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Reliance Securities Office Near Me – Find all Reliance Securities Branch Nearby

Last Updated Date - Oct 15, 2022

Reliance Securities Office is making it sure to reach every part of the country. Let it be a city or town or rather even remote regions. There are 80 official Reliance Securities Branches spread all over the country.

It possesses a record breaking 1380 franchise network. So in total it has 1460 Branches. It is a huge number and cannot escape being popular.

Reliance Securities is the most dominant broking firm in India. It is the biggest retail broking firm with lakhs of clients. This broking firm doesn’t need any advertisement. The word Reliance itself is enough at influencing masses. Reliance Securities is a broking arm of Reliance Capital.

It has designed offers to invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds alike. Products like equities, derivatives etc. can be availed.  Reliance Securities is known for exceptional service.  The entire trading platform is built on latest Technology. New technology has eased the transaction process and made it much speedy.

Branch Type – All Branches
Own Branch 80
Franchise Branch 1380
All Branches 1460

Reliance Securities Offers

Find out Reliance Securities Branch Office – Reliance Securities Branch Locator

Reliance Securities has too many branches and, that makes it easier for people to locate one. Locating Reliance Securities Branch Office nearby is easy. The address can be located using Reliance Securities Branch locator.

Open up the locator on electronic media available and type the required city and applicable broker name.  Immediately it takes one to the result page. This page provides all essential information about the branch and means to access. Get the details and reach the branch in no time.

Search Branch by Broker and City

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    Reliance Securities Head Office / Reliance Securities Registered Office Details

    RELIANCE SECURITIES LTD is the popular trade name of the firm. Mumbai Being the commercial hub of India has been adopted as the headquarters of Reliance as well. Reliance Securities Head Office address is Reliance Centre, 4th Floor, North Wing, Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz, Mumbai-400055 .

    The corporate office is also not far away, the address of which is: R-Tech IT Park, 11th Floor, Western Express highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai – 400063. Reliance Securities is the most happening firm and we can know everything about it in its website https://www.reliancesmartmoney.com/

    We agree that most of the transactions take place online; still there are few customers who like to address their issues over the phone. For customer convenience help desk and call & trade options have been availed.

    One can access the following numbers to resolve issues- 022-33034001/9323982040 and the fax no is – 022-33034663. These numbers belong to the head office. Similarly corporate office has also provided facilities in similar terms and, the contact numbers are 022-33201212/1666.

    Things can also be done over fax. The number for the same is 022-33201555. The digital freak people can drop a mail at rsec.compliance@relianceada.com. It can be regarding queries, account status, and the services available.

    Reliance Securities Branch Office Details
    Registered Office
    Phones 022-33034001/9323982040
    Fax 022-022-33034663
    Corporate Office
    Phones 022-33201212/1666
    Fax 022-33201555
    Corporate Email rsec.compliance@relianceada.com
    Website Reliance Securities Website Link

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    Reliance Securities Branch in Top 10 Cities

    Finding Reliance Securities Branch is completely hassle-free anywhere in the country. Let’s check for the branches numerically in top cities. The top cities we are going to talk about are Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Thane, Pune, Kolkata, Surat, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Vadodara.

    Locating branches in any of these cities takes no time. Especially, if Reliance Securities Branch Locator is made use of. Mumbai is a city with maximum branches i.e. 67. Bangalore stands second with 62 branches.

    Delhi also has a good number of branches that is 53. It is followed by other cities like Ahmedabad with 44 branches. Likewise rest of cities also have good number of branches averaging around 25. Vadodara has the least number of branches; still it is a good number of 12.

    Branch Office – Top 10 Cities & Metros
    City Branch
    Mumbai 67
    Ahmedabad 44
    Delhi 53
    Thane 31
    Pune 28
    Kolkata 17
    Surat 27
    Bangalore 62
    Hyderabad 42
    Vadodara 12

    Reliance Securities Office in other Top Cities

    Other top cities have not been excluded from Reliance Securities Branches. Reliance Securities have proactively made provision country wide when it comes to service. In other top cities Bhopal accounts for the largest number of branches i.e. 31.

    Lucknow falls second with 27 branches. Followed by, Chennai with 26 branches. Reliance Securities Offices are present across Patna there are 25 branches, Ghaziabad has 21, Bhavnagar has 17 branches, and both Rajkot & Ernakulam has 15 branches.

