Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio, Latest Holdings, Net Worth & more

Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio is another of the rising stars. And, we’re referring specifically to the Indian trading industry. We’ll take a deep dive into this portfolio within this article toady. We have done a lot od digging about it.

And, we’ll use the information we’ve gathered to help you understand about in detail. Nothing much was uncovered about the owner of the portfolio. However, that’s completely fine with this article. Anyway, we’ll initiate by explaining a few tricks used by the portfolio.

These will be revelations about the investment techniques it follows. Next, we’ll focus on the portfolio’s last known constitution. We’ll uncover all the investments it made in this part. And, we’ll refer to the reports of Jun 2019 for this.

We’ll then move ahead and explain the top three investments it commenced in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. The last part will include a short glimpse into the financial journey of the portfolio. This will even establish the portfolio’s net worth as during the last 5 years.

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About Sunil Kumar Agarwal

We got to immerse ourselves in Sunil Kumar Agarwal latest portfolio. And, we found out that it mentioned a total of 5 investments. This was during the 2nd quarter of 2019. We dig a bit further and researched into the portfolio’s last 5 years’ worth of investment data.

This helped us to crack open a few nuts. The portfolio is far from what you can call a multi-bagger. On the contrary, it emphasizes on investing on Infrastructure Sector. The last known composition of the portfolio had three companies from this sector.

This means 60% of the portfolio’s composition in terms of investment quantity. It even emphasizes on the Finance Sector. And, it had two companies from this sector as well. And, that makes 40% of the investments of the portfolio.

Now, that’s a really huge number. You must even understand that these are two of the major sectors of investments. However, as per the amount of investment, the portfolio has more than 90% of the wealth allocated towards the Finance Sector.

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    Sunil Kumar Agarwal Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    The Sunil Kumar Agarwal holdings had 5 investments in Jun 2019. And, this is the last known quarter we have reports for. We have mentioned all the investments in detail. So, just take a look at the list below: –

    Investment in Kamdhenu Ltd

    The first and the highest investment was for Kamdhenu Ltd. The portfolio’s possession of this holding was worth 18.0 Cr. There were a total of 15,45,292 shares within the holding.

    And, the unit cost of each share was worth 116.35 INR. The holding was good for yet another thing. It granted the portfolio an ownership value.

    This was around 5.82% over the company’s total stakes. The shares were retained from the previous quarter. And, they were retained at a cost of 0.03 INR per unit negative gain.

    Needless to say, that this formed the highest amount of investment concentration within the portfolio.

    Holdings in Sarthak Metals Ltd

    The second place in this investments’ list of the portfolio was held by Sarthak Metals Ltd. This was another company from Infrastructure sector.

    This holding comprised of 3,20,000 shares. The value of unit share from this holding was worth 15.6 INR. Thus, the complete holding was valued worth 49.9 L.

    The holding was held with some other features too. We’re referring to the ownership claim within the company. in this case, the portfolio enjoyed 2.34% stakes. However, that was the figure confirmed during Mar 2019.

    Investment in Canopy Finance Ltd

    At the third place was the company named Canopy Finance Ltd. The portfolio was in possession of 2,00,000 shares of this company. And, this all occurred in Jun 2019.

    The shares were uniformly priced at 13.12 INR per unit. And, they formulated the holding’s cumulative worth of 26.2 L. Even, these shares were retained from Mar 2019 quarter.

    However, they were retained without any hint of loss. And, the overall holding ensured 2.15% worth ownership within the company.

    Holdings in Tridev Infraestates Ltd

    Tridev Infraestates Ltd was name of the company in 4th And, we’re ranking the companies in terms of investment concentration. Anyway, the portfolio had 3,33,170 shares of this company.

    The shares were all uniformly valued. And, the unit cost of the shares was accounted worth 0.78 INR. This is one of the lowest per unit cost of the shares in the industry.

    Anyway, the overall holding value during Jun 2019 was worth 2.6 L. And, the portfolio held them all with 5.11% ownership within the company’s stakes.

    Investment in Abhinav Leasing & Finance Ltd

    The last investment in terms of amount was made for Abhinav Leasing & Finance Ltd. This holding was comprised of 1,70,000 shares in total. And, the shares were uniformly valued worth 1.33 INR.

