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Cryptocurrency 101: What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Last Updated Date - Mar 21, 2023

A growing number of people are embracing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum because of all the advantages they provide over conventional fiat money.

You must grasp how crypto wallets function if you wish to utilize any of these blockchain-based coins. The article defines a crypto wallet, lists the many forms of crypto wallets, and provides justifications for using one.

What are Cryptocurrency Wallets?

CryptocurrencyA cryptocurrency is like simple software which can be easily installed on any device. It maintains tabs on various expenditures and your available balance while allowing you to store numerous digital currencies simultaneously.

The best option is to download and install your crypto wallet on your smartphone as it will give access to it at all times.

The wallet can be used to make regular transactions or payments in-store, manage long-term investments, or even for just storing assets.

Read ahead to figure out the type of crypto wallet you want to have and what will be benefits of having one.

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    Types of Crypto Wallets

    As you move ahead to having your cryptocurrency wallet, you will be presented with a few options to choose from. They are:

    Desktop Wallets

    Desktop wallets are directly downloaded to a particular laptop or PC and they will only be available to you when accessed through the same system in which it was initially installed.

    They are secure from any hacking, however, if it does happen, then you can change the system. But when the switch between systems happens, you will be losing all the cash and digital currency stored in your wallet.

    Hardware Wallets

    The thing about hardware wallets is that your private key will be stored in a hardware device like a USB. And the same device will have to be used every single time to access your funds and make transactions.

    The major disadvantage of this wallet is that it might not be very convenient, which is why people prefer online or software wallets.

    Online Wallets

    This wallet type is exactly what its name suggests, that is, it is a cloud-based virtual wallet. And since this is a cloud-based crypto wallet, you can access and view it from any place on any device.

    They are handy to use, however, they do run the risk of getting hacked especially if they are logged into using any type of intermediary.

    Mobile Wallets

    Mobile wallets are like your everyday smartphone payment apps. It is even useful in making online payments in shops and retail stores. They support multiple payment methods bringing ease to the transactions.

    However, one downside of this wallet is that it lacks a cold storage fund, that is, you will not be able to store larger bills like in desktop wallets.

    Paper Wallets

    These wallets are also very user-friendly. The application will generate both a public and private key which you can even go ahead and preserve in the form of paper.

    The transfer of payments from the software wallet to the paper crypto wallet is simple and swiftly done using just the paper wallet’s public address. Simply input the private key or scan the QR code to transfer funds from a paper wallet to a software wallet.

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    Features of Crypto Wallets

    A cryptocurrency wallet has the feature of any other money wallet. It stores digital currency and allows the user to collect and send it during transactions.

    Cryptocurrency wallets store a pair of cryptographic keys, private and public keys. These keys are what are used to spend, receive, and track the ownership of the digital currency.  Some more are listed below:

    • Secure: Highly secure with password and pin protection.
    • Easy money conversion: Convert fiat money into cryptos and vice versa, in a flash of a second.
    • Convenient transactions: Easy transactions between users through QR code scanning.
    • Supports multiple trading: Convenience as the wallet supports trading through radiofrequency identification technology, NFC, or a Bitcoin Web address
    • Transactional records: Complete transactional records of every volume of the transaction to keep track of spending and investing habits.
    • Price details: Real-time pricing information for different cryptocurrencies.
    • Prevents scam: To avoid any reversal scam, any type of identical trade is automatically denied access.
    • Payment tracking: Real-time payment tracking system showing the status of the transaction.
    • Security from market fluctuation: Security from the global recession and rising inflation.
    • Intervention free: No intervention by the federal or any other governing body, increasing the speed of transactions.

    Advantages to using Cryptocurrency Wallets

    With these features, the wallets also have some benefits that make these wallets more desirable. The benefits are as follows:

    Easy conversion

    Many times, transactions could take place in different currencies and, there is always a conversion amount charged. But with cryptocurrency wallets, there is no such conversion hassle.

    The amount received in the wallet is after settling various deductions. So, no need to spend time on calculations and conversions.

    More investment opportunities

    With cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency wallets, the range of investment opportunities becomes large. This is because; it allows transactions to take place globally.

    And, is also accepted as payment in many developed countries that have a strong cryptocurrency market.


    Being doubtful about the safety of transactions made in cryptocurrency is very normal as there are instances that showed that carelessness has led to fraudulent activities.

    It is the duty and responsibility of the cryptocurrency wallet service providing site and application to assure the users about the safety protocols used.


    Apart from being safe, it is also very user-friendly. Multiple digital currencies can be managed in the wallet and, you can also prioritize the features of different cryptocurrencies.

    The wallet is customizable and, you can even customize the transaction statements with colors.


    The wallets use blockchain technology to ensure that the currencies are safe and secured and also to make the transactions simple and easy. The wallets will be encrypted which makes them uniform and reliable.


    All the benefits mentioned above make it understandable that cryptocurrency wallets are the best way to use digital currencies for various transactions and also to safely store them.

    Having such a sense of security increases the user’s trust in using cryptocurrencies and, this leads to easy inter-country transactions.

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