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PPFAS Mutual Fund AMC was established in 2012. PPFAS AMC is registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882.

Their quality is that PPFAS AMC provides users with a different and special way of asset management than other companies. 

The company has been promoted by the parent company Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Pvt Ltd. PPFAS Ltd was founded in 1992.

Besides, PPFAS is one of India’s pioneer providers for SEBI registered Portfolio Management Service (PMS). 

About PPFAS Mutual Fund

In 2018, PPFAS’s total income was Rs.1,773.76 lakh and the profit was Rs.565.78 lakh. The asset management is under Rs.1,805 crore and PPFAS offers 6 schemes to its users.

PPFAS Mutual Fund AMCPPFAS offers only 1 equity fund. Investors and Advisors are clearly invested in this fund house considering the disciplined approach. 

Their approach towards investments and maintaining transparency in communication are two major advantages. They also provide downside protection with the scheme. 

The reason for its market presence on the top is that the fund has outperformed its benchmark for some time now. It has a category advantage within the time period promised.

After being launched in May 2013, the fund house has been delivering 18.59% returns since the beginning.

They have also been focusing on the flexicap category after the changes made by SEBI on the mandate for multi-cap funds. 

Clearly, the team is updated and promptly makes changes whenever need be.

One important bet that paid off for the fund was a strategy to deal with top quality Pharma stocks before the Hype for that industry even started.

There have been three schemes since the beginning and Parag Parikh Future Equity Fund is the flagship scheme where the house has the liberty to take its position in the country and cover up to 35% within the Global market.

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    Why Invest in PPFAS AMC? 

    The reasons as to why one should invest in this mutual fund scheme have been described below.

    • It helps the investor in achieving long-term financial goals.
    • The team has optimized fund management as a strategy.
    • They have focused on simplicity when it comes to the design of schemes.
    • They follow simplicity even in the investment approach and methodology.

    How to invest in PPFAS Mutual Funds

    Having a Demat account is mandatory to invest in any Mutual Fund and this section discusses how to specifically deal with PPFAS mutual funds.

    For those who have queries about having a mobile banking application and investing in the fund scheme through a mobile application, the following would be of help. 

    The unit holder must register for mobile banking initially. The bank will also issue a mobile money identifier that could be a combination of account and bank code. 

    You will also receive a mobile pin and a secret password. If the unitholder would like to perform transactions with the help of a mobile banking application, they can use these credentials. 

    Let us suppose the investor would like to take a position of 10000 INR when there is an open-ended fund scheme using a mobile application. 

    Then, he should provide the MMID of the scheme, open-end fund folio number, amount he wants to invest, and the MPIN. After the bank validates all of these, the investment will be made.

    The knowledge will be shared with the beneficiary via NPCI. AMC will be validating the small print and credit the scheme account with any acceptable unit.

    After this, a confirmation will be sent by message and email.

    PPFAS Fund Managers

    Here are the Top Fund Managers of PPFAS Mutual Fund –

    Rajeev Thakkar

    He is the chief investment officer and he is also responsible for the equity funds management. With years of experience in the field, he has his expertise in the field of monetary services. 

    Raunak Onkar

    He is the head of the research managing the Overseas investment since the company started the Overseas investment. 

    With 10 years of experience in the market, he started with the company as a search analyst and has grown to this position eventually. 

    Raj Mehta

    He is the fund manager who began his career in 2012 as an intern. He is currently a part of the fund management team and a fellow member of the ICAI. 

    PPFAS Mutual Fund – Key Personnels

    • Neil Parikh is the chief executive officer
    • Rajeev Thakkar is the Chief Investment Officer
    • Shashi Kataria is the Chief Operating Officer
    • Jayant Pai is the head of marketing
    • Mahesh Sarode is the head of investor relations- distributor channel
    • Raj mehta is the fund manager
    • Raju Shelat is the head of back office operations. 

    How to do KYC Check for PPFAS Mutual Fund? 

    • Visit our online purchase portal here
    • Fill in your PAN No. to see if you’re a KYC/KRA Compliant
    • If not, proceed for the eKYC together with your Aadhar No., Mobile and Email id
    • Follow the required steps to finish the method
    • Once you’re through with the method, you’ll be redirected to the web form. 

