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Eureka Securities Office Near Me – Find all Eureka Securities Branch Nearby

Last Updated Date - Nov 25, 2022

The article will talk about easy ways to search Eureka Securities offices. In fact, it’ll also introduce all of Eureka Securities branches. Eureka Securities registered and corporate offices are both located in Kolkata. It has in total of 270 branches, two of which are its own. All remaining branches are a part of its Franchise units.

Digitization is the buzzword these days and, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be. It combines speed and precision with utter perfection. Still the personal touch of customer service executives is relieving. Many investors feel comfortable to deal with brokers or their representatives in person and, this article is all about one such incident.

Branch Type – All Branches
Own Branch 2
Franchise Branch 125
All Branches 127

Eureka Securities Offers

Find out Eureka Securities Branch Office – Eureka Securities Branch Locator

We’ve sorted out a method for investors’ convenience. It enables the users to search and locate Eureka Securities offices with ease. Yes, we’re obviously talking about Eureka Securities branch locater and, it gives access to merely all of Eureka Securities Office Near Me. Our Eureka Securities Branch Locator is precise and easy to use.

You have to select the city you reside in, and the broker you are in search of and, once you accomplish this, the locater directs you straight to the results page. This page features all the subunits of the broker. Moreover, the presence of such units is distinctively categorized.

One search result grants info on branches in only a particular city and, this is done so by integrating geometric targeting algorithms.

Search Branch by Broker and City

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    Eureka Securities Head Office / Eureka Securities Registered Office Details

    Trade name Eureka Securities is EUREKASTOCK & SHARE BROKING SERVICES LTD. Eureka Securities offices are spread across the nation. But, all operations are controlled by the Eureka Securities head office and, this is the only place you need to contact in case of grievance.

    You can even visit them in person if you’re in Kolkata. Its registered office address is -1101, 11th Floor, Merlin Infinite, DN-51, Sector-V, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata-700091. And, its corporate office is located in – DN-51, Merlin Infinite Building, 11th Floor, Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata -700001.

    The broker can even be reached over the phone. The registered numbers for their head and corporate office are distinct. They use the numbers – 033-40511500 and 9830600200 for head and corporate office respectively. One can also reach them through fax on -033-22105184.

    Furthermore, the broker even entertains digital support and, their customers can reach them through mails as well. In fact, this method is much easier and viable. Anyway, the registered Email address of Eureka Securities is rakesh@eurekasecurities.com

    At last, you can learn more about them through the website http://www.eurekasec.com/.In fact; this website includes all the relevant details about the broker.

    Eureka Securities Branch Office Details
    Registered Office
    Phones 033-40511500/9830600200
    Fax 033-033-22105184
    Corporate Office
    Phones 33-40511500
    Fax 033-22105184
    Corporate Email rakesh@eurekasecurities.com
    Website Eureka Securities Website Link

    Find Branch Offices of other Stock Brokers

    Eureka Securities Branch in Top 10 Cities

    Services equipped with the brand Eureka Securities, are provided through all the branches, including their sub units. Hence, the wise step is to visit Eureka Securities Nearest Branch. Eureka Securities Branch Locater will give you the required assistance in this matter. Eureka Securities has its maximum presence across five main cities.

    Kolkata is the leading city in this matter. It has near 153 branch offices followed by Ahmedabad with 9 branch offices. Then comes Mumbai, which has 8 branches and, subsequently Bangalore has 3 branches within its limits. Delhi and Vadodara each has one branch respectively.

    Branch Office – Top 10 Cities & Metros
    City Branch
    Mumbai 8
    Ahmedabad 9
    Delhi 1
    Kolkata 153
    Bangalore 3
    Vadodara 1

    Eureka Securities Office in other Top Cities

    The broker has established its presence in some other cities as well. This is an attempt to distribute the services equally. In fact, this makes them reachable for investors from all parts of the country. So, if you do not reside in any of the cities mentioned earlier, then there’s nothing to worry. You can search ‘Eureka Securities Office Near Me’ for this purpose.

    It can easily locate the branches in cities like Hooghly and Jaipur. Both the cities have 15 and 13 branches respectively. Bhavnagar city has 12 branches followed by Parganas with 7 branches. Branch number goes on decreasing in other cities.

    Patna has 2 branches while Chennai has a single branch in that context. There are a few other cities with Eureka Securities branches. However, you can locate them through the branch locater.

    Branch Office  – Other Major Cities
    City Branch City Branch
    Chennai 1 Bhopal
    Jaipur 13 Coimbatore
    Rajkot Gandhi Nagar
    Indore Aurangabad
    Nagpur Ludhiana
    Lucknow Faridabad
    Nashik Allahabad
    24 Parganas 7 Mehsana
    Patna 2 Chandigarh
    Navi Mumbai Anand
    Ghaziabad Ernakulam
    Gurgaon Raipur
    Jodhpur Thrissur
    Howrah 12 Ranchi 1
    Bhavnagar Dehradun
    Kanpur Guntur
    Jamnagar Jalgaon
    Hooghly 15 Junagadh
    Kolhapur Noida
    Ahmednagar Navsari

    Find Eureka Securities Branch in Top 34 Cities

    Eureka Securities Branch Office in States

    Distributing branches across the country is a significant step for all brokers. This enables them to reach out to their clients easily. This even defines their real presence in the physical world. There are many Eureka Securities offices in India and, they are all marked amidst the areas with their customer gatherings.

    The list of all Eureka Securities branches in India can be categorised as per states. The list includes states like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Orissa, Haryana, Bihar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and lastly Delhi. So, if you belong to any of these states, you can reach out for them instantly.

    Branch Office – Top 20 States / Major States
    State Branch State Branch
    Maharashtra 8 Haryana 2
    Gujarat 1 Telangana
    West Bengal 214 Kerala
    Uttar Pradesh 1 Punjab
    Delhi 1 Bihar 3
    Karnataka 3 Orissa
    Tamil Nadu 5 Jharkhand 7
    Rajasthan 13 Chhattisgarh
    Madhya Pradesh Uttarakhand
    Andhra Pradesh Assam

    Eureka Securities Branch / Eureka Securities Office – Conclusion

    This article attempts at making the search for the Eureka Securities Office Nearby easy for you. You can establish the information regarding the Eureka securities Branch Near me in seconds based on the pin codes as well.

    The country wide presence of the stock broker, in terms of Unique Pin Codes as per City is 127. These pin codes can be used to optimize accessibility much better.

    Branch – Unique Pincodes per City
    Own Branch 2
    Franchise Branch 125
    All Branches 127

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