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In general, option trading strategies refer to the buying and selling of options. Now, these underlying assets gain profits in specific market conditions.

There are basic types of options in this trading, call option, and put option. The call option gives buyers the right to buy stocks.

Plus, the put option allows the traders to sell their stocks. Various strategies involved in options trading make it easier to profit in all market conditions.

The market could be bullish, bearish, and neutral. The potential of providing profits even in neutral conditions makes options trading one of the most popular financial tools.

Options Trading in the Neutral Market Condition

A neutral market refers to the condition in which a trader finds it difficult to predict the movement. Finding the underlying stock price would be a task.

Apart from remaining static, the price of underlying assets may show small rise and fall. It happens within a particular range for a long period, representing a sideways movement in a graph.

This static and sideways movement of the price leads to the difficulty in prediction. Also, it identifies the stocks to be in a neutral trend.

The neutral trends are usually here when the stock price strikes levels of resistance or support. It happens after the stock undergoes a continuous rise or fall in price.

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    Neutral Trends in Options Trading

    Most investors find it hard to gain profits from stocks in a neutral trend. They wait until it shows a significant change in trend.

    On the other hand, options traders can benefit from a neutral trend. They can do so by employing appropriate strategies because, it remains one of the most popular investment forms. All the other financial tools, except option trade, show a decline in the maximum values.

    Options trade remains the only profitable trading method for stocks showing a neutral trend. The neutral option trading strategies are also known as non-directional strategies.

    The profit gain does not depend on the incline or decline of the stock. There is a wide range of neutral strategies like the straddle, butterfly, strangle, condor, and so on.

    These can benefit the option traders. However, the selection of an appropriate strategy is a crucial and complex procedure.

    The volatility of the underlying asset is a major factor in determining the right option trading strategy. Volatility refers to the range of variation to be observed in the trading price of the assets.

    Neutral trading strategies are the only options trading approach that can be beneficial. This is in terms when stock price incline, declines or remains neutral.

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    Popular Neutral Option Trading Strategies

    Neutral Option Trading Strategies

    The several neutral strategies involve various spread strategies, including the simultaneous selling and buying of two different stocks.

    Neutral spread strategies like call ratio spread and put ratio spread helps with profits. The same strategy goes with the iron butterfly spread, iron condor spread, and iron albatross spread profits.

    It helps the trader by creating credit spread. In contrast, strategies like butterfly spread, condor spread, albatross spread, calendar call spread, and calendar spread profits does so by creating debit spreads.

    To explain you in brief, below are some range of basic and the most popular neutral options strategies that are known and commonly used by the traders.

    Covered Call Collar

    This neutral trading strategy is fairly simple and is suitable for beginners. A beginner can generally use it to protect their security from being in a neutral trend if it goes against any losses due to a fall in prices.

    Covered Call

    This strategy is relatively basic and simple and is recommended for beginners. It can be used if one already owns the security, and all they want to do is protect it from the downward neutral trends. Check detailed strategy here

    Butterfly Spread

    This strategy is complex as it involves at least three transactions, so that the debit spread can be created. Moreover, this strategy is recommended for advanced traders.

    Condor Spread

    This strategy is known to be quite complex as it uses four transactions from a trader to create a debit spread. According to the reports, this strategy is recommended for the advanced traders only.

    Covered Put

    This strategy combines with a mix of short selling and writing put options, which is all suitable for beginners. Check detailed strategy here

    Albatross Spread

    This strategy is complicated as it involves four transactions. Moreover, it creates a debit spread too, which is not good for the beginners.

    Call Ratio Spread

    Call Ratio Spread is a neutral strategy that involves the buying and selling of two transactions.

    Put Ratio Spread

    A neutral strategy that involves buying and selling put options at a different price.

    Calendar Call Spread

    Known to be one of the simplest strategies which a beginner trader can adopt, it involves selling and buying at the same strike price calls with a call having a short expiry date.

    Short Straddle

    This is relatively one of the simplest trading strategies that are not suitable for beginners. This involves the two transactions, and it helps to create a credit spread.

    Short Gut

    Short Gut combines with two transactions. It is simple, and it requires a high trading level which is also perfect for beginners.

