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Seema Goel is well known Indian stock trader who has gone to join the elite class of traders with ease. Her journey has been rather swift and interesting.

In fact, she is also known to have trained in the art of master stock trading under the able guidance of her husband Anil Goel. Anil hails as yet another maestro from the Indian creed of super-stock-traders.

However, Seema herself has proven to be a true protege of her mentor and swiftly mastered the art of generating humongous profits from her completely out-of-the-box trading techniques and ideologies.

We’ll discuss her case within this article today. Also we’ll put in a lot of light on the nature of Seema Goel Portfolio including the specific methodologies she implements.

We’ll elaborate her portfolio’s top investments during the years 2020, 2021, and 2022. And, we’ll even establish the journey of her portfolio during the past few years to understand her gains and losses.

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About Seema Goel

As mentioned, above Seema Goel is the spouse of the super popular Indian investor Anil Kumar Goel. In fact, she is even considered to be her disciple of some sort. Both have been observed to utilize similar trading tactics.

And, although the earnings and investments stand to differ quite a lot from each other in terms of quantity, her selection of stocks for the portfolio resembles a lot of her husband’s. Speaking of which, we must remind you that both their portfolios tend not to focus on the mainstream stocks.

You see, by Indian standards, the mainstream stocks are considered to be that of the IT, Finance or Pharma origins. However, Seema prefers to invest in lesser known (or virtually unknown) sectors. She even seems to implement the same contrarian strategy as her husband.

This can certainly be established based on the fact that she post looking at Seema Goel latest portfolio and her faith on Sugar based companies. However, the profits she generates from these companies is yet a debate for most.

That being said, she has definitely evolved as a full grown star investor within the Indian markets. Furthermore, she even tries to put a major chunk of her investment onto the micro-cap companies. Now this, is a totally calculated risk. One, that requires exquisite precision. Another reason for her undoubted success.

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    Seema Goel Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    Seema Goel has 14 stocks in her portfolio presently. Her latest portfolio valuation is Rs. 370 crores. The top stocks in her portfolio as per her stakes in the companies are South India Paper Mills Ltd. where he holds a 4.7% stake.

    Then Dhampur Sugar Mills follows in which she has 3.7% stakes. Then there is Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd. where she holds 2.3% stakes currently, followed by Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd. and Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd. where she has 2.3% stakes individually as well.

    She holds 2% stakes in Vardhman Holdings Ltd., 1.7% stakes in Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd., and 1.5% stakes in Precot Ltd. These are a few of the top holdings in the portfolio of Seema Goel at present.

    She has presently acquired another 0.1% stake in Svadh Sugar & Energy Ltd. which increased her total stakes in this company to 1.3% in the June 2022 quarter.

    Holdings in KRBL Ltd

    In KRBL Ltd. Seema Goel holds stakes worth Rs. 88.7 crores. This is at present the highest valuation of a single holding in her portfolio.

    Though she holds only 1.2% stakes of the company which she has been retaining over the last few years, and neither added nor sold off the stakes but the valuation of the 2848367 shares is presently Rs. 88.7 crores.

    This is one of the most constant stocks in her portfolio. It has been more than 5 years, she has invested in this stock and retained the same.

    Investment in Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd

    The next top holding in Seema Goel’s portfolio is Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. She holds a 3.7% stake in the firm at present. The valuation holding value is Rs. 59.3 crores, the second highest in the portfolio.

    The total number of shares she holds of this company is 2436000 shares. This is another stock she has been retaining for many years now and if you look back at the past two to three years, she has been holding the 3.7% stakes of the company only.

    There has been no change in her holdings when it comes to this stock.

    Holdings in Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd

    The third significant holding of Seema Goel’s portfolio is Dwarikesh Sugar Mills Ltd. Here she has around 2.3% stakes currently. In the mid of 2021, she increased her stake in this company from 2% to 2.2% and then to 2.3% in the December quarter of 2021.

    This year, there has been no change in the holding till now. She has been holding on to the 4300000 shares which have a current valuation of Rs. 45.2 crores.

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    Seema Goel Portfolio in 2021

    In the March 2021 quarter, Seema Goel’s portfolio had only 7 stocks worth Rs. 123.3 crores in total.

