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Here is the overview on why should you subscribe for an IPO and how to check live IPO Subscription of the Current IPOs.

And how to check if you have got the IPO subscription or not. You should subscribe for an IPO by placing the bid, since it is an opportunity to buy shares of a company at lower prices.

Though there are bunch of negative indicators as to why an investor must refrain from IPO investment, being read is more likely the key.

Here we present to you, all the details regarding each and every latest IPO Subscription.

How do I check my IPO subscription?

This page is itself your one stop destination. You can refer to the particular IPO you deem to investment it, and check its subscription.

You can see how many times it has been subscribed every day, starting right from opening day to closing day.

We are always in sync with the latest market updates, and include all the updates here. This fine blend of the precision and promptness we achieved will let you locate the information in an instance.

Why one should subscribe or avoid any IPO?

IPO Subscription Status

Upsides as well as downsides of the IPO exist, just like any other form of investment.

While IPOs are great avenues for investment, as they provide the potential of buying shares for a steal deal, they as well have their share of red flags.

Investors before investing in an IPO, must check the company financials, its management, about the promoters, underwriters and other similar stuffs.

This simply means one must study and research on the basis of the Prospectus released by the company.

An investor, who is good in analysis and has proper information, knows the right step, as investment in IPOs is a lot about timing.

What if any IPO is not fully subscribed?

There is a threshold of 90% in terms of subscription, which must be achieved by the IPO. If this threshold does noes not reach, then the IPO is not fully subscribed.

In such a case, the company refunds the received Subscription amount. In a way, there is no loss borne by any of the investors. The investors get the refund back into their bank accounts.

IPO Subscription FAQs

Check out all Questions & Answers related to IPO Subscription.

Ques – What is QIB, RII, NII in an IPO?

Answer – The abbreviation of QIB refers to Qualified Institutional investors, who are the expert investors and who contain the financial muscle to evaluate and invest in the market.

RII isĀ  Retail Individual Investors. They are investors who invest in value, less than Rs.2,00,000. Lastly, NII means non-institutional investors who invest in value above Rs.2,00,000.

Ques – How long is the complete IPO process?

Answer – There are several steps a company needs to follow in order to register of IPO. It starts with hiring an investment bank, post which it registers with SEC.

For the next step, Red Herring Document is drafted, following which the executives of the company advertise it on road.

IPO Pricing is the next step, which is followed by releasing the entire data to the public. Now is when the IPO is open, and post which shares will be allotted on the basis of subscription received.

Ques – How many lots can we buy in IPO?

Answer – The terms Market lot size, minimum order quantity and IPO Bid lot are interchangeably used.

Each and every company specifies the same, i.e. the minimum lot or minimum order quantity that any investor can invest in.

An investor can only invest in the multiple of the thereby stated amount or quantity.

Ques – What happens after buying an IPO Subscription?

Answer – The post IPO process is very much obvious and similar to the stock market trading.

The shares of the IPO are listed and if the particular IPO is in demand, its share price would go up. On the contrary, if the demand is not up to the mark, there is a fall in price of the share.

The capital thereby raised by the company is put to use according to its plan or requirement.

Ques – What companies will release its IPO in 2021?

Answer – The reference being made here is of the upcoming IPOs which are set to hit the primary market in the year 2021.

Stove Kraft, Puranik Builders, Kalyan Jewellers, ESAF Small Finance Bank and many others are lined up for issue, out of which the current hype goes towards RailTel.

Ques – Can I invest more than 2 lakhs in IPO?

Answer – The present limit for individual investors, as set by SEBI is Rs.2 Lakhs.

However, one can invest more than this amount, where any such bid above Rs.2 lakh falls into Non institutional investors category.

Medium through which an investor can make such a bid is via net-banking ASBA.

How do I get an IPO subscription?

Answer – You have to invest in the IPO as per the lot size offered. Now, if the IPO fully subscribed, you will be allotted the number of lots you subscribed for.

In case it is over subscription, the investors will be getting minimum bid lot.

Ques – What is employee category in IPO?

Answer – This category is of benefit for the employees of the particular IPO. Any employee who will invest in this category and has a fair chance at allotment.

Employees however need to take into account the initial and maximum amount of investment bars of the company into account, alongside other terms.

Ques – How do I sell an IPO?

Answer – If you wish to place an order in the Pre-order time before the listing of the shares, you need to place a sell order with your broker.

If you want to sell the IPO post listing, it shall be in the similar manner as any other listed stock in the exchange.

Although, you have to abide by the norm of holding the shares for the prescribed lock in period.

Ques – How do I know the next IPO?

Answer – You will get all the details of the upcoming IPOs in our website.

You can go through the details of the company, its financial standing, link to its RHP, and all the dates in relation with the IPO process. Our website caters to all such information.

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