    Documents Required to Invest in HDFC AMC

    • Completed KYC form
    • Passport size photograph
    • Proof of identity
    • Proof of residence
    • If you’re an NRI, a copy of the passport must be provided along side the overseas address proof
    • If you’re a replacement investor a compulsory face to face Verification (IPV) is required at the time of submission of the KYC request.

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    PPFAS Mutual Fund Fees or Charges

    Fund Minimum Investment (Rs) Entry Load (in % p.a.) Exit Load (in % p.a.) Fund Manager
    Parag Parikh Liquid Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 5000 N.A 0.007 Raj Mehta
    Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 1000 N.A 2 Rajeev Thakkar
    Parag Parikh Tax Saver Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 500 N.A N.A Rajeev Thakkar
    • March 2018- 1.50% for direct plan and 2.0% for regular plan
    • February 2018- 1.50% for direct plan and 2.0% for regular plan 
    • January 2018- 1.65% for direct plan and 2.15% for regular plan
    • December2018- 1.88% for direct plan and 2.44% for regular plan 
    • November2018- 1.99% for direct plan and 2.56% for regular plan 
    • October2018- 1.99% for direct plan and 2.56% for regular plan 
    • September 2018- 1.99% for direct plan and 2.56% for regular plan
    • August 2018- 1.99% for direct plan and 2.56% for regular plan
    • July 2018- 1.99% for direct plan and 2.56% for regular plan
    • June 2018- 1.94% for direct plan and 2.51% for regular plan
    • May 2018- 1.99% for direct plan and 2.57% for regular plan
    • April 2018- 1.99% for direct plan and 2.57% for regular plan. 

    Best Performing PPFAS Mutual Fund 

    Fund Name Category Risk 1Y Returns Fund Size (in Cr)
    Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund
    Equity Moderately High 31.60% Rs. 5,757
    Parag Parikh Tax Saver Fund Equity Moderately High 27.60% Rs. 85
    Parag Parikh Liquid Fund Debt Low 3.80% Rs. 1,073

    Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund- 1-year returns were 34.1%

    Also, Parag Parikh Long Term Liquid Fund- 1-year returns was 3.6%

    Parag Parikh Long Tax Saver Fund- 1 year returns was 33.5%.

    Top PPFAS AMC Funds

    1-Year Return (%)
    3-Year Return (%) 5-Year Return (%)
    Parag Parikh Liquid Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 3.67 N.A N.A
    Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 29.01 47.18 97.57
    Parag Parikh Tax Saver Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 24.15 N.A N.A

    PPFAS Asset Management Private came into the market in 2012.  AMC got enlisted as a trust under the Indian Trust Act 1882. 

    The total income of AMC by the year 2018 was RS 1773.76 lakhs and had a profit of Rs 565.78 lakh. PPFAS AMC withstands the ‘Laws Of The Farm’. This is also the law related to farming. 

    Here, with efforts and discipline the farmer reaps fruitful produce steadily. AMC considers itself different in asset management than other companies. 

    For example, AMC only provides one equity scheme to its customers as it feels that providing many schemes may lead to skepticism and confusion among the clients.

    Best PPFAS Mutual Funds – Portfolio

    Fund Name Category Risk 1Y Returns Fund Size (in Cr)
    Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund
    Equity Moderately High 31.60% Rs. 5,757
    Parag Parikh Tax Saver Fund Equity Moderately High 27.60% Rs. 85
    Parag Parikh Liquid Fund Debt Low 3.80% Rs. 1,073

    Details of Best PPFAS AMC Funds Portfolio

    There are two types of PPFAS mutual funds. The first is Parag Parikh Long Term Equity fund and the second is Parag Parikh Liquid Fund.  

    Parag Parikh Long Term Equity fund is for those who are searching for an investment of at least five years. 

    This scheme was initiated on 24, May, 2013 and by 31, May, 2019, it’s assets under management are of Rs. 1,896.65 crores. The Portfolio of this includes

    Core Equity: There are many firms that have core equity of this scheme like HDFC Bank Ltd., Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd., Hero MotoCorp Ltd., Persistent Systems Ltd., Axis Bank Ltd, State Bank Of India Ltd., etc.

    The major portion of the net assets, i.e. 8.57% belongs to HDFC Bank Ltd. Others like, Bajaj holdings and investments Ltd. has 6.82 percent and hero Moto Corp. Ltd. has 5.12 percent.

