VideForex Review – Online Platforms, Commission, Leverage, Account Types & more

VideForex is said to be the new entrant in the binary options industry as it was incorporated back in 2016.

Even though the trading platform is the latest entrant in the industry, but the broker has earned a considerable amount of attention amid the online trading community.

You might be thinking about how a new broker has gained so much of attention from the traders globally.

Additionally, you need to know that the main reason why they have gained so much attention is that it is one of the first Binary brokers who have decided to incorporate a live video feed system for the customer support service.

Thanks to the live interaction that several traders have started feeling appreciated as a customer and not just treated as some faceless individual sitting behind an electronic device.

The platform ensures that all traders are able to get their information not only on their accounts but also on the potential positions in real-time from an experienced trader, and it is not like the live poker room.

About VideForex and Accepted countries

Ideally, VideForex is an online trading broker, and it offers both Forex and CFD trading to clients across different parts of the globe.

VideForex ReviewThe trading platform is said to be presenting at least 100 assets for trading on several devices.

Back in 2016, the trading platform was incorporated in Seychelles, and at that time, the platform offered investment opportunities in limited trading instruments.

The trademark platform belongs to a company known as  Financial Group Corp (FGC).

Irrespective of the ownership, the company is managed by SuomenKerran LP, and it is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Traders from  Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar, and almost all other countries are allowed to trade on this platform.

On the other hand, traders from the United States and Canada are not allowed to sell on this platform.

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    VideForex Trading Platform

    For both Options and CFD trading, Videforex is said to be offering advanced trading platforms. The platform is available in three versions, including the web, iPhone, and Android.

    Though the majority of the brokers today choose to use third party platforms, VideoForex has chosen the road less traveled by developing their own platform.

    Additionally, in general, the platform is well designed, and it is easy to navigate. But it also lacks some advanced and sophisticated tools which are commonly seen on other platforms.

    Lastly, you need to know that VideForex has specially designed the platform in this way as it wishes to keep it simple for the traders.

    VideForex Mobile App

    VideForex is said to be a client-oriented broker, so there is nothing surprising to know that it offers a mobile version of the web platform to its clients.

    All it means that the mobile version of the app allows you to use the platform even when you are moving around.

    Additionally, you can stay in touch with the financial markets from anywhere in the world.

    Based on your operating system, you can use the trading app by downloading it through Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

    Above all, if you don’t want to download the system through the app stores, you can always use the web based platform, which is also mobile-friendly.

    VideForex Commission or Brokerage

    One of the things that are most likely to stack up quickly is Day trading fees and costs. Hence, when it comes to selecting a broker, you should look for one that offers competitive spreads.

    Typically, a spread is applied with VideForex. Above all, the spread tends to be dynamic for specific instruments. Additionally, it will consider the underlying liquidity and external markets.

    Though they are not one of the cheapest brokers in the market, that doesn’t mean they are one of the most expensive ones.

    All it means that you should avoid brokers who charge too few fees as they may offer low execution speeds and also be an unreliable platform.

    VideForex Leverage or Exposure

    VideForex tends to offer leveraged trading, and it shows effectively, how strong your borrowing position is.

    It is most likely to enhance your profit potential. But it also includes a risk that the losses can be magnified.

    By default, the company restricts the maximum multiplier of 1:100 with regards to legislation. The failure of the customer is minimum to their original investment, so the equity amount is safe.

    The trading platform is most likely to charge a commission for opening an unleveraged Cryptocurrency CFD position, and it is mostly charged around  1 to 2.5% of the transaction.

    Payment methods offered by VideForex:

    Traders from UK, US, Europe, or anywhere else can quickly deposit or withdraw money.

    But now the VideForex has embraced the world of digital currencies so traders can use a plethora of payment methods, including:

    • Litecoin
    • Altcoins
    • Neteller
    • Skrill
    • Perfect Money
    • Bank wire transfer
    • Credit cards (VISA/MasterCard)
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum

    Above all, customers should know that they can easily access their funds.

    Investment in Asset Classes or Market by VideForex

    There are a plethora of underlying assets available at VideForex. The platform offers 80 different types of stocks, 15 currency pairs, nine types of commodities, and 13 types of market indices.

    It is quite surprising to know that a new entrant in the industry can offer such a wide variety of assets.

    All it means that the company is striving hard to make a considerable effort in carving its name in the competitive industry.

    VideForex Virtual Trading or Demo Account

    VideForex offers a facility to the traders under which the potential clients can access the services provided by the broker.

    You need to firstly register yourself with Videforex for an account to gain access to the demo account.

    Additionally, you also need to register your details with the broker; then only you can start trading with the demo account.