    Gandhi Nagar has the minimum branches i.e. 2 numbers. All of these branches can be easily located using Reliance Securities Branch Locator.

    Branch Office  – Other Major Cities
    City Branch City Branch
    Chennai 26 Bhopal 31
    Jaipur 14 Coimbatore 13
    Rajkot 15 Gandhi Nagar 2
    Indore 11 Aurangabad 1
    Nagpur 3 Ludhiana 6
    Lucknow 27 Faridabad 5
    Nashik 9 Allahabad 14
    24 Parganas 4 Mehsana 5
    Patna 25 Chandigarh 5
    Navi Mumbai 8 Anand 5
    Ghaziabad 21 Ernakulam 15
    Gurgaon 7 Raipur 5
    Jodhpur 12 Thrissur 2
    Howrah 2 Ranchi 4
    Bhavnagar 17 Dehradun 7
    Kanpur 14 Guntur 7
    Jamnagar 12 Jalgaon 6
    Hooghly 2 Junagadh 3
    Kolhapur 4 Noida 9
    Ahmednagar 2 Navsari 3

    Find Reliance Securities Branch in Top 50 Cities

    Reliance Securities in 24 Parganas Reliance Securities in Guntur Reliance Securities in Nellore
    Reliance Securities in Ahmedabad Reliance Securities in Gurgaon Reliance Securities in Patna
    Reliance Securities in Allahabad Reliance Securities in Hyderabad Reliance Securities in Pune
    Reliance Securities in Bangalore Reliance Securities in Indore Reliance Securities in Rajkot
    Reliance Securities in Belgaum Reliance Securities in Jaipur Reliance Securities in Salem
    Reliance Securities in Bellary Reliance Securities in Kanpur Reliance Securities in Surat
    Reliance Securities in Bhavnagar Reliance Securities in Kolkata Reliance Securities in Thane
    Reliance Securities in Bokaro Reliance Securities in Kozhikode Reliance Securities in Thrissur
    Reliance Securities in Chennai Reliance Securities in Lucknow Reliance Securities in Tiruchirappalli
    Reliance Securities in Coimbatore Reliance Securities in Madurai Reliance Securities in Trichy
    Reliance Securities in Cuttack Reliance Securities in Malapuram Reliance Securities in Udupi
    Reliance Securities in Delhi Reliance Securities in Mangalore Reliance Securities in Varanasi
    Reliance Securities in Dharwad Reliance Securities in Mumbai Reliance Securities in Vishakhapatnam
    Reliance Securities in Dindigul Reliance Securities in Mysore Reliance Securities in Adilabad
    Reliance Securities in Ernakulam Reliance Securities in Nagpur Reliance Securities in Agartala
    Reliance Securities in Ghaziabad Reliance Securities in Nashik Reliance Securities in Agra
    Reliance Securities in Goa Reliance Securities in Navi Mumbai

    Reliance Securities Branch Office in States

    Every state is under the influence of Reliance Securities Offices in India and the proof is the overflowing number of 1026 overall branches. Maximum branches are present in Gujarat, i.e. 192 branches. Next in the state wise list is the state of Maharashtra, which has 189 numbers of branches.

    Tamil Nadu has 89 branches. Kerala has 59 branches, Delhi has 54 branches.  Jharkhand is the only city with a single branch.

    Branch Office – Top 20 States / Major States
    State Branch State Branch
    Maharashtra 189 Haryana 6
    Gujarat 192 Telangana 49
    West Bengal 4 Kerala 59
    Uttar Pradesh 21 Punjab 55
    Delhi 54 Bihar 56
    Karnataka 17 Orissa 17
    Tamil Nadu 89 Jharkhand 1
    Rajasthan 44 Chhattisgarh 9
    Madhya Pradesh 91 Uttarakhand 12
    Andhra Pradesh 55 Assam 6

    Reliance Securities Branch / Reliance Securities Office – Conclusion

    This article aims at providing essential details for all the Reliance Securities Office Nearby. Reliance Securities Branches are so much in abundance all over the countryThere shouldn’t be any difficulty in accessing one of the branches.

    Distribution of branches, city wise and state wise both has been discussed in this article. Alternative way to easily access Reliance Securities Branch Near me, is through the unique pin codes.

    A total number 974 pin codes are included in the Franchise branch.  Hope this article provides you with all essential information you were looking forward to. Be open and give us feedback for the same.

    Branch – Unique Pincodes per City
    Own Branch 79
    Franchise Branch 895
    All Branches 974

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