    Arbitrage: In this also major portion of net assets belong to HDFC i.e. 4.74%.

    Tata steels acquire 2.41% and 2.35% is also occupied by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. 1.85 percent is owned by Century textile Ltd. 1.46 percent is held by States Bank of India Ltd and the minimum portion is also owned by Yes Bank Ltd. i.e. 0.63%.

    IDRs, ADRs, and overseas securities: In this, 9.33% of the net asset is owned by Alphabet Inc.

    On the other hand, Suzuki Motor Corp owns 5.05%. 5.03% of the net assets also belong to Facebook Inc., 2.69% belongs to Nestle SA, 2.27% belongs to Amazon Inc., and 1.77% belongs to 3M Co.

    Debt and money market instruments: 6.57 net assets of the Parag Parikh long term equity fund are also in TREPS that includes cash and cash equivalents. 

    Parag Parikh Liquid Fund

    Parag Parikh Liquid Fund is a scheme that gives high liquidity and less risk by financing in debt and money market instruments. 

    Besides, the Scheme was initiated On 11 May 2008 and by 31st May 2019, its assets under management are of Rs. 268.20 Crores. Besides, the portfolio includes only:

    Debt and Money market instrument: The majority portion of the nest assets in this section also belongs to Sovereign 91 days treasury bills. Other instruments also include 182 days and 364 days of greasy bills.

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    PPFAS Mutual Fund Schemes NAV

    Fund 52 Week High (Rs.) 52 Week Low (Rs.)
    Parag Parikh Liquid Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 1143.67 1102.43
    Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 36.41 20.16
    Parag Parikh Tax Saver Fund – Growth – Direct Plan 13.83 7.89

    NAV of Best PPFAS Mutual Funds

    Based on the Maturity Period the schemes can be divided into two parts:

    Open-Ended Scheme: This scheme is available on a continuous basis for subscription and repurchase and also allows its clients to purchase and sell units at Net Asset Value( NAV). 

    Moreover, it doesn’t have a fixed maturity period.

    Closed-Ended Scheme: This scheme has a maturity length of 5 to 7 years and is open for subscription for a stipulated time.

    Besides, through the periodic repurchase of NAV, the investor also has an option to end the Close Ended Scheme by selling it to NAV.

    Based on Investment Objective, the schemes can have divisions further:

    Equity Oriented Scheme: it aims to provide capital appreciation over the medium to extended term. It is a scheme that also involves risk.

    The investors also have different options like dividend option, capital appreciation, etc. and the investors need to fill the preference in the form. They can later change it too.

    Income Oriented Scheme: It aims to provide a steady income to its clients and involves less risk compared to an equity scheme. This scheme also has no impact due to equity market fluctuations.

    Liquid fund: This scheme is also an income scheme and its purpose is to provide easy liquidity, reasonable income, and preservation of capital.

    Gilt Funds: This scheme invests in government securities and has less risk. Besides, if there is any change in the interest rate and other economic circumstances the NAVs of schemes may fluctuate.

    Index Funds: It is a replica of a portfolio of a particular index like the BSE Sensitive Index. Besides, the NAVs of such a scheme may fluctuate with the rise and fall in the index.

    PPFAS AMC Customer Care Details

    Address of AMC Great Western Building, 1st Floor, 130/132, S.B.S. Marg, Opp. Lion Gate, Fort, Mumbai – 400001
    Telephone Number 022-61406555
    Fax Number 022-61406590
    Email swapnil@ppfas.com

    Investor Helpline: 1800-266-7790

    Distributor Helpline: 61406538 

    For email, write to mf@ppfas.com. 

    PPFAS AMC – Important Links

    Website amc.ppfas.com
    PPFAS Mutual Fund Login https://selfinvest.ppfas.com/
    PPFAS Mutual Fund App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ppfas.mobile&hl=en
    Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/PPFAS
    Twitter Link https://twitter.com/PPFAS
    Youtube Link https://www.youtube.com/PPFASLTD

    PPFAS Mutual Fund – Conclusion

    Finally, PPFAS has options for moderate risk, high risk, and low-risk funds. Investors must be careful before investing in the funds. 

    The company believes in keeping the interest of clients first and then employs the workforce investing a considerable amount of time in surplus to the equity fund of the company. 

    The allocation and Portfolio disclosure of the company proves their interest in improving their client investment and bringing the best Returns. 

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