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Here in this article, you will get to know everything about Zerodha NRI Trading Account. We will discuss in-depth about Zerodha NRI Account Opening Process, its documentation, Set-up process & more.

Lets have a detailed review of Zerodha NRI Account now!


About Zerodha NRI Trading Account

Now, all NRIs have can access demat account to trade and invest in the Indian market. However, as per the RBI guidelines, an NRI can only raise up to 10% of paid capital on Indian Shares.

Zerodha NRI Trading AccountIf you are an NRI and want to open a demat account for trading and investment with Zerodha NRI Trading Account, you need FEMA regulations, which give you permission to invest and trade in the Equity markets as same as the Indian residents do.

All top brokers are offering demat facilities to the NRIs, but one such that not only avail demat account but also offers better guidance, techniques, educational content, and suggestions so that you can gain profit from them as much as you can.

What if?  In 20 years, you could retire with $110,000 to $130,000, in 30 years you could retire with $ 220,000 to $390,000, in 40 years you could retire with $690,000 to 1.3 million, if you had a dream like this, then Zerodha Indian stock broking firms is surely right place for you.

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    Features of Zerodha NRI account

    • Non-Resident Ordinary or NRO savings account.
    • NRO Fixed Deposit account.
    • Non-resident external saving account.
    • Foreign currency non-resident fixed deposit account.

    How to Open Zerodha NRI Trading Account?

    A Non-resident Indian can open the demat account with Zerodha by connecting his Non-Resident External or Non- Resident Ordinary savings bank account or he/she can map his/her NRI/NRO bank account simultaneously with Zerodha demat and trading account.

    If you only want to trade with the equity segment than mapping with NRI account is sufficient, but if you also want to trade in both equity and derivative segments than mapping with NRO is mandatory.

    If you are NRI and seeking for the trading and investment in the Indian market with Zerodha, All you need is to do is contact any bank in India, which offers NRI bank account open services through the portfolio investment scheme.

    Once your bank account raising request approved by a bank, you will be given the PIS Letter, with the help of this letter you can open a demat account in Zerodha for buying and selling shares.

    Contact with Zerodha customers service, and then ask them to offer NRI demat account services. Fill the application form, and submit all the necessary documents that we have mentioned above. Once the NRI account and demat account linked together than you are all set for selling and buying shares.

    Documents required to open NRI Trading Account with Zerodha

    • An NRI has to submit the Copy of Portfolio Investment Scheme permission letter approved by RBI.
    • An NRI has to submit Zerodha needs FEMA regulation.
    • He/She has to submit Copy of PAN card.
    • An NRI has to submit Indian Resident address proof.
    • An NRI has to submit Passport size photographs.
    • One must submit Abroad resident address proof.
    • An NRI has to submit a Copy of valid Indian Passport.
    • An NRI has to submit a Copy of valid foreign passport, if possible.
    • He/She has to submit a Copy of a valid visa.
    • An NRI has to submit a proof of bank account as well as cancelled check leaf of NRI/NRO.
    • An NRI has to submit demat account fee check + Account opening fee check.
    • Important Note: All the documents like PAN card, foreign address, and power of attorney must be attested at the Indian Embassy of the country where NRI lives.

    Zerodha NRI Trading Account Brokerage Charges & Account Opening Charges

    The NRI Account Opening Charges are Rs.300 only for equity segment which is similar to Indian resident. Other than account opening charges various other charges are levied like STT/CTT, Transaction charges, SEBI Charges, GST & Stamp Charges.

    These are the actual charges:

    STT/CTT – 0.1% on delivery buy & sell, 0.025% on the sell side for intraday, 0.01% on sell side for futures & 0.05% on sell side (on premium) for options

    Transaction Charges – Delivery (NSE: 0.00325%, BSE: 0.003% per trade), Intraday (NSE: 0.00325%, BSE: 0.003% per trade), Futures – (NSE: Exchange txn charge: 0.0019%, Clearing charge: 0.0002%, BSE: 0.003% per trade), Options – (NSE: Exchange txn charge: 0.05% (on premium), Clearing charge: 0.002% (on premium), BSE: 0.003% per trade (on premium))

    GST – For all Segments – 18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)

    SEBI Charges – All Segments – Rs.15 / crore

    Stamp Charges – Stamp charges are same for all segments but it varies from state to state.

    Zerodha NRI Trading Account Brokerage Charges

    The Brokerage charges applied by zerodha to NRI’s for various segments are:

    Delivery – 0.1% or Rs.200 per executed order whichever is lower

    Intraday – 0.1% or Rs.200 per executed order whichever is lower

    F&O – Rs.100 per Executed Order

    Advantages Zerodha NRI Trading Account

    • Online payment method: Zerodha has one web tool kite3.0 beta, with the help of this web service, you can initiate your payment anywhere from any platform. Instead of depending on the broker, online transaction technique offers excellent interface so that you can analyze each and every activity of your share hassle-free in real time.
    • Account opening check charges: If you want to open either trading or commodity account initially you have to pay 200 RS. For trading + demat account you have to pay Rs 400 as brokerage. Important note, in the opening account opening form Katra should be a sign, whereas other documents under the stamp of HUF
    • Currency trading: Zerodha provides currency trading so that all NRI can take the benefit of leverage and can trade more money in the market than they normally get.
    • No heavy duty paperwork: Zerodha always makes advanced features so that traders and investors can easily buy and sell shares hassle free. Online guidebook acknowledges you about everything related to the Zerodha requirements so that you can open account and trade online easily.

    Disadvantage of Zerodha NRI Trading Account

    • Extra income that comes in the NRI account is not taxable which could be hassle-free, but it is taxable in other countries.
    • NRI cannot be joint account holders in another country.
    • Income earned in the NRO account is taxable in another country.
    • Getting a PIS letter from the banks is very complex. But at Zerodha, they understand and like to help NRI so that they can invest money in the Indian company without facing any complication.
    • NRI who wish to invest money in stock marketing, he/she can’t raise more than 10% in any Indian company.
    • If any NRI wishes to map NRO/NRI accounts with the demat account, he/she needs two clients ID with the broker.
    • NRIs unable to hold more than PIS account, each for repatriable and non-repatriable shares.
    • In case if you buy a share today, you have to sell only after two days.
    • NRI unable to intraday trading.

    Conclusion Zerodha NRI Trading Account:

    In recent years, NRI trading and investment in the stock market has been becoming very popular. But, still, there are many NRIs who are willing to spend some money to buy and sell the shares, due to complexity in opening a demat account, NRI account and availing request for PIS take their step back.

    So, are you NRI and want to trade in the Indian market and looking for the best discount brokerage firm that will help you in all process, then you are in the right place, Zerodha the largest and one of the best firm which is round the clock available to help you, its advanced based web tools offers you to do online investment without any restrictions and complications.

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