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This article provides you a detailed review on Indiabulls Ventures Products & Services. Indiabulls is one of the award-winning stock market companies, which has been offering comprehensive financial services to its customers for several years. Here, we have listed all the details related to Indiabulls Ventures Services & Products. So, let’s get started.

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Indiabulls Ventures Services

Find below the information related Indiabulls Ventures services in this year.

Demat Services Y
Trading Services Y
3 in 1 Account N
Intraday Services Y
IPO Services Y
Stock Recommendations Y
Robo Advisory N
Trading Institution N
Trading Exposure Upto 10x
Virtual Trading N
NRI Services N
Investment Banking N
Debt Funding Y
Issue Management Y
Depository Services Y


Indiabulls LogoIndiabulls Demat services:

In order  to holds the securities in an dematerialized form you need to open a demat account through Indiabulls ventures.

Indiabulls Trading Services:

It is providing trading services to its traders so that they can trade from any platform and invest money in all market segments.

Indibulls Intraday services:

Traders can buy/sell shares within a day through Indiabulls Intraday services.

Indiabulls IPO Services:

Allowing traders to invest money in IPO. IPO is a service that offers traders opportunity to invest money in the first stock of a company. So, as a company grows traders can enjoy the benefits too.

Indiabulls Stock Recommendations:

Offers you the best recommendation on India market stocks and guide you whether a stocks maximize your returns or not.

Indiabulls Debt Funding:

Through debt funding services Individuals can borrow money from the Indiabulls to run a business effortlessly.

Indiabulls  Issue Management:

Offers you round the clock customer services who always willing to help regarding trading issues.

Indiabulls Depository services:

Avail the benefits of depository services that not only hold your securities in an electronic form but also provides services related to transaction in such securities.

  • The trading exposure upto 10x.

Below mentioned services are not offered by Indiabulls Ventures:

Indiabulls ventures is not offering 3-in-1 account, trading institute, PMS, robo advisory, virtual trading types of effective services. No NRI citizens are not allowed to trade in Indian stock market through Indiabulls ventures.

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    Indiabulls Ventures Products

    Find below the information of Indiabulls Ventures Products in this financial year.

    Equity Trading Y
    Commodity Trading Y
    Currency Trading Y
    Options Y
    Futures Y
    Mutual Funds Y
    Forex Y
    Banking Y
    SIP Y
    Insurance Y
    NPS Y
    eLocker N
    Fixed Deposits / Bonds Y
    Loans Y
    E-Trade Y

    Indiabulls Equity Trading:

    Allowing traders to trade in equity market. In equity trading traders buy/sell company’s shares and earn capital.

    Indiabulls Commodity Trading:

    Yes, Indiabulls is allowing traders to trade in commodities like gold, platinum, silver, agriculture and energy.

    Indiabulls Currency Trading:

    Traders can buy/sell and exchange currencies internationally through currency trading services.

    Indiabulls Futures and Options trading:

    Yes, it is allowing  traders  to invest money futures and options market segments.

    Indiabulls mutual funds with SIP:

    Yes, Indiabulls is offering one of the simplest investing options Mutual funds. Individuals can also invest money in SIP if they are willing to invest money at a regular interval of time at fixed tenor.

    Indiabulls Forex:

    It is allowing traders and investors to invest money on the biggest marketplace forex.

    Indiabulls Loans:

    Get a loan against shares/bonds/mutual funds and overcome your financial emergency effortlessly.

    Indiabulls E-Trade & e-locker:

    Through Indiabulls E-trade platform invest your money on your own way.

    Indiabulls fixed deposit/bonds:

    It offers you fixed deposit/bonds tools to the investors who are looking for better and fixed investment returns.

    Below mentioned services are not offered by Indiabulls:

    Indiabulls is not offering e-locker tool so  you cannot  hold your all financial documents electronically.

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