    They cumulatively granted the holding a value of 2.3 L. The holding was even worth 0.34% in terms of company ownership. This was all recorded in Jun 2019.

    Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio in 2019

    Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio 2019 had 5 investments enlisted in total. And, we’ve mentioned this even earlier. However, we’ll be elaborating the top three investments in here. So, we have the company Kamdhenu Ltd to begin with.

    The portfolio commenced maximum investment in its favor during Mar 2019. Reports confirm the portfolio’s possession of 15,45,292 shares of this company. And, the shares were all priced at 116.35 INR per unit. In other words, the cumulative value of the shares was worth 18.0 Cr.

    This formed over 90% of the portfolio’s investment concentration. But more importantly, it granted some other features. We’re referring to the 5.85% worth ownership claim over the company. The shares recorded a positive gain of 0.54 INR from previous quarter.

    There were no changes observed in terms of market value of this holding in Hun 2019. However, the overall stakes contained by the portfolio was limited to 5.82%. This was worth 0.03 INR per negative gain. Sarthak Metals Ltd formed the second highest investment consuming company.

    More on Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio 2019

    And, we’re referring specifically to the portfolio of Sunil Kumar Agarwal. Anyway, the portfolio invested to get 3,20,000 shares of the company. The unit cost of those shares was deemed worth 15.6 INR. However, they cumulatively formed a holding worth 49.9 L.

    And, the holding was even worth 2.34% worth of the company’s entire stakes. Please notice that we’re referring to the quarter of Mar 2019 only. This holding showed no changes at all in Jun 2019. The third spot within this list was allotted to Canopy Finance Ltd.

    The portfolio invested a hefty amount even for this company. The units share cost of the company was 13.12 INR. And, this was recorded during Mar 2019. Anyway, this holding was formed by 2,00,000 shares. And, the overall holding value was accounted worth 26.2 L.

    It came with some added advantages. We’re referring to 2.15% ownership over the company’s stakes in total. Even this holding retained all its values. Therefore, the portfolio retained all the shares too in Jun 2019.

    Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio in 2018

    Sunil Kumar Agarwal portfolio 2018 comfirmed of one thing. It made a total of 33 investments this year. The highest of which was made for Frontier Springs Ltd. The portfolio possessed a total of 82,482 shares of this company.

    The shares were each valued for 209.5 INR. And, the overall holding value was valued worth 1.7 Cr. The holding even granted certain additional features to the portfolio. One of which was an ownership claim worth 2.09% over the company.

    The shares were retained from the previous quarter with 0.01 INR per unit negative gain in Mar 2018. The holding was retained even in Dec 2018. However, the new holding had 21,699 shares less. Even the new holding value reduced to 1.3 Cr.

    More on Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio 2018

    And, the new ownership grant was worth 1.54% over the company. Nikhil Adhesives Ltd was the company within the second place. This was during Mar 2018. The portfolio had a total of 70,156 shares of this company. The shares were equivalent to 132 INR per unit.

    And, the overall holding value was confirmed to be worth 92.6 L. They were all retained from the previous quarter. However, they did suffer a negative gain worth 0.27 INR per unit. In total, the holding granted .53% worth of ownership to the portfolio.

    The portfolio retained all the shares of this holding in Dec 2018. And, it even added another 1,010 shares to the holding. The last known holding value was worth 93.9 L. And, it allowed the portfolio to enjoy 1.55% ownership over the company.

    The third place within this list was acquired by Jasch Industries Ltd. The portfolio had 1,93,352 shares of this company in Mar 2018. The shares held a value of 46.9 INR per unit. And, the cumulative value of the holding was worth 90.7 L.

    The holding was good for yet another use. The portfolio enjoyed an ownership over 1.71% of the company. And, this was the sole responsibility of this holding. This holding remained intact even in Dec 2018. And, all the shares were retained without any positive or negative gains.

    Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio in 2017

    Sunil Kumar Agarwal portfolio 2017 had 5 investments in total. However, the top three are the ones that matter most. And, the list is led by Kamdhenu Ltd. The portfolio managed to retain its holding of 12,95,292 shares. The shares were priced at 116.35 INR each.

