Let’s have a detailed review of the company and analytics of the Nureca IPO release date, IPO offer price, subscription, Nureca Limited IPO allotment, grey market price and other details like the company’s background, its financial positions, its promoters and other related things.

Face ValueRs 10
Price BandRs 396 to Rs 400
Listing AtBSE, NSE
Min. Order Quantity35 Shares
Listing DateFeb 26, 2021
Fresh IssueRs 1,000 MILLION
IPO SizeRs 1,000 MILLION
Tick SizeRs. 1

Nureca IPO is listed at [●] premium. Check out the live share price by clicking on the below link.

Nureca IPO – Summary

Nureca Limited IPOThey are a B2C company engaged in the business of home healthcare and wellness products, which offers quality, durability, functionality, usability and innovative designs. They enable their customers with tools to help them monitor chronic ailments and other diseases, to improve their lifestyle.

The company believes in innovation and catering new products to the ever-growing needs of the home health care sector. They are a digital first company wherein they sell their products through online channel partners such as e-commerce players, distributors and retailer. Further, they also sell their products through their own website drtrust.in.

The Promoter of this company is SAURABH GOYAL. The lead manager to the issue is ITI Capital Limited and the Registrar to this issue is Link Intime India Private Limited.

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Nureca IPO Date

The opening and the closing date of IPO of Nureca Limited is Feb 15, 2021 – Feb 17, 2021.

Nureca Limited IPO Subscription

Day / DateQIBNIIRIIEmplTotal Subscription
1st Day – Feb 150.00x0.54x31.22x0.90x5.73x
2nd Day – Feb 160.00x1.48x80.32x2.49x14.77x
3rd Day – Feb 173.10x31.59x166.65x4.82x39.93x
Shares Offered or Net Issue750,000375,000250,00026,5951,401,595

The shares subscribed by the public will be updated here.

Nureca Limited IPO Allotment Status

Here, you can find the Allotment Status of this IPO.

Allotment of Shares pursuant to the Fresh Issue and transfer of the Offered Shares of the Promoter Selling Shareholders pursuant to the Offer for Sale to the successful Bidders. However, the Allotment status is not yet disclosed.

Nureca Limited IPO Listing Date

Find the dates below on basis of allotment, refund, listing and more:

Basis of Allotment FinalizationFeb 23, 2021
Refunds InitiationFeb 24, 2021
Credit of Shares to Demat AccountFeb 25, 2021
Share Listing DateFeb 26, 2021

Nureca IPO Price Band / Cash Price

The face value of each share is Rs.10, but the price band of the IPO is Rs 396 to Rs 400. 

Nureca IPO Equity Size

This Initial Public Issue of [●] Eq Shares of Rs.10 each for cash at a price of Rs. 396 – Rs 400 per equity share aggregating to Rs.1,000 million.

Nureca IPO Share Offering

Issue Size: [●] Equity Shares of Rs.10 each, aggregating to Rs.1,000 million

Net Issue: The Issue less the Employee Reservation Portion.

Nureca IPO – Live Performance

The listing date of this IPO is [●]. You can check the live performance of the IPO here, only after it is listed on exchanges.

Nureca IPO Grey Market Premium

The Nureca Limited IPO Grey Market Premium price is Rs X, the Kostak rate is Rs X and the Subject to Sauda is X. 

Nureca IPO – Company Overview

They have most of the product lines supporting home health market in India, making it a one-stop solution provider. Dr Trust is a known for its innovative products in the market, and, with the segment showing significant potential for growth, their Company is positioned to show significant growth. (Source: Frost & Sullivan Report).

They have a diversified product portfolio, which primarily caters to home healthcare sector. The company provides an improved product mix to their customers and their preferences thereby targeting a wider customer base.

Their growth is further driven by their ability to make available an assortment of quality products under trusted brands built by their Company. The Home Health Market in India and neighbouring countries is pegged at Rs.20,757.0 crore in 2019 and is expected to grow to Rs.38,920.7 crore by 2025 at a CAGR 11.0%.

The growth is driven by rising awareness of Health and wellness, increasing spending power, growing burden of chronic diseases, and the need for Healthcare stakeholders to reduce healthcare costs (Source: Frost & Sullivan Report).

