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Conservative Mutual Funds are another hub of investments you can successfully consider to avail for.

These days, when someone asks you about your plans for the future, perhaps investing in mutual funds is the first thing that pop-up in your mind. However, it is the ideal way to move on. 

Investing is the best option mainly if your plans are big or you’re also from those few identities who agree that saving in a bank account chops off your money’s value. 

No wonder, you’re framing the right road map by investing in mutual funds to secure your future. But which mutual fund are you planning to go with? There are many options to set foot in. 

Every mutual fund consists of multiple choices based on your profits craving, risk appetite, and goals. 

Similarly, if the risk appetite is the most critical point to you, then, of course, you must consider taking action on Conservative Mutual Funds.

But what it is? How can it achieve your goals? Let’s find out.   

What are Conservative Mutual Funds?

Conservative Mutual funds are the best option for investors looking for investment in funds with lower risks. 

Conservative Mutual FundsIn a nutshell, Conservative Mutual Funds provide an alternative to the investors to invest in a combination of stocks and bonds. 

75% of the ‘Conservative Mutual Funds’ investments consist of debentures, government securities, bonds, fixed deposits, and treasury bills with a small portion allocated to equity-related assets. 

It helps conservative mutual funds in generating a fixed income for the investors. 

Moreover, people also call Conservative Mutual Funds as Conservative Hybrid Funds. Those funds that invest in both debt and equity instruments are named as Hybrid Mutual Funds. 

If the equity portion of the ‘Hybrid Funds’ contains more weight, the schemes will be defined as aggressive hybrid funds. This is because they’ll raise the risk and return. 

On the other hand, if the Hybrid Fund’s ‘debt instruments’ portion contains more weight, it’ll be defined as a Conservative Mutual Funds. 

The asset allocation of the instrument within the Conservative Mutual Funds trims down the volatility effect. 

Though, these mutual funds are considered a way better option than Fixed Deposits. They offer you a higher rate of returns if you’re ready to invest your money for a time horizon of 2 to 3 years. 

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    Who should Invest in Conservative Mutual Funds?

    Not all mutual fund options are ideal to meet the requirement of investors. They vary.

    That’s why it’s essential for you first to note down all the points that make Conservative Mutual Funds ideal option to you.

    For risk-averse investors, who fear losing their money, they can tap into Conservative Mutual Funds. 

    This is because these funds are risk-free from the market volatility conditions. Investors who want to earn a fair amount of returns within five years can go with the Conservative Mutual Funds. 

    Though, it’s the best alternative to FDs. A few portions of conservative funds are allotted to equities to ensure the growth of the portfolio.

    Hence, it makes these funds provide you with a higher return than the return you get from debt investments.

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    Benefits of Conservative Mutual Funds

    There’re plenty of things about conservative mutual funds that make them a special and ideal option for investors.

    Let’s know more about them and glance at the list of benefits of conservative mutual funds. 

    Balanced Risk and Return

    It’s the best thing that makes Conservative Mutual Funds stand out among the options. The maximum portion of these funds consists of debt assets that are relatively lower in risk. 

    Only a few of these funds have exposure to equities to ensure higher returns than other debt investments.

    In this way, the fund scheme ensures a proper balance of risk and return in their portfolio.  

    Diversification of Portfolio 

    The proper diversification of asset classes makes Conservative Mutual Funds highly productive. For instance, it ensures a risk-adjusted return from a particular investment. 

    These funds invest in debt instruments in a reasonable amount and at least amount in the equities.

    That’s how these funds manage to secure a higher return at a minimal level of risk from the debt instruments. 

    Lower Volatility 

    These funds are less prone to market volatility that assures investors that their investment will keep performing even though the market isn’t performing well. 

    Since these funds contain less proportion of equities, that’s why these funds come with fewer market risks. 

    Suitable for First Time Investors 

    For inexperienced investors, who have just started or plan to invest in mutual funds, they can think about investing in Conservative Mutual Funds. 

