gupta

    Details of Quantum Mutual Fund Fees

    Different policies have different charges and deduct expenses based on plans and products. Some of the products and their fee structure are explained below.

    • Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund has an expense ratio of 0.61% for the investors. It offers a low expense ratio to the investors. 
    • Quantum Equity Fund of Fund has the lowest expense ratio among its category having 0.51% for the direct plan. It is 0.63% for a regular plan. 
    • Quantum Gold Fund ETF has a moderately high expense ratio of 0.78% as compared to other products. 
    • Also, Quantum Nifty ETF offers a low expense ratio of 0.08% excluding statutory levies and taxes. This is because of its value investing nature of the policy. 
    • Quantum Tax Saving Fund allows you to save tax under Section 80C. It has is an overall beneficial product to invest in for the investors. 
    • Quantum Liquid Fund has an expense ratio of 0.16%. It is ideal for the investment of surplus funds because of the liquidity offered.

    Best Performing Quantum Mutual Fund

    Fund Name Category Risk 1Y Returns Fund Size (in Cr)
    Quantum Multi Asset Fund Others Moderately High 12.60% ₹ 27
    Quantum India ESG Equity Fund Equity High 23.40% ₹ 25
    Quantum Gold Savings Fund Others Moderately High 29.40% ₹ 64
    Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund Debt Moderate 9.80% ₹ 73
    Quantum Equity FoF Others Moderately High 9.80% ₹ 54
    Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund Equity Moderately High 10.60% ₹ 792
    Quantum Liquid Fund Debt Low 3.70% ₹ 530
    Quantum Tax Saving Fund Equity Moderately High 11.00% ₹ 79
    Quantum Gold Fund Others Moderately High 29.10% ₹ 125

    There are various products offered by Quantum Mutual Fund for investment purposes. Here is a list below of few best performing quantum mutual funds offered by the company-

    • Quantum Multi Asset Fund that invests your money in a mix of funds. It is for providing the most benefits to the investors.
    • The Quantum India ESG Equity Fund invests in companies that also have a concern for the environment. This is regarded as an environment-friendly investment.
    • Quantum Gold Savings Fund invests in units of Quantum Gold Fund – Exchange Traded Fund (QGF). This, in turn, invests in physical gold.
    • Then, Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund has the freedom to invest in bonds of any duration.
    • Quantum Equity FOF is an equity fund of funds that invests in 5-10 diversified equity schemes of third-party mutual funds, shortlisted after extensive research. 

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    Top 10 Quantum AMC fund

    Fund 1-Year Return (%) 3-Year Return (%) 5-Year Return (%)
    Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 10.07 26.58 54.62
    Quantum Equity Fund of Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 9.92 12.97 64.67
    Quantum Gold Fund ETF 30.1 68.98 85.35
    Quantum Gold Saving Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 29.73 68.52 86
    Quantum India ESG Equity Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 21.73 N.A N.A
    Quantum Liquid Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 3.72 17.33 33.01
    Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 9.18 8.9 52.25
    Quantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds – Growth – Direct Plan 12.67 27.05 57.69
    Quantum Nifty ETF 10.45 32.32 82.03
    Quantum Tax Saving Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 9.57 9.03 53.52

    Details of Top 10 Quantum Mutual Funds

    Quantum dynamic bond fund -growth- direct plan aims at creating income through the management of portfolios comprising of short- and long-term debt.

    Also, Quantum equity fund of fund growth- direct plan aim to achieve long period investment in a portfolio. It is of open-ended equity scheme.

    Quantum gold fund ETF enables you to invest in a cost-efficient and innovative way. It is secured and affordable.

    Quantum gold saving fund- growth- direct plan provides a return in golds and ensures a guaranteed return of 2.5 percent per year. 

    Also, Quantum India ESG equity fund- growth- direct plan allows you to invest for 5 years.

    It provides you gains higher than the fixed income and inflation and even allows you to gain maximum profit by investing in different size companies and is desirable for equity fund investors. 

    Quantum liquid Fund- Growth- the direct plan helps you get a better return than the bank account and have 3 months maturity. 

    The looks of funds are bare but the returns and safety of return are not guaranteed.

    More on Top Quantum Mutual Fund

    Quantum long term equity value Fund- Growth- direct plan is for five years and ensures higher return than inflation but one needs to be prepared with ups and downs too.

    Multi-asset fund of funds – Growth – direct plan by Quantum makes an investment in a mix of bonds, shares, and commodities and ensure 10 percent of allocations. 

    Quantum nifty ETF invest in smaller companies rather than a larger one and is for five years and ensure less risk and therefore suitable for a conservative equity investor. 