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    Easiest Neutral Trading Strategy for Beginners

    Here are the most popular and easiest neutral strategies that are favorable to beginners. The list includes covered call, covered call collar, calendar call spread, and calendar put spread.

    Among these simple approaches, the first two are suitable for traders seeking profits from their single assets.

    In contrast, the other two strategies are better for a trade involving two transactions that create a debit spread. Most of the other strategies are complex involving more than one transaction.

    Complicated Strategies for Neutral Market

    There are complex neutral trading strategies that incorporate combinations of calls and puts of options. These strategies are usually called straddles and strangles.

    Its complexity is based on the number of separate transactions involved in a trade. The popular approaches in this category are short straddle, short strangle, calendar straddle, and calendar strangle.

    The first two methods bring profit only if the stock price remains static for a specific period. The latter two are the most complex strategies involving four simultaneous trades.

    Apart from these, certain spread strategies like the iron butterfly spread and condor spread are complex in similar ways.

    Volatility Factor in Options Trading

    Neutral trading strategies can be identified based on the volatility, which includes strategies that are bullish on volatility and bearish.

    Those that are bullish on volatility generate profits only when the stock price shows a considerable rise or fall. It includes approaches like a long straddle, long strangle, long butterfly, long calendar, and so on.

    The strategies that are bearish on volatility are short straddle, short strangle, short butterfly, etc. It profits when the stock price depicts no particular change.

    Although it seems easy to classify these numerous strategies, each of the trading approaches has its features.

    It is to serve the purpose of a variety of situations within the neutral market condition. Investors can choose the strategies according to their need and capability to handle transactions.

    Benefits of Neutral Trading Strategies

    One of the greatest advantages of having option trading strategies in neutral market conditions is that it generates profits.

    It happens even in situations when traders cannot predict or expect the rise or fall or prices of the underlying assets. Options trading is the only investment type that offers a profit in neutral conditions.

    Moreover, neutral trends of stocks take longer recovery time. By using options strategies, investors can get profits throughout the period.

    Getting Returns Through Neutral Trading Strategies 

    Neutral trading strategies protect traders from price movements and increase the chances of getting returns. Another major benefit is that investors can harvest profits equally in neutral trends and conditions of price rise and fall.

    Therefore, the option traders need not worry about the sensitive stock price changes that may come suddenly. They have to focus better on capital security.

    Options trades are in no way related to other investment kinds. The traditional investment and its profits or losses do not influence the same.

    Usually, when stocks exhibit neutral trends, traders leave the stocks and wait for significant improvements to show.

    Still, these strategies can effectively reduce the risks resulting from a waste of time. There are lower or no risk of loss and a much better chance of success and profits.

    The maximum profit we can attain in the neutral option trade is something we know. The highest value of the trade gets fixed at the moment it gets established.

    Getting Profits from Neutral Trading Strategies

    Apart from all these, the options trading sector’s numerous strategies provide investors better choice. So, they have a better chance of generating profits.

    All the various neutral strategy helps one find the most suitable approach for their situation. There are simple methods that are equally profitable for beginners.

    It is like experienced traders and complex approaches involving more than two transactions that provide higher profits.

    Most of these advantages make option trade much more effective and popular in neutral market conditions.

    Drawbacks of Options Trading In Neutral Markets

    The neutral options trading strategy has fewer disadvantages when compared to the benefits of those strategies.

    Incompetence in Profit Potential

    The incompetence in giving unlimited profit potential is one of the significant drawbacks of this trading. So, you can avail the potential benefits from neutral stocks that remain limited always.

    Complex Strategies for Beginners

    Yet another possible disadvantage of the options trading, in general, is that most strategies are much complex. It is safe to say that some are not appropriate for beginners.

    These complex approaches mostly involve two or more transactions that require the traders to pay a reasonable amount as commission. This might reduce the maximum profit that investors may get.

    Neutral Options Trading Strategy – Conclusion

    Option trading strategies in a neutral market condition provides some best possible ways to generate profit. It does so no matter what the direction or trend pattern is.

    Moreover, neutral trading strategies make it easier for beginners and experienced traders to invest in options.

    It has more benefits than drawbacks and it is an only trading method that can provide a fair amount of profit in a neutral trend.

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