Nureca IPO Business Verticals

They classify their products portfolio under the following five categories such as

(i) Chronic Device Products – which includes products such as blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, thermometers, nebulizers, self monitoring glucose devices, humidifier and steamers.

(ii) Orthopedic Products – which includes rehabilitation products such as wheelchairs, walkers, lumbar and tailbone supports and physiotherapy electric massagers.

(iii) Mother and Child Products – which includes products such as breast pumps, bottle sterilizers, bottle warmers, car seats and baby carry cots.

(iv) Nutrition Supplements – which includes products such as fish oil, multivitamins, probiotics, botin, apple cider and vinegar.

(v) Lifestyle Products – which includes products such as smart scales, aroma diffusers and fitness tracker.

Nureca IPO – Financial Statements

A quick look into the past financial performance of the company to understand its performance of business and evaluate the growth prospectus:

Financial Summary:

Amount (in INR & millions)
Total Assets1,024.88338.83235.1870.19
Total Revenue1,229.73994.87619.83200.69
Total Expense743.28908.79531.42157.46
Profit After Tax361.8063.9562.2631.12

Earnings per Equity Share (in Millions)

Basic & Diluted51.699.148.894.45

Their revenue from operations on a consolidated basis was Rs.994.26 million, Rs.618.97 million and Rs.200.51 million for Fiscal 2020, 2019 and 2018, respectively and Rs.302.17 million for the three months ended June 30, 2020. Their revenue from operations has grown at a CAGR of 122.68% during Fiscal 2018 to 2020.

EBITDA on consolidated basis was Rs.97.55 million, Rs.91.41 million and Rs.43.93 million for Fiscal 2020, 2019 and 2018, respectively and Rs.131.53 million for the three months ended June 30, 2020.

Their restated profit after tax on a consolidated basis was Rs.63.95 million, Rs.62.26 million and Rs.31.12 million for Fiscal 2020, 2019 and 2018, respectively and Rs.94.47 million for the three months ended June 30, 2020. Their net profit has grown at a CAGR of 43.35% during Fiscal 2018 to 2020.

Nureca Ltd IPO – Promoters

The Promoter of this company is:


List of Related Parties (Key Managerial Personnel)

  • Aryan Goyal, Chief Executive Officer
  • Sakshi Mittal, Chief Financial Officer
  • Gurvikram Singh, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Nureca IPO Promoter Holding

  • Pre Issue Share Holding – 46.67%
  • Post Issue Share Holding – NA

Competitive Strengths of Nureca Limited

  • Strong portfolio of their products and consistent focus on quality and innovation
  • Asset light business model and competitive products
  • Combination of technical expertise and understanding of Indian consumer preference
  • Experienced Promoter with strong senior management team having domain knowledge

Nureca Ltd IPO Offer Details or Issue Details

 Particulars No. Of Equity Share
 Equity Shares Offered Up to [●] Equity Share aggregating up to Rs.1,000 million
of which:
Employee Reservation PortionUp to [●] *Equity Shares.
Net Issue to the Public Up to [●] Eq Shares
 Of which:
QIB PortionAt least [●] Eq Shares
Non – Institutional PortionNot more than [●] Equity Share
Retail PortionNot more than [●] EquityShares
 Equity Share outstanding prior to the Issue7,500,000 *Equity Shares
 Eq Share outstanding after the Issue[●] EquityShares

Nureca IPO Issue Object

Their Company proposes to utilise the Net Proceeds towards funding the following objects:

1. Funding incremental working capital requirements of their Company; and
2. General corporate purposes.

Business strategies of Nureca Limited

  • Diversifying and strengthening their market by enabling them to cater to a wide range of geographies and customer segments
  • Strengthening their business through product innovation and new product launches
  • Strengthening up their business through effective branding, promotional and digital activities
  • Retain and attract the best talent and develop a performance focused culture

Nureca Limited IPO – Basis of the Offer Price

The issue price is determined by the company in consultation with the Lead manager on the basis of the following qualitative and quantitative factors.