    South India Paper Mills Ltd. where she held 4.3% stakes. KRBL Ltd., Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd., and Uttam Sugar Mills are the top holdings in the portfolio as per stakes held in these companies.

    By the end of the year, 2021, the valuation of the portfolio went up to Rs. 281.4 crores and the number of stocks held where she has more than 1% stakes were 13 at that time.

    However, South India Paper Mills and Dhampur Sugar Mills were constant. Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd. where she held 2.8% stakes was a new addition to the portfolio.

    She invested in this stock in June 2021 quarter. During this year, she also increased her stakes in the Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd from 2% to 2.3%.

    Seema Goel Portfolio in 2020

    At the beginning of 2020, Seema Goel had 7 stocks in her portfolio and the total worth of the portfolio was Rs. 74.2 crores in March 2020 quarter.

    As usual, this year as well, she had South India Paper Mills Ltd.’s 4.3% stakes, then 3.7% stakes in Dhampur Sugar Mills, and 2.3% stakes in Uttam Sugar Mills were there in her portfolio.

    In the December 2020 quarter, as of 31st December, her portfolio was valued at Rs. 137.8 crores with 7 significant stocks in the portfolio. During this year, she didn’t add or sold off any significant stakes.

    Seema Goel Portfolio in 2019

    Seema Goel Portfolio 2019 consists of eight companies’ stock shares. The highest investment she’s made so far this year was during the 1st quadrant. We’re referring to the stocks of the company KRBL Ltd.

    Seema Goel has accumulated a total of 27,99,000 stocks of this company since the beginning of the year.

    The stock was then prices at 241 INR per unit share. Seema’s overall collection of this stock was then valued at 67.5 Cr and granted her the ownership to 1.19% of the company’s stakes.

    The overall number of shares has remained unchanged even during the last quarter of the year. Seema still has a climb to the company’s 1.19% stakes. However, the current holding value of the shares has increased to being 66.7 Cr.

    She has even invested to get herself 24,56,000 shares of the company named Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd at 215.65 INR per unit share during the 1st quadrant.

    More on Seema Goel Portfolio 2019

    Her shares’ cumulative value back then was 53.0 Cr and granted her the ownership to 3.70 % of the company’s stakes. This particular lot has remained totally unaltered in terms of number of shares or holding value even during the last quadrant.

    The third biggest investment she made during the 1st quadrant of the year was to fetch herself 37,20,000 shares of the company Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd. She got these shares then for 26.75 INR per unit stock share.

    And, her stock holding held a value of 10.0 Cr and gave her the claim to 1.98% of the company’s overall stocks. Even these shares remained mostly unaffected at all during the last quarter.

    They still allocate the power to claim 1.98% of the company’s stakes to Seema. However, their holding value has gone a bit down to 9.9 Cr.

    Seema Goel Portfolio in 2018

    The Seema Goel portfolio 2018 can resemble a lot like that in the year 2019. However, there has been a few changes that cannot be neglected at all. Considering her usual approach in investments, she made the largest investment in the 1st quadrant towards KRBL Ltd.

    She held a total of 27,99,000 shares of this company at a unit share price of 241 INR back in March 2018. She witnessed a change and a positive gain of 0.09 INR per unit to the shares from the past quarter during March 2018.

    Her cluster of these shares was then valued at 67.5 Cr and gave her the authority to claim 1.19% of the company’s shares. The second largest investment that can be spotted in her portfolio during March 2018 is that on the company known as Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.

    More on Seema Goel Portfolio 2018

    She had an acquisition of 22,88,000 shares of the company back then with the unit stock share priced at 215.65 INR. Her acquisition of this particular company’s stock gave her the right to claim 3.45% of the company’s shares at a value of 49.3 Cr.

    she had acquired these stocks with 0.57 INR positive gain per unit share from the previous quarter. However, there was no change to the unit share price of this stocks as compared to the preceding quarter, it still got an increase in number of shares with Seema Goel.

    The total shares of this company during Dec 2018 with Seema was accounted for 24,56,000 with a cumulative value of 53.0 Cr. each share during that time was priced at 215.65 INR.