    The lowest risk and higher return than standard debt investments make conservative mutual funds the best option for first-time investors.

    Drawbacks of Investing in Conservative Mutual Funds

    Here are the list of drawbacks, if you are willing to Invest in Conservative Mutual Funds –

    Not Completely Risk-free

    Yes, it’s true. Conservative Mutual Funds can be assumed as one of the safest investment plans. Still, we can’t conclude it as the completely safest option. 

    We can’t leave it unnoticed that this mutual fund contains the small proportion of equities that are exposed to market risks. 

    Though it isn’t the only fact to define the risk ratio, the debt investments of these funds all come with a significant risk proportion. 

    Debt investment can invite interest rate risk and credit-related risk, which sometimes invite loss for the investors. 

    Lack of Fund manager’s expertise

    Authorized fund houses mainly run conservative Mutual Funds. The fund managers in these houses should be expert in the financial market. 

    They should be an expert on managing investors’ funds; otherwise, they may invite a sever loss for you.

    When to take the required step, they must have their eyes on every single point; only they can multiply your invested amount. 

    Low Returns

    Lower return is another notable factor for investors whose returns craving is slightly high. Though these funds do offer you return higher than debt investment. 

    Still, the return proportion might not be appealing to the eyes for a few investors. This is due to the fact that Conservative Mutual Funds have lower exposure to the equities. 

    That’s why you only see slightly higher returns than returns from the standard debt investments. 

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    Things to consider before Investing in Conservative Funds

    Here are the few things you must know before investing in Conservative Funds –

    Investment Goal

    Your goal is the most significant point. So before you step into the mutual funds, make sure your investments decisions align your goals. 

    Make a clear pattern of your objective, and get an insight into the mutual fund scheme.

    Such as, if you’re planning to invest in Conservative Mutual Funds, then don’t forget to have an overview of the scheme. 

    Does it have the potential to fulfill and meet your goals? Come up with a well-informed decision after this.  

    Fund management Team and Fund House

    If safety is the most precious point to you, then, of course, you may like to go with a conservative mutual fund. But, don’t proceed until you aren’t fully aware of the fund management house’s authenticity. 

    There’re tons of mutual fund schemes available in the market. Since demands of mutual funds have increased over the last few years, that’s why you’ll get lots of fund houses in the market. 

    Make sure you put money in the right hands because conservative mutual fund comes with a certain degree of risk. Hence, the need for an expert fund manager turns out to be a self-evident thing. 

    They can manage your fund with perfection, and your money can keep working despite the poor market conditions. 

    Historical Fund Performance

    The best way to get an insight into the company’s authenticity and how they can prove to be profitable to you is to check their historical performance. 

    A strong management team is a good thing. But you’ll feel confident about your investment decision if the company performed incredibly good in the market over the past few years. 


    Cost is another deciding factor. How much is the fund house charging on a particular investment? What is the ratio of their fees if they keep a few portions from the gains from investments? 

    In the end, all these little things can irritate you a lot. Therefore, before you proceed with the investment decision, have an overview of the expense ratio and only then pick the right mutual fund plan for you.  


    Taxation issue is prevalent in the financial market. Hence, Conservative Hybrid funds are also not far from it. 

    Even though gain from these assets is relatively low, still these funds are taxable as they consist of a few proportions of equities.

    This also raises the ratio of tax somewhat higher than gains from standard debts. 

    Conservative Mutual Funds – Conclusion

    Conservative Hybrid Mutual Funds are one of the popular types of hybrid funds. But only those investors get into these funds who want to enjoy risk-adjusted returns. 

    However, the returns obtained from these funds are relatively higher than regular debt instruments because of equities infusion. Hence, these funds prove to be the ideal alternative of FDs. 

    However, we can’t overlook the major shortcomings linked to these funds. So make sure you’re well-familiar with the entire points related to the Conservative Mutual Funds. 

    It might not be a suitable option for many investors if their expectancy from the rate of return is high.

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