Angel Broking Products & Services for 2020 – Detailed Review

In this article, we will cover Angel Broking Products & Services. Angel Broking is one of the leading stock market companies that provides you comprehensive product and services in order to make consistent profit.

If you have a focus goal of making consistent profit, and looking for the best trading account, then go for Angel Broking.

It is worth to mentioned that before starting trading with any firm, traders and investors should look at its products and services.

Angel Broking Demat account

So to make clear, here we have comprehend all the product and Angel Broking services provided in this financial year.

Angel Broking Services

Below-Mentioned table detailed you about Angel Broking Services:

Demat ServicesY
Trading ServicesY
3 in 1 AccountN
Intraday ServicesY
IPO ServicesY
Stock RecommendationsY
Robo AdvisoryY
Trading InstitutionN
Trading ExposureUpto 40x
Virtual TradingN
NRI ServicesY
Investment BankingN
Debt FundingN
Issue ManagementY
Depository ServicesY

Angel Broking Products & Services

Angel Broking Demat Services

Through demat services Angel Broking is offering securities in electronic form. Demat services are one of the secure and convenient way to keep track of shares, time saving and since it holds the securities electronically there will be a no storage risk.

Angel Broking Trading Services

Like bank accounts, trading accounts acts as a platform that use to buying/selling securities. With the help of Angel Broking online trading platforms traders and investors can buy/sell stocks at one click.

Angel Broking Intraday Services

It doesn’t let you to keep your stock for 2-3 days. With the Intraday services you can sell/buy stocks within a same day hassle-free.

Angel Broking IPO Services

With the help of Angel Broking you can buying or invest in IPO. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering in which company’s shares are traded for the first time in Public. A person who invest in IPO he/she enjoy the profit as company grows.

Angel Broking Stock Recommendation

Yes, Angel Broking gives you technical and fundamental research guidance in order to strength your portfolio.

Angel Broking Robo Advisory

Robo advisory gives you automated-algorithm financial planning services that help you to manage your portfolio, save time and money.

Angel Broking PMS

It offers portfolio management services to individuals who are looking for tailor made solutions to meet their investment goals.

Angel Broking NRI Services

Yes, Angel Broking is giving NRI citizens to trade in Indian stock market effortlessly.

Angel Broking Issue Management

Resolve all your corporate securities regarding issues by enabling Issue management service that provided by Angel Broking.

Angel Broking Depository Services

It provides you depository services that holds investors securities in electronic forms.

Angel Broking Exposure

The broking house provides 48x margin funding.

Below Mentioned Services are not provided by Angel Broking:

While trading with Angel Broking you cannot enjoy the benefits of 3-in-1 accounts. This firm is also not providing trading institutions and virtual trading  services. The investment services and debt funding types of services are not available here.

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Angel Broking Products

Find below the information related to Angel Broking Products, for this financial year.

Equity TradingY
Commodity TradingY
Currency TradingY
Mutual FundsY
Fixed Deposits / BondsN

Angel Broking Equity Trading

After opening demat account Angel Broking customers can trade in equity market. Equity trading is the buying/selling of company shares at a market value.

Angel Broking Commodity

It is giving its customers opportunity to trade in commodity. A commodity trading are physicals goods that they can trade such as precious metals, energy , agriculture and base metals.

Angel Broking Currency trading

It allows investors and traders can buy/sell international currencies.

Angel Broking Futures and Options

It lets you to trade in futures and options respectively. In future traders can buy/sell the underlying securities at predefined or future date. Whereas options give the rights to buy/sell underlying securitie at specified date without any obligation.

Angel Broking Mutual Funds and SIP

It enables investors to pool their money into the one professionally managed investment that are mutual funds. If you want to invest money in an ideal way you can go for SIP that allows investors to invest in regular intervals.

Angel Broking Insurance

Avail the benefits of this product and get the claim against specified loss, damage, illness or death from the company.

Below mentioned services are not offered by Angel Broking:

  • Angel Broking is not allowing their traders and investors to do Forex trading.
  • No banking related services are offered by Angel Broking.
  • At Angel Broking individuals unable to take the benefits of NPS scheme.
  • Angel Broking is not providing online storage facility to their customers, which is e-locker.
  • Individuals cannot take loans against securities at Angel Broking.
  • No fixed/bonds and e-trade types of products.

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