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To check the India Shelter Finance IPO Allotment Status, we have thoroughly portrayed the necessary aspects to help you get an insight regarding the allotment. This article can be best put to use, to check the number of shares you have been allotted.

There are multiple fine ways to check the status, and this article briefs the same.

Check India Shelter Finance IPO Allotment Status

These are the following ways to check the allotment status of IPO:

  1. You can check your Demat account or ask your stockbroker. If the equity shares are credited into your Demat account then you have got the allotment.
  2. You can Login to your Bank Account to check if the amount is Debited or not.
  3. OR visit this Link- BSE India Website Link and select the IPO to check the Status.
  4. You can Click on Registrar Link –KFin Website Link  and check the Allotment.

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India Shelter Finance IPO Listing & Performance

Check India Shelter Finance IPO Live Performance – India Shelter Finance Share Price

(Note: You can check the live performance, only after the India Shelter Finance shares are listed on the Exchange.)

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    India Shelter Finance IPO Subscription / Bid Details

    The table put forth is the summarized analysis of the per-day stats. It mentions each of the days for which the IPO was open and features the subscriptions received on that particular day, for each and every category of investors.

    Following the per-category Bid details of India Shelter Finance IPO, you can also find the total number of subscriptions received.

    Day / Date QIB NII RII Total Subscription
    1st Day – 13th Dec 0.38x 4.42x 2.53x 2.34x
    2nd Day – 14th Dec 0.88x 7.76x 5.41x 4.62x
    3rd Day – 15th Dec 94.29x 29.97x 10.46x 38.59x
    Shares Offered or Net Issue 4,868,154 3,651,116 8,519,270 24,340,769

    India Shelter Finance IPO Date & Details

    The following table is a sneak peek into the numerical adhering to the IPO. You can check the valuation of the IPO, i.e. its face value, price band, and size. You can also learn about the mediums, i.e. the exchanges in which the IPO will be listed.

    There are also details of the Min. Order Quantity of the IPO, i.e. the numbers of shares you can subscribe for and its multiples.

    Face Value Rs 5
    Price Band Rs 469 to Rs 493
    Listing At BSE, NSE
    Min. Order Quantity 30 Shares
    Listing Date December 20, 2023
    Offer for Sale Rs 400.00 Cr.
    Fresh Issue Rs 800.00 Cr.
    IPO Size Rs 1,200.00 Cr.
    Tick Size 1


    India Shelter Finance IPO Market Lot

    This section features the minimum and the maximum lot size and amount an investor can subscribe for. The figures in content with the same are briefly portrayed in this table provided below.

     Minimum Lot Size   30 Eq Shares
     Minimum Amount  Rs.14,790
     Maximum Lot Size   390 Equity Shares
     Maximum Amount  Rs.192,270

    India Shelter Finance IPO Allotment & Listing Dates

    Here are the major events and dates related to this IPO.

    Basis of Allotment Finalization December 18, 2023
    Refunds Initiation December 19, 2023
    Credit of Shares to Demat Account December 19, 2023
    Share Listing Date December 20, 2023

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    India Shelter Finance IPO Registrar to Offer

    You can reach to the given contact person, in case if you need to know something about your IPO allotment status or if you have any grievance. You will get maximum help and support.

    Registrar to the Offer
    KFin Technologies Limited
    Selenium Tower B, Plot No.31-32
    Gachibowli, Financial District
    Nanakramguda, Serilingampally
    Hyderabad 500 032, Telangana, India
    Tel:+91 40 6716 2222/ 1800 309 4001
    Investor grievance e-mail:einward.ris@kfintech.com
    Contact Person: M Murali Krishna
    SEBI Registration No.:INR000000221

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    India Shelter Finance IPO

    India Shelter Finance IPO Allotment FAQs

    Below given questions and answers will help you clear all allotment-related queries:

    When is the India Shelter Finance IPO Allotment Date?

    India Shelter Finance IPO Allotment date is December 18, 2023.

    What is the India Shelter Finance IPO Refund Date?

    The IPO refund date is December 19, 2023.

    When is the India Shelter Finance IPO Credit of Shares into Demat Account Date?

    The IPO Credit of Shares into the Demat Account date is on December 19, 2023.

    When is the India Shelter Finance IPO Listing Date?

    The IPO Listing is on December 20, 2023.

    How to check the India Shelter Finance IPO Allotment?

    Using your PAN number or application number, you can easily check India Shelter Finance IPO Allotment Status.

    Who decides IPO Allotment?

    The Registrar of the IPO issues decided the allotment of the shares and who the owners shall be. This is a lengthy process, which takes a week, and in certain cases, oversubscription may take longer than a week. As the registrar carries on the process, you need to visit the registrar’s official website to check the allotment details.

    How to Finalize an IPO Allotment?

    After one week of the allotment process, where the registrar decides the owners of the share, the stocks are listed on the stock exchange. The 6 days long process takes the company’s shares to the exchanges post a successful bidding process.

    What is the IPO Allotment date?

    This date is referred to as the day when the IPO allotment is disclosed to the public. The details of the allotment can be found on the official website of the registrar of the particular IPO. It shows the owners of stock and generally requires a week to implement the allotment process.

    What is the IPO Listing date?

    The listing date is referred to as the day when the new IPO hits the stock exchanges for the first time. It is on the listing date, that the shares of the company which released its IPO, are listed on the public exchanges i.e. NSE and BSE. This is when the stock trading begins.

    Who is a registrar in IPO?

    They are an important part of the IPO issues, and they are generally registered financial institutions. Their registration is obtained from two authorities, i.e. SEBI and also stock exchanges. The company chooses its registrar as per its own terms and conditions.

    Which are the top IPO Registrars?

    There are a lot of registrars and transfer agents working in the Indian market. However, there are few registrars that are the prime choice of Companies that plan on issuing IPO. They are Link Intime India Private Ltd, Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd, Cameo Corporate Services Limited, and KFintech Private Limited.

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