Qualitative factors are:

  • diversified product portfolio addressing the needs of varied customers across home healthcare industry;
  • well-recognized brand with a targeted marketing strategy;
  • wide sales and distribution network;
  • experienced Promoters with strong management team having domain knowledge; and
  • Proven track record of robust financial performance

The relevant quantitative factors are:

Basic & Diluted EPSRONW (%)NAV (Rs.)

Nureca IPO : Competitive Peers

There are no listed entities in India that are engaged in similar line of business or whose business is comparable with that of their business.

Nureca IPO Lead Managers

Lead Managers
ITI Capital Limited
Naman Midtown, ‘A’ Wing, 20th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone (West)
Mumbai – 400 013, Maharashtra, India.
Tel: +91 22 4031 3371
Email: ipo.nureca@iticapital.in
Investor Grievance: investorgrievance@iticapital.in
Website: www.iticapital.in
Contact Person: Pallavi Shinde
SEBI Registration: INM000010924

Nureca IPO Registrar to offer

Registrar to the Offer
Link Intime India Private Limited
C-101, 1st floor, 247 Park, L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli (West)
Mumbai 400 083, Maharashtra, India.
Tel: +91 22 4918 6200
E-mail: nureca.ipo@linkintime.co.in
Investor Grievance: nureca.ipo@linkintime.co.in
Website: www.linkintime.co.in
Contact Person: Shanti Gopalkrishnan
SEBI Registration: INR000004058

Nureca IPO – Other Details

  • Statutory Auditor – B S R & Co. LLP,
  • Legal Counsel to the Company – M/s. Crawford Bayley & Co.
  • Bankers to the Company –  ICICI Bank Limited

Nureca Limited IPO Review by Top 10 Stock Brokers

Top Stock Brokers ReviewCompany ReputationCompetitive EdgeFinancial StatementPopularity IndexPromoters Reputation
Angel Broking7.5/107.4/108.5/108.1/107.1/10
Kotak Securities7.3/107.5/108.4/108.1/107.3/10
ICICI Direct7.3/107.3/108.7/108.1/107.1/10
Motilal Oswal7.1/107.1/108.6/108.3/107.2/10


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    Nureca IPO Review FAQs

    Ques – What is the Issue Size of Nureca IPO?

    Answer – The Company is making an initial public offer of NA equity shares. We vividly portray the aspects of the issue in this article. You can check the stats on fresh issue and the net issue.

    Ques – What is the Price band?

    Answer – The price band for this particular IPO ranges between Rs.396 to Rs.400. As far as the face value of the share is of concern, it is Rs.10 per share.

    Ques – What is the Nureca IPO Open Date?

    Answer – The opening and closing date for the IPO have been updated. The IPO is set to open on Feb 15, 2021, while the closing date is set at Feb 17, 2021.

    Ques – What is the IPO Allotment Date?

    Answer – We also have the news regarding the respective allotment dates. Basis of Allotment finalization is on NA, refund initiation is on NA, credit of shares is on NA and share listing date is on NA.

    Ques – What is the IPO Listing Date?

    Answer – Shares of this company shall be listed in the exchanges NA. Date when the listing would be done is stagnant on NA.

    Ques – Who is the Registrar of this IPO?

    Answer – One of the reputed registrars are managing the issue of this IPO, i.e. Link Intime India Private Limited. Their website will help you regarding the further information you are on a lookout for.

    Ques – Who is the Promoter of this Company?

    Answer – Here is the promoter of this company – SAURABH GOYAL. You can refer to the RHP for further information on the promoter. You will find the link to RHP in the article.

    Ques – What is GMP of Nureca IPO?

    Answer – We have obtained the GMP of this IPO and it is NA. The further insights of Kostak rate and subject to sauda or SS are as well included in this report.

    Ques – Is Nureca IPO good for Investment?

    Answer – Being a healthcare and wellness product distributor in pandemic, this company has developed a pretty strong financial stature. We have further provided the financial status of the company in this article, from the past few years. You can refer to the same, and also check the line of operations they are into and then decide to invest in the IPO.

    Ques – What is the PAT of this Company?

    Answer – We have the information of company financials, and according to that, we have the figures from the last few years to provide. PAT for the financial year 2020 in million is 63.95, 2019 is 62.26, 2018 is 31.12. PAT from Sep 2020 is 361.80.

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