Ruchi Soya Industries is about to release its IPO on NA. The issue is closing on  NA and is currently having an active grey market. The Ruchi Soya Industries IPO GMP is running at a stable rate as per the current situation.

In IPO, the GMP or the Grey Market Premium is the premium amount at which the IPO shares are traded before getting listed in the stock market.

However, the QIB and the HNI numbers are the key indicators of GMP in the case of Ruchi Soya Industries IPO. The company is intended to raise Rs NA million by the released issue.

Ruchi Soya Industries IPO GMP Rates, Kotak rates & SS

This particular table represents everything related to the IPO event from its opening and closing date along with the face value of the issue. You can check this table related to know the IPO size, price band along with listing details, and more.

DateGMP (in INR)Kostak (in INR)Subject to Sauda (in INR)
 Aug 2021
Aug 2021
 *Aug 2021
Aug 2021
Aug 2021

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Ruchi Soya Industries IPO Date / Timetable

Here, you will find the important dates and events of this IPO. Check the allotment status, visit us again once the subscription date is over.

IPO Open Date
IPO Close Date
Basis of Allotment Date
Initiation of Refunds
Credit of Shares to Demat Account
IPO Listing Date

Ruchi Soya Industries IPO – Financial Performance

The below-given table will give you an overall idea of the company’s financial performance. Check their net profit and loss statement about Ruchi Soya Industries IPO.

Amount (in INR & Lakh)
Total Assets855,879.73786,761.13789,427.20772,056.65
*Total Revenue1,152,347.561,317,536.561,282,925.561,202,928.03
Total Expense1,115,703.691,296,498.181,275,253.551,803,952.43
Profit After Tax36,643.87771,461.393,412.89(557,327.99)

Earnings per Equity Share (in Lakh)

Basic & Diluted12.39876.88104.54(17,073.17)


Ruchi Soya Industries IPOFAQs Related to Ruchi Soya Industries IPO GMP

What is the current Ruchi Soya Industries IPO GMP Price?

As on today, the Ruchi Soya Industries IPO GMP is Rs.NA.

What is the current Ruchi Soya Industries IPO Kostak Rate?

The Kostak rate is Rs NA for Ruchi Soya Industries IPO.

What is today’s Ruchi Soya Industries IPO Subject to Sauda Rate?

As on today, the Ruchi Soya Industries IPO Subject to Sauda is Rs NA.

Where to Check Ruchi Soya Industries IPO Allotment & Listing?

However, if you don’t want to miss out on the issue’s allotment status and the listing, you can refer to this LINK given here:

What is Kostak Price?

To apply for an IPO, there is an application price or application charges that come along and is known as Kostak price. It is actually the premium amount at which IPO applications are being traded in the grey market.

Is GREY market buy or sell shares illegal?

Grey Market is basically trading that takes place before the stock of a company gets enlisted on the stock exchange. It takes place before the IPO release and the prices may change at any time. Hence, it is unofficial trading and hence, not “illegal”.



The Ruchi Soya Industries IPO GMP which is mentioned in the table here is only valid for a specific date as mentioned in the header section. The Kostak is the premium that one gets by selling her/his IPO application to someone else before listing the issue. He or she can sell it in an off-market transaction. However, we aren’t buying/selling IPO forms on the IPO Grey market.

It is also requested that please do not subscribe for an IPO by just seeing the premium price. The reason being, the premium price varies and can change anytime before listing. Please subscribe only after considering the fundamentals of the companies.

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