IDBI Direct Products & Services for 2020 – Detailed Review

In this article, we will discuss in detail about IDBI Direct Products & Services. IDBI Direct is one of the top most stock brokers in India, which has been serving trading services from several years. The company is pioneer of the stock market services in the country. So, if you want to trade with this firm and looking to understand about its products and services then you have come to the right place. Here we have comprehended all IDBI Direct Services and its products.

IDBI Direct Products & Services

IDBI Direct Services

Find below the details regarding IDBI Direct Services:

Demat ServicesY
Trading ServicesY
3 in 1 AccountY
Intraday ServicesY
IPO ServicesY
Stock RecommendationsY
Robo AdvisoryN
Trading InstitutionN
Trading ExposureUpto 5x
Virtual TradingN
NRI ServicesN
Investment BankingN
Debt FundingN
Issue ManagementY
Depository ServicesY

IDBI Direct Demat  Services

Yes, IDBI Direct is allowing customers to trade online through demat accounts. This account helps traders and investors to hold their share purchase electronically.

IDBI Direct Offers

IDBI Trading Services

Yes, IDBI Direct is providing trading services to their customers. With the help of unique identification number they can trade hassle-free.

IDBI 3-in-1 Accounts

Yes, IDBI Direct is offering 3-in-1 account facility to their customers. This account is consist of three separate accounts that are demat, trading and bank account.

IDBI Intraday Services

Yes, IDBI Direct is allowing customers to buy/sell shares within a same day, rather they don’t have to wait for 2- 3 days.

IDBI IPO Services

With IDBI Direct, individuals can apply or invest in any IPO.It is a type of public offering in which shares of a company are sold to the institutional investors.

IDBI Stock Recommendation

Yes, IDBI Direct is providing stock recommendation. Avail the benefits of stock recommendation with IDBI Direct and minimize the chance of risk and manage your investment carefully.

IDBI Direct Issue Management

Yes, IDBI Direct is offering Issue management service. With this service traders and investors can effortlessly manage their issues related to corporate securities.

IDBI Direct Depository Services

IDBI Direct is function as a depository participant, which means it allows traders to investors to hold securities in depository form.

  • The Trading exposure is upto 15x respectively.

Below mentioned Products are not offered by IDBI Direct:

  •  IDBI direct is not offering robo advisory, PMS and trading institute types of services.
  • IDBI direct is not allowing customers to trade virtually.
  • A NRI citizen cannot avail the benefits of trading services of IDBI Direct.
  • Investment banking and debt funding types of services are not provided by IDBI Direct.

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IDBI Direct Products

Find below the information regarding IDBI Direct Products and its details:

Equity TradingY
Commodity TradingN
Currency TradingY
Mutual FundsN
Fixed Deposits / BondsY

IDBI Direct Equity trading

Yes IDBI Direct is providing equity trading to their customers. With the help of this product investors and traders can invest in share market or stocks effortlessly.

IDBI Direct Currency trading

Yes, IDBI direct is allowing their traders and investors to buy/sell international currencies.

IDBI Direct Futures & Options

With IDBI Direct trade with derivatives by using F&O tool. In futures individuals can buy/sell share at a predetermined price and specified time. Whereas options give you the rights to sell the shares at a predetermined price or before specified date.

IDBI Direct Banking

Avail the benefits of banking product tool with IDBI Direct.

IDBI Direct Fixed Deposits/Bonds

Yes, IDBI Direct is offering fixed deposits/ Bond instrument tools. In fixed deposit you can save a certain amount of money in account for fixed period. Whereas in bonds interest income to the investors.

IDBI Direct  Loans

Despite trading instruments, IDBI direct is offering loan against securities. By getting hassle-free laon now you can meet immediate money requirements.

IDBI Direct  Loans E-Trade

Yes, IDBI Direct is offering E-Trade tool. It is a paperless trading which allows traders to buy/ sell shares electronically.

Below mentioned products are not offered by IDBI Direct:

While trading with IDBI Direct  traders and investors unable to trade in commodity. Along with that, they even invest in Mutual fund, Forex, and SIP. IDBI Direct doesn’t allow their customers to avail the benefits of insurance and e-locker. And no NRI citizens are allowed to trade with IDBI Direct.

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