    And, this made the entire holding’s value worth 15.1 Cr. The portfolio retained the shares at zero profit or loss. In fact, holding the shares granted 5.54% worth ownership in the company. And, this data was recorded during Mar 2017.

    No changes were observed within this portfolio even in Dec 2017. And, the portfolio retained all of the shares. Canopy Finance Ltd held the second place with much difference. And, we’re talking in terms of investment concentration. The portfolio held 2,00,000 shares of this company.

    More on Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio 2017

    And, the value of unit share was deemed worth 13.12 INR. The entire holding’s value however, was worth 26.2 L. The overall holding was even valued worth 2.15% of the company’s total stakes. And, this data was collected in Mar 2017.

    Even this holding was totally retained without any losses whatsoever in Dec 2017. Sarthak Metals Ltd formed a close third place. The portfolio was in possession of 1,60,000 shares of this company. The holding was valued worth 25.0 L in total in Mar 2017.

    And, the unit share value was deemed worth 15.6 INR. However, the holding even granted another advantage. It was worth 1.17% of the total shares or stakes of the company. The unit share value remained same in Dec 2017.

    However, the portfolio decided to shed off most of the shares. As a result, the holding was diminished drastically. And, this left the [portfolio with even less than 1% of the company’s total stakes.

    What is Sunil Kumar Agarwal’s Net Worth?

    Sunil Kumar Agarwal Net Worth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Dec-15 5.71
    Mar-16 5.730%
    Jun-16 7.2426%
    Sep-16 7.9910%
    Dec-16 9.1414%
    Mar-17 12.2433%
    Jun-17 15.4826%
    Sep-17 17.8615%
    Dec-17 27.3753%
    Mar-18 32.1617%
    Jun-18 27.96-13%
    Sep-18 24.86-11%
    Dec-18 22.74-8%
    Mar-19 26.2415%
    Jun-19 18.79-28%

    Sunil Kumar Agarwal’s net worth as recorded in Jun 2019 was 18.79 Cr. However, the portfolio always did not value this much. In fact, we have studied the data of the last 5 years for this company. And, the revelations it made has astound us.

    The portfolio was on a rising streak for almost 10 quarters in a row. It started the journey with an investment and net worth of 5.71 Cr in Dec 2015. There was a slight uplifting in the next quarter. It was valued worth 5.73 Cr in Mar 2016.

    More on Sunil Kumar Agarwal’s Net Worth

    In Jun 2016, the portfolio witnesses a 26% positive gain. And, the net worth of the portfolio was increased to 7.24 Cr. It gained 10% positive growth in Sep 2016. And, its net worth was recorded worth 7.99 Cr. The next quarter of Dec 2016 was again fruitful with a positive gain of 14%.

    The portfolio’s net worth now was accounted for 9.14 Cr. Mar 2017 gave the portfolio a huge growth worth 33%. The net worth of the portfolio was then recorded as 12.24 Cr. It went on to grow another 26% and valued worth 15.48 Cr in Jun 2017.

    The net worth of the portfolio in Sep 2017 was 17.86 Cr. And, the overall positive gains it received were worth 15%. In Dec 2017, the net worth of the portfolio was 27.37 Cr. It grew by 53% during this quarter. The growth rate it received in this quarter was the greatest.

    And, it received 17% positive gains in Mar 2018. It was worth 32.16 Cr during this quarter. And, this was the highest it ever went. It lost 13% and 11% worth value in the next two quarters respectively. Its net worth during Jun 2018 and Sep 2018 was recorded as 27.96 Cr and 24.86 Cr respectively.

    It again lost 8% value in Dec 2018. Its net worth then was recorded to be 22.74 Cr. However, it went up by 15% in Mar 2019. Its net worth was then recorded at 26.24 Cr.

    Sunil Kumar Agarwal Portfolio – Conclusion

    The portfolio of Sunil Kumar Agarwal is the perfect example of analyzed investments. That is the only reason it could grow on a consistent rate. And, the newcomers to the industry should take a lesson from it.


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