    Lastly, you need to know you can gain access only when you have made a deposit.

    The best part about this account is that you can develop a strategy and also get familiar with the prevailing market conditions by using virtual money.

    You can start trading with real money when you feel you are confident.

    VideForex Regulation or Licensing

    Sometimes, the day trading websites, unfortunately, suffer from the bad press due to the fraudsters. Thus, it is crucial to understand that your broker can be trusted.

    No doubt, does comply with financial regulation standards, but the country’s regulatory framework does not regulate them.

    The Finance Group Corp licenses the company, and it is located on the 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu. But you need to know that is not regulated by CFTC like the majority of the brokers out there.

    VideForex Features

    One of the most exciting features of VideForex is that it offers trading Contests.

    Additionally, there is no entry cost to be paid by the traders to take part in the contest. At least twenty winners are listed each week.

    Not only experienced traders but also beginners can take part in this contest as, by default, all accounts are allowed to participate. Lastly, the prize offered is a fund of $20,000.

    Besides this, the traders can also learn about the economic platform under this as there is a collection of all the essential financial news and events that might take place over the coming weeks or months.

    The economic calendar is most likely to put the same data from Tradingview. Furthermore, there is a range of screening criteria that you can target as per your preferred pair.

    VideForex Account Types

    VideForex tends to offer a large variety of trading accounts to meet the needs of different individuals or the trader needs.

    The more you invest, greater the benefits can be availed by you. But some traders state that all the accounts must be given an equal amount of services.

    Additionally, it is seen that all the accounts tend to have live video chat support, copy trading tools, and withdrawals in one hour.

    As mentioned above, if you want to take a test, demo accounts are also provided prior to the opening of a live account.

    The virtual accounts have a lot of funds through which you can practice trading without any risk. Some of the types of accounts available are:

    • Bronze– Under this account trader has to deposit a minimum of $250 to gain access to some basic features.
    • Silver – Under this account trader has to deposit a minimum of $1000 to gain access to some basic features and master class sessions.
    • Gold – Under this account trader has to deposit a minimum of $3000 to gain access to some basic features and master class sessions. Additionally, traders can also get a personal success manager and a bonus of 100%.

    Depending on the type of account, the broker fees are most likely to vary.

    VideForex Account Opening Process

    You can easily open the broker account at VideForex. All you need to do is enter your personal details and gain access to the trading platforms, and it hardly takes a few minutes to do so.

    Once you provide the mandatory information, you will be offered the trading account and the tools required for trading online.

    You need to click on the navigational tab and fill in the registration details.

    VideForex Benefits

    Accessibility – The trading platform is accessible to all traders worldwide.

    Minimum trade size – Traders can enter positions with just $1, and it is perfect for not only beginners but also for traders who have low startup capital.

    Funding methods – The trading platform facilitates payments through a range of payment types, including credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

    Unlimited trading – Traders can trade anytime on this platform, including the weekends, and it is perfect for busy traders.

    Quick withdrawals – At this trading platform, the traders can be assured that their withdrawal is processed within an hour.

    VideForex Cons or Drawbacks:

    The trading platform is said to be lacking Comprehensive trading tools which traders ideally use to enhance their trading skills.

    VideForex Trading Hours

    Traders can trade binary options, forex, and CFDs 24*7 at VideForex. Additionally, you need to know that not all online brokers offer this facility.

    Still, VideForex tends to be different as it can be perfect for traders with limited time or changing schedules.

    Lastly, you can trade here even on Sundays or late in the night as per your availability.

    VideForex Customer care and Contact details

    The all-new live chat feature is one of the most significant selling points of the VideForex trading platform.

    Traders can directly access this feature from the homepage, and it ultimately offers peace of mind to the traders.

    Be it Australian or US traders, and this feature is widely available to a wide range of traders.

    Additionally, agents don’t have to stress about any problems as the back end team is always available to solve all of the issues faced by them through a  public or private live video link.

    Furthermore, the standard of support assistance is way higher than just the industry average. Additionally, it makes a strong contender for day traders who are still finding their feet in the industry.

    You can also contact the company that owns the Forex, CFD, and binary options broker, and it is known as Vide Projects Ltd.11461 is their registration number.

    The address is 306 Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

    You can connect with them at USA – 849 937 0843 and Australia – 61 8 5550 7288, or You can also email

    VideForex Verdict or Conclusion

    The trading platform is considered to be a limited online trading broker and mainly because it is not regulated.

    The assets available to trade are fixed. The powerful and clean user interface makes trading more comfortable and faster.

    Additionally, the minimum deposit is only $250. The platform is also said to be a bespoke trading platform.

    You can trade on this platform without any stress as it claims to offer unique features.

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