L&T Hybrid Equity Fund – Analyse AUM, NAV, Returns and more

L&T Hybrid Equity Fund is an Open-ended, hybrid-cap category fund launched in 2011 by Aditya Birla Sun Life. The fund manager name is Soumendra Nath Lahiri. The risk in this fund is below average but the returns are average. In this article, we will do a detailed analysis of the L&T Hybrid Equity Fund, we will dig deep into its AUM, NAV Returns & more.

L&T Hybrid Equity Fund

L&T Hybrid Equity Fund Ranking

Crisil MF Rank3

Background of L&T Hybrid Equity Fund

Name of FundL&T Hybrid Equity Fund
Type of Fund ( Open / Close)Open-ended
Category of FundEquity: Hybrid
Fund ManagerSoumendra Nath Lahiri
Launch Date1-Jan-2011

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    L&T Hybrid Equity Fund Performance

    Risk GradeBelow Average
    Return Grade Average
    NAV (as on current Date)Rs. 25.35 as on Dec 14, 2018
    Net Asset (as on current date)Rs. 10202.9 crore as on Nov 30, 2018

    L&T Hybrid Equity Fund Portfolio Characteristics

    Total Stock/Securities57
    Total Bonds59
    Avg Market Cap (in cr)3.34
    Portfolio P/B Ratio24.23
    Portfolio P/E Ratio75132
    3Y Earning Growth (%)18.28
    Average Matuarity
    Avg 52 Week High
    Avg 52 Week Low
    Average Credit Rating

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    L&T Hybrid Equity Fund Composition

    NON Converitbles
    Zero Coupons
    Bonds (short term)

    L&T Hybrid Equity Fund Risk Analysis

    Standard Deviation11.15
    Sharpe Ratio0.24
    R Square0.85

    L&T Hybrid Equity Fund NAV – Yearly

    52 Week High (NAV)27.24
    52 Week Low (NAV)24.11

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    L&T Hybrid Equity Fund Returns – Yearly


    L&T Hybrid Equity Fund AUM


     Fund Expense Ratio


    L&T Hybrid Equity Fund Quarterly Returns

    2018 Q1-3.510%
    2018 Q21.080%
    2018 Q3-2.040%
    2018 Q4
    2017 Q111.610%
    2017 Q26.170%
    2017 Q31.890%
    2017 Q45.850%
    2016 Q1-2.930%
    2016 Q25.870%
    2016 Q35.270%
    2016 Q4-3.550%
    2015 Q16.640%
    2015 Q20.530%
    2015 Q32.370%
    2015 Q41.250%
    2014 Q15.650%
    2014 Q219.410%
    2014 Q36.240%
    2014 Q48.040%

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    Weightage by Sector

    1Financial (23.46%)
    2Technology (8.17%)
    3Construction (7.99%)
    4FMCG (5.66%)
    5Automobile (4.87%)
    6Engineering (4.34%)
    7Services (4.33%)
    8Healthcare (3.74%)
    9Energy (3.50%)
    10Chemicals (2.94%)

    Weightage by Securities Holding

    1ICICI Bank (5.04%)
    2HDFC Bank (4.34%)
    3Larsen & Toubro (4.08%)
    4HDFC (3.86%)
    5Tata Consultancy (3.84%)
    6Axis Bank (2.59%)
    7Reliance Industries (2.52%)
    8Future Retail (2.46%)
    9ITC (2.27%)
    10Mphasis (2.19%)

    Fund Investment Information

    AMCL&T Investment Management Ltd
    RegistrarComputer Age Management Services Ltd.
    Minimum Investment5000
    Minimum SIP Investment500
    Exit LoadFor units in excess of 10% of the investment,1% will be charged for redemption within
    365 days


    “The scheme seeks to generate long-term capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio of predominantly equity and equity related securities and to generate reasonable returns through a portfolio of debt and money market instruments to help generating funds in the long term to save for the cost of children’s education.”

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