    The third most significant investment that can be spotted in her portfolio during the 1st quarter of the year 2018 is that on Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd.

    She used to have an acquisition of 37,20,000 shares of this company with each share priced at 26.75 INR. the overall value of this particular company’s stock held by her accounted for 10.0 Cr and 1.98% of the company’s ownership.

    This stock continued to maintain its stand even during the 4th quarter of the year 2018. And, there were no changes to the number of the shares held or to the value they posed at all.

    Seema Goel Portfolio in 2017

    Seema Goel portfolio 2017 was somewhat similar in the form of structure as it is today. She had an acquisition of 25,77,812 shares for the company known as KRBL Ltd. These shares accounted for a total of 61.8 Cr value and granted her the claim to 1.10% of the company’s turnover.

    The shares were priced at 239.85 INR per unit share back during March 2017. By the end of the last quarter, another 10,000 shares were brought by Seema under this stock. Thus, the number of these shares increased to 25,87,000 priced at 241 INR per unit share during Dec 2017.

    They even granted her portfolio a claim of 1.10% of the company and a value of 62.3 Cr. The second place as might be easily understandable was held by held by a sugar based company named Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.

    More on Seema Goel Portfolio 2017

    Seema Goel had the ownership of 10,80,000 shares of it during the 1st quadrant of the year 2017. These shares granted her the authority to over 1.63% of the company’s stakes. And, they were valued at 23.3 Cr.

    Another lot of these shares were bought by the end of the 4th quarter making the valuation of the overall 19,13,000 shares 41.3 Cr with each share unit cost being 215.65 INR. This granted Seema Goel the power over 2.88% of the company’s ownership.

    Third most invested upon stock was that held for the company known as Sterling Tools Ltd. The shares of this stock were priced at 161.15 INR per unit share during the 1st quarter of 2017.

    The overall valuation of these 6,75,000 shares were accounted for 10.9 Cr back then and offered the authority of 1.97% of the company’s stakes.

    By the end of Dec 2017, the portfolio retained merely 5,00,000 shares of this company with each stock valued at 161.15 INR and making the overall valuation of the shares 8.1 Cr.

    What is Seema Goel’s Net Worth?

    Seema Goel Net Worth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-19 146.99-15%
    Mar-19 173.89-12%
    Dec-18 199.3622%
    Sep-18 162.673%
    Jun-18 157.31-22%
    Mar-18 202.36-22%
    Dec-17 259.778%
    Sep-17 239.5931%
    Jun-17 181.779%
    Mar-17 165.7438%
    Dec-16 119.5911%
    Sep-16 106.785%
    Jun-16 101.4814%
    Mar-16 88.71-15%

    Seema Goel’s net worth can’t be traced down to having much turbulence as compared to other traders. Starting at the year 2016, she initiated her journey with 88.71 Cr net worth and a negative gain of 15% from previous quarter.

    By the end of the year she had turned out be of worth 119.59 Cr with 11% rise from the previous quarter. The year 2017 saw her enter the market with a net worth of 165.74 Cr and 38% growth from the previous quarter.

    It ended with her being at 259.77% at a 8% growth from the previous quarter. This was the highest she ever achieved. She then started off her 1st quarter in 2018 with a net worth of 202.36 Cr with a negative growth of 22%.

    The portfolio kept on deteriorating further down until she ended her year in Dec 2018 199.36 Cr with 22% increase from the previous quarter.

    And, as far as the year 2019 is considered, the portfolio initiated in March 2019 with 173.89 Cr net worth and currently stands at 146.99 Cr net worth with a negative growth of 15% from previous quarter.

    The current net worth of Seema Goel’s investment portfolio is Rs. 369.92 crores as of 6th September 2022. It is up from Rs. 277.8 crores in June 2022 end. The change in the value of the portfolio is 33.16%.

    Seema Goel Portfolio – Conclusion

    The portfolio of Seema Goel strictly follows the guidelines of her husband’s teachings for her trade style. And, it is rather noteworthy that her portfolio has not been much affected in the past 4 years as compared to other star traders.

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