    Quantum tax saving fund- growth- direct plan allows investment for 5 years and doesn’t allow the withdrawal of money before 3 years. 

    It also enables you to get higher gains than inflation and enables investment up to 1.5 lakhs in a financial year.

    Best Quantum Mutual Fund – Portfolio

    There are five oldest schemes of Quantum asset management company private limited. First is Quantum long term equity value fund which has an AuM of Rs. 956.69 crores.

    16.75 percent of AuM in the software sector includes the investment of Wipro, Tata consultancy services, and Infosys. 

    15.42 percent of the finance sector belongs to companies like HDFC, Housing finance, LIC, and Shriram transport finance company.

    Bajaj Auto and Mahindra and Mahindra 13.0 3% of the AuM in the automobile. 

    The second is the Quantum liquid fund. Its average AuM is Rs 275.41 crore by May 2019. Its major portion of AuM belongs to government securities and 23.57 percent to TREPs. 

    The third is the Quantum Tax saving fund. As of May 2019, the average AuM in this scheme is Rs.78.90. It has the same AuM distribution as the quantum long term equity value fund. 

    Fourth is the Quantum equity fund of funds, which includes domestic investing. As of May 2019, it’s average Aum is 37.84 crore. 

    This scheme involves investing in various Mutual funds like Kotak standard Multicap fund, ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund, Invesco India Growth Opportunity Fund, Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity fund etc. 

    The fifth is the Quantum dynamic bond fund. The average AuM of this scheme is 37.84 crore by May 2019. 

    Government securities and Treasury bills have the major portion that is 60.90 percent of the AUM, 8.69 percent is invested in energy, 17.28 percent is invested in finance, 8.63 percent is invested in construction, and 4.50 percent is financed in TREPs and net receivable.

    Quantum Mutual Fund Scheme NAV

    Fund 52 Week High (Rs.) 52 Week Low (Rs.)
    Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 16.29 14.85
    Quantum Equity Fund of Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 41.4 24.64
    Quantum Gold Fund ETF 2423.52 1699.11
    Quantum Gold Saving Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 22.72 15.78
    Quantum India ESG Equity Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 13.14 7.36
    Quantum Liquid Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 27.56 26.58
    Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 60.28 34.26
    Quantum Multi Asset Fund of Funds – Growth – Direct Plan 21.77 16.75
    Quantum Nifty ETF 1423.69 782.6
    Quantum Tax Saving Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 59.93 34.22

    NAV of Best Quantum Funds

    The net asset value of Quantum Dynamic bond fund -growth- direct plan is 16.3141. Quantum Equity Fund of Fund- growth- direct plan has a net asset value is .43.4860. 

    Also, Quantum Gold Fund ETF- Growth- direct plan has registered a Net asset value of 2129.4283. 

    Quantum gold savings fund has reported a net asset value of 19.8993. The net asset value of Quantum India ESG equity fund- growth- direct plan is 13.9900. 

    Quantum liquid fund- growth- direct plan has a net asset value of 27.6112. Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund- Growth- equity plan has registered a net asset value of 64.7300. 

    The net asset value of Quantum multi-asset funds of the fund is 43.4860. The net asset value of Quantum nifty ETF is 1493.2971.

    Quantum tax saving fund- growth- direct plan has a net asset value of 64.2900.

    Quantum AMC Customer Care Details

    Address of AMC 7th Floor, Hoechst House, Nariman Point Mumbai – 400 021
    Telephone Number +91 (22) 61447800
    Fax Number +91 (22) 22854318
    Email CustomerCare@QuantumAMC.com

    Sandeep Bhosle is the Assistant Vice President for Customer Interaction. He has almost 2 decades of experience in sales in the financial service. 

    You can contact Quantum with the help of toll-free numbers (1800-209-3863, 1800-22-3863). Or you can also email the complaints at CustomerCare@QuantumAMC.com

    If not, you can give a missed call on 022-6829-3807 and they will reach out to you.

    Quantum AMC- Important Links

    Website www.QuantumAMC.com
    Quantum Mutual Fund Login https://secure.quantumamc.com/
    Quantum Mutual Fund App NA
    Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/QuantumAMC
    Twitter Link https://twitter.com/QuantumAMC
    Youtube Link https://www.youtube.com/user/QuantumMF
    linkedIn Link https://www.linkedin.com/company/quantum-mutual-fund/


    Quantum Mutual Fund AMC – Conclusion

    The mutual fund industry is built around structures that encourage fancy products; layers of expensive cost; and reams of verbal garbage. 

    Quantum is your go to place because of its value-based investments and ethics is the leading investing company. Thus, you should plan your investments with them for